Another new venue on Wednesday! Pour House Pub Trivia recap.

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday welcomed a new member to the family, Putter’s Pub!

It was great to have you guys along for our first night, thanks to all for coming out to play – we’ll be seeing more of each other, I wager.

Check out Putter’s and all the recaps below.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Today at Applebee’s we learned not only the importance of spelling, but the importance of proofreading answers before handing them in.  We also discussed who is the best character on Friends (for me it’s a tie between Chandler and Joey) and who is the worst (Phoebe!), as well as the merits of hockey or college basketball.

In tonight’s game, That’s What You Get for Thinking was leading throughout most of the game, but the fourth round proved to be very difficult, especially the Mrs. Doubtfire question, and they finished out the game in third place.  In second place was Dalek Dance Party who fell short of their run at a threepeat even though they went with a strategic wager.  In first place was a new(ish) team The Bee’s Knees, who were able to figure out the final question and get to Xerox, nice job!  We start next week with a category that I am particularly excited about, Baltimore Ravens history.  I swear I had no part in selecting the category!
Until next time,
P.S.  This is the highly requested WINNER’S CHOICE question about The Osmonds 🙂
The first Top-40 hit for the Osmonds was also the group’s only #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. For your wager, tell me which food item completes the title of the 1971 song: “One Bad ______”
Ravens Pub Quiz Maryland

Barefoot Bernie’s – Hagerstown, MD

And that’s how you open up a Season 11 pub trivia night! Complete with a roster of – uhemm – very interesting new Season 11 team names, we had a ropmp last night at Bernies for sure! And by romp, I mean a throw down baby! We had some new teams jump in the mix. We had some vets in the mix. We had some folks who a’int been to trivia in a minute come out and lube the ole trivia gears! All in all, it was a 10 team mix it up that proved to be an awesome night and Season 11 opening night!

I had some anxiety moments last night as well! Trying to pronounce Cote d’Ivoire  is always fun for me. The “PI” 6-4-2 brought back memories of 8th grade math class. And the Backstreet Boys question brought up a fun fact about me that I thought I had had sufficently buried in the recesses of my brain – those guys were my 1st concert ever! Ugh! Yes…it’s true! In my defense, I took my sister. I did not hear any music in 3 hours because a stadium full of screaming 13 yr old girls is something I do not wish on anyone!
That said…great game everyone! Congrats to out Season 11 Opeining NIght TOP 3 – And much props to our NEWCOMERS, Sad Fat Dragons! Coming out to Barefoot Bernies and snapping off a W on your first night there is NO EASY FEAT, I promise!
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Great times as always my friends! I wish you all a great weekend.
Next week’s FIRST CATEGORY is Dungeons & Dragons!
Oh yeah! Bring it!
dungeons & dragons trivia night in maryland



Welcome to Season 11! We had a great crowd tonight! Some new faces, some old ones (not that I’m sick of ya or anything haha). Tonight’s Question of the Night has GOT to be the Friends question! Lots of people know Friends but what about the lives of the actors themselves? Well turns out, we don’t know much! The Friends question completely WIPED the board except for one team… Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her, the only team to pick up points on the Friends question (they picked up the 2 point bonus as well)! Good ole AC would go on to win the game tonight too! Grats guys, way to start out the season strong! 2nd place went to My Favorite Team, 3rd place to Herding Cats (who informed me it was the first time they’d placed before, so congrats to them as well)! We’ll be back next week for Week 2 of Season 11! I expect another competitive game! Until then guys, lata!
1st Place:     Anderson Cooper? I Don’t Even Know Her
2nd Place:    My Favorite Team
3rd Place:     Herding Cats
Next week’s Category: Vanderpump Rules


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The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Season 11 is going to be a good one in the underground- I can feel it in my chilled bones!

We really do have a good time in the Cellar, even if it’s often inappropriate, it’s always fun. Tonight was a blast and our final question produced rather excited cheering before our top 3 realized that they all got it. hehe. It was fun to watch!

