And the Sports Trivia Champions Are…

Team Chaddy Shack!!! They came for business, along with a slew of other sporty triiva experts tonight, to test their skills against each other over a few cold ones and some good eats! It was a fun Friday night. CATEGORY NAME OF THE NIGHT: “Whose Balls Do They Play With” ? -LOL…love it!

I’d like to thank Belles for hosting our sports night. I’d also like to give a special shout out to John, Jeremy, and Matt of Southpaw Fish and Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap for crafting up a fantastic set of sports trivia AND doing a stellar job of hosting it as well! You guys rocked this thing…very  much appreciated. Let’s start brainstorming for the next one! 

The game was a nice mix of the major sports with some splashing of other stuff in there as well, including some movie trivia, badminton, and scandals! Great time. The first prize we gave out tonight was 4 Nationals Tickets. That went to Team Out With a Knee – enjoy the game lady and gentlemen! 🙂 They got the number of Nationals regular season wins (since moving from Montreal) withn 5 games!!! Nice.

Congrats to Chaddy Shack for earning the full $100 tonight – $50 for the win and $50 bounty on our Pour House Host Team’s head…that they sniped convincingly! Good stuff guys!


2nd Place tonight – and ONLY by a tie-breaker I might add – was Out With a Knee. They earned a little spending cash for some bevvies and hot dogs at the Nationals game!


And rounding out the Top 3 tonight was Aaron Hernandez is No Longer a Tight End. The full crew got stuck in traffic so they played SOLO for a round and still Top 3’d it! SKILLS BABY! SKILLS! Good Game guys.


Thank you everyone for coming out to play some sports trivia night with us. And thank you again Matt, John, Jeremy for crafting the game! I hope you all enjoyed. Til next time… be well. DG