Another Trivia Monday! Pour House’s Monday trivia recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s still recovering from the Fourth of July on this Monday, but it was awesome to see so many of you out playing live trivia with us!

Our third round tonight had a little of innuendo fun, what with pairing Wet Bodies, Cocktails and Measure this unit! all in a row! We’re a clever bunch, aren’t we?

Since we know you’re curious, here’s the opening credits to Homeboys in Outer Space!

[th_youtube id=’D9CzPH17ySA’ name=’Homeboys in Outer Space Pub Quiz Maryland’]

Hope you had fun – check out the games!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

A great night of bar trivia as the lights flickered ominously going into the final at DRP in Alexandria!

Rubber Sheets Club was our top prize winners in the game, with Eric & the Pie Tasters taking down 2nd, An offshoot of Rubber Sheets, Plastic Pants Club, was our 3rd place winners.

Our overall points winner, Misfits, picked Iceland as our first category for next week!

~ Ronnie

Iceland Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

We had some fun wrong answers for Last Word, First Word:

  • Fright Night Lightheadedness
  • Miss Congeniality is Contagious

It’s alwasy a fun time at the Greene Turtle, with teams constantly vying for supremacy in live trivia action!

Teams moved and shook their way up and down the leaderboard, but when it ended, it looked like this:

In third, It’s Just Toothpaste – Welcome back guys!

In second, Fisted Sister – welcome to the Turtle!

And your winners, for the second week in a row, Chances Aren’t!

We’ll start next week with three clues, one female body part, not female body BUILDER, like I mistakenly thought!

See you then!


il Forno – Frederick, MD

Murder on the Polar Express led all night and finished that way, claiming the win tonight. 2nd place went to One Crow Short of a Murder followed by I’m With Geoff who finished in 3rd tonight. Thank you for everyone who put up with my singing for the first question tonight and hopefully I didn’t scare you from wanting to come back! Next week we start with 1 Clue 50 States, we’ll see ya then!
1st Place: Murder on the Polar Express
2nd Place:  One Crow Short of a Murder
3rd Place:  I’m with Geoff
Next week’s category: 1 Clue 50 States
Pour House Pub Trivia Map

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

It was a fiery night of Pour House Trivia tonight at the Roast House! With the noticeable absence of resident troublemakers Multiple Scorgasms, teams battled it out, and the smack talk was flying thick and fast from the get go! As it turned out, it would all be flying from the three teams who took the top spots. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

Highlights of the night:

Two of the cutest answer runners ever from new team American Ninja Warriors. The little boy and girl were both equally shy and eager to bring up answers, carefully escorted by Dad of course. But still, absolutely adorable 🙂

The Roast House waitstaff decided to join the fray and put their knowledge to the test, and did a good job overall! Good game guys! 
School’s Out breezed by and took the top score of 20 on the puzzle page! of course, it should be noted that they’re a bunch of history teachers, so I’m putting an asterisk by the score. 😉

After a number of scoring shakeups, correct answers meant the top spots tonight. In third place, was the Spotted Cows! Good game guys! 

In second, their three-peat thwarted, was School’s Out! They led early on, but fell behind in the third round, and couldn’t get it back, even with a correct answer on the final. Still a very good game, getting the final correct and coming within one point of the top spot.

Taking the spot top though, was travelling team (though with the win, hopefully a new resident team) BTI! Way to go gentlemen, great game! 
BTI has chosen Hall and Oates as their first round category for next week! And we already have some preemptive smack talk from Spotted Cows, “Watch your backs, BTI!” Should be another feisty fun night!
Get studying, and we’ll see you next week! Until then,
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