And visions of pub trivia nights danced in their heads…

Thanks for playing tonight everyone. If you are like me you may still have some presents to grab in the next couple of days. So we appreciate you sneaking away for a couple of hours to play some Pour House Trivia. Hope you had fun…and have a wonderful holiday. 

Hinode – Frederick, MD

I love it when the top three spots are still up for grabs by the entire field of teams! It makes the final question SO INTENSELY FUN!! It was all about the final wager that decided our winners for tonights CRAZY game at Hinode!! After the dust settled, this is how it broke down…. In 3rd place with 142 points, Silent Titty, Deadly Bang. In 2nd place with 143 points, One Crow Short of a Murder. And tonight’s game winner with 144 points( can you believe that’s how it ended up score-wise?!) team I Don’t Know!! Very fun night here! They chose “1980’s Transformers” for next weeks first round category, so study up on your Autobots and Decepticons and I’ll see everyone next Sunday night at Hinode!! And Merry Xmas  ~ Jon J

transformers trivia

Captain Benders – Keedysville, MD

We had an awesome holiday precursor game at Captain Bender’s!  The were SO MANY COOKIES, and ugly holiday sweaters and candy-canes and merry debauchery… my head is spinning! Boh’s and Hoes fought tooth and nail to secure their third-place win tonight, kudos! In second was our sweater-wearing, cookie-toting team Gary Effin’ Cooper! Up top, being the only team to nail the final was Give Us Your Beer $$!! First category next week: Indiana Hoosier Basketball! See you next Sunday!! ~Torie

indiana hoosier basketball trivia