The Dewey Decimators were back in the house tonight and managed a 3rd place finish against a tough field, 2nd went to the League of Nerds who were  THIS close to taking it tonight. However Team Wednesday was too tough to beat and held on to that 1st place with everything they had. Nice job!

Next week we will start with Mexican Cuisine so eat up 😉


Mexican Cuisine trivia pour house live trivia maryland


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

The opening night of season 11 at The Tavern was packed last night! Such a good turnout and such a back and forth exciting game also! Of course, with everyone playing so tough, I had to break another tie after the final question, and once that was done, this was how week one ended… Making a great comeback but unfortunately losing the tie breaker to finish 3rd was The G Team!! Playing tough and moving up another place from last weeks nice finish, in 2nd place was Men And Pausers!! You’re game winners were up and down throughout the entire game but locked it up after the final, I Just Quizzed in My Pants!! Set your DVR’s now, because the winners choice category they chose was the “2015 Premiere of The Walking Dead”! Have a great week and I’ll see everyone next Wednesday at The Tavern!!  ~ Jon J


Putter’s Pub – New Market, MD

What a shockingly awesome opening night for Pub Trivia at Putters’ Pub at Westwinds Golf Course! And if you were there, you’d understand that I meant that literally!

We had a completely packed house of trivia players to christen this new venue where we discussed such rousing topics as G.I. Joe pausing from battle to have a quick mocha, the cast of “Friends” signing the Declaration of Independence, and Euphegenia Doubtfire using too much allspice to make her pi 🙂



Carrying their winning streak over to Linganore was Strangers Have the Best Candy! Second place came down to a tiebreaker with Just The Tip taking second from 19th Hole!



Next week, I’ll be getting motivational on your asses with a Chris Farley question – Eric is Tommy Boy!



See ya next week!



– Eric 😛



Tommy Boy Pub trivia category MD


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

We had a great first night of season 11 at the Revolution Bar!

Highlights of the Night:

In “The-One-Where-No-One-Gets-Two”: Between all the teams, all three “Friends” answers were found. Unfortunately no team got more than one. Tough one!

In “Best-New-Team-Name”: Movin on Up is no more! They have been rechristened, E=MC Hammer, and I love it!

In “Wait-Did-I-Read-That-Right?”: When I first read the Audio clue tonight, I thought ‘Oh, cool. I had no idea Rolling in the Deep was a cover; who knew Adele borrowed an Aretha song?’ Then the music started to play, and me and the teams all go “Ohhhhh! Aretha covered Adele?! That’s awesome!”

The final proved to be crucial tonight.

In third place, GT80 Sauce! You guys had an interesting game tonight, but still good job.

In second place, E=MC Hammer! Tough break on the final there, but a good game nonetheless!

Taking it down tonight in the first game of the season, Mess and Jegg! Defensive wagering was key, and you guys took it down in style! Well done!

Next week, we’re gonna start things off with Horses! So gallop on back to Revolution and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,


Horses Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

We had a few new teams join us at T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria as we got Season XI underway.  I hope that everyone will re-join us all season, as long as you know that you will have your work cut out for you!  We have some hard-core veteran teams, and they showed their best tonight.  Only a few teams managed to snag the final question, and so it was the B-58s who made it two in a row!  Great work!  Two Girls and an Idiot also hit the final to jump a few spots into second, and Trivia Newton John played it safe with a conservative wager, but that was effective, securing them a third-place finish.  Next week begins with a question on Valentine’s Day!  ~ Matt




Great game of live trivia for our first night of Season 11 here at Valley Grill Sports Bar; it was a close one up to the end.

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap was our first place finishers, with Stupid Sexy Flanders taking 2nd. Drunk Savants hung in there and finished in 3rd.

Our first category for next week is Hockey Hall of Famers NOT Named Wayne Gretzky.

~ Ronnie

Stanley Cup Pub Trivia Category Maryland