An Athletic Weekend of Pour House Trivia!

In each of our weekend games, the biggest lead for the first place team going into the fourth round was three points, and in two of those games, the leaders were unable to keep that tenuous grasp on first place.  Who were the come-from-behind victors?  Check out your Best of the Best from this second weekend in March:

WEEKEND STATS AND FACTS (23 teams across four venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Off Beats (Pretzel & Pizza) with 172

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Off Beats with 160

–> Highest First Half Score: Uncle Jack (Belles’) and Give Us Your Beer Money (Pretzel & Pizza) with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagering questions and final): Off Beats and Arrondisements of Ouagadougou (Captain Benders)

–> Across the weekend, the two halftime pages averaged 17.4, with about 20% of our teams scoring a perfect 20.

–> At each of our weekend venues, exactly one team scored six-points on the 6-4-2 questions, despite wildly different topics of Mozart and Dilbert.

SATURDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (66.7% success rate):

–> As seen in its football, hockey, and basketball teams, what is the only U.S. city to have three major professional sports teams whose names begin with the same letter of the alphabet?

SUNDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (50.0% success rate):

–> A person who grew up in Miami during the 1950s might show allegiance to this NFL team, despite the fact that it is located nearly 1,000 miles from Miami.  That’s because this franchise was the closest NFL team to Miami during that decade.  What is this current NFL team?  (you’ll find the answers later in this blog)


Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD

Well now, that was one heck of a night and one hell of a game of Pour House Trivia here at Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, as nine teams packed the house!  Thanks to another event happening at the same time, we even introduced a few new faces to some hot trivia action. For our first round, teams struggled a bit with our first category that definitely relates to our current weather situation, “exposure”.  Later on, we covered a fairly well-used equine related idiom, and took to the track with “the fastest man alive”: Usain Bolt.  They all handled it well, and to quote another idiom, didn’t act like a bunch of babies, much like these popular cartoon characters, and yet another subject of round one:

Rugrats Trivia

Round two was a bit “poetic” with our T.S. Eliot question, “winey” with a pair of alcohol related deities, “heavy” with a caustic metal in Flint’s water supply, and a bit “comedic” with Jeffrey Dean Morgan of “The Walking Dead” fame in one of his breakout roles as this superhero:

Watchmen Trivia

Famous people on stamps was half the theme for our halftime puzzle, rounding it off with a little TV related word association, with our average score coming in at just over 18 points.  Uncle Jack was on fire, finishing the half with a perfect score on the halftime sheet, and a mighty impressive 92 points overall.  They continued that torrid pace in our third round, which took a trip through Canada, Australia, and Washington state, included a quick question about H.G. Wells writing about himself, and examined a few Presidential familial relationships, such as these two cousins:

Roosevelt Trivia

Congrats to newcomers Nancy’s Nuts, as they gained ground on the field by being the ONLY team to earn six points on the 6-4-2 question.  Our final round contained the most adverse questions of the night, including the origins of the game ‘Senet’ and the hit songs of the band Linkin Park.  However, folks recovered by correctly answering a question about this actress and her three Oscar nominations, the most for any African-American actress:

Viola Davis Trivia

The strong start by Uncle Jack did not last, as the team missed each of the last three wagering questions, causing them to relinquish the lead just before the final question.  About two-thirds of our teams were able to correctly answer tonight’s sports related final question, leading to the following final results:

First Place:  Deplorables

Second Place:  Uncle Jack

Third Place:  Smarty Pants

Next week’s first category:  Animated Disney films

~ Ronnie

Disney Trivia


Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, MD

We had some serious battling going on for the top three spots at Pretzel & Pizza Creations in Hagerstown on Saturday night!  Everyone started off very evenly matched (we had a four-way tie for first after our first round), but things started to separate after the second round and halftime puzzle page.  Give Us Your Beer Money rolled through the first half with a perfect halftime page a whopping 92 points at the break.

In the second half, the order of the coveted top three spots kept changing after both rounds three and four!  The Off Beats kept a close second place by being the only team to score six points on the 6-4-2 question, and after hitting on all five questions in round four, they took a one-point lead into the final question!  Wagers did not seem to matter, as all but one team went with the full 12-point wager.  It’s always more fun to see what happens when teams “Go big or go home” style!  After the answers were turned in and the dust settled, this is how it looked…

They were in fifth place for most of the game until a late push in round four helped them reach out and take third place, Gimpin’ Ain’t Easy!  Our top two teams were back and forth between first and second place all night, but unfortunately finishing in second place was… Give us your Beer Money!  On any other night, 171 total points would easily be enough for a win, but the competition was tough tonight!  Finally, they were in and out between first, second, and third place throughout the night, but finishing in the first place spot when it counted (to keep their current winning streak alive) was the Off Beats!  Nice pull on Chicago for that final answer!

That’s two in a row for our winners, and so they selected World War I Aircraft as the opening category for next week’s game.  Study up, and come join us to test your skills next Saturday at Pretzel & Pizza Creations!!

~ Jon J

World War I Aircraft Trivia


Captain Benders Tavern in Sharpsburg, MD

We had our *it’s almost Spring!!!!* game of Pour House Trivia tonight at Captain Benders in Sharpsburg, with a full house of hungry, happy families ready for some fun.  A special shout out goes to Campbell’s daughter, who made her debut appearance during signups!  We started our night with Campbell’s winner’s choice category of “Forged in Fire”, the History Channel blacksmithing game show.  We also sped on through to a trip to Disney World (all four parks, to be exact).

Before we knew it, Round 2 was upon us with our go-to audio question, this time focusing on some boozy tunes.  The fan-fave of the round could be found on the McDonald’s Menu before we closed things out with a little hockey.  We followed  with the halftime puzzle page, where we quizzed you on some namesake TV shows and Nobel Peace Prize winners.  There was only a single point difference between scores on the puzzle pages.  After a bit of a Chile/Spain mix-up, much to dismay of the Arrondisements of Ouagadagou, we had Fisted Sister who came out on top with a two-point lead.

Hungry for some points, you guys attacked Round 3 with a vengeance.  We started out with a little World Geography and wrapped the round by testing your Rock Album smarts.  Moving right along to the 6-4-2, Boh’s & Hoes showed out for the six-point clue and got Dilbert right out of the gate!  Holy Elbonia!  Round 4 began with some Baseball Stats, after which we had a small “Marimba” blunder.  But you guys rolled with it and finished the final round strong with Military Matters.  With the Arrondisements of Ouagadougou leading by three points, the room was tense going into our final question dealing with sports geography…  But only one team arrived at the correct answer of the Washington Redskins.  So our final scores shook out like this:

First Place:  Arrondisements of Ouagadougou

Second Place:  Fisted Sister

Third Place:  Boh’s & Hoes

Next week’s first category:  “Paw Patrol”

See you guys next Sunday!  XX

~ Torie

Paw Patrol Trivia


The Beacon in Frederick, MD

It was nice to see a certain team pull out a win at our final game here at The Beacon Restaurant in Frederick on Sunday night!  There was a really tight game between two teams that were within one point of each for the ENTIRE game, and then, just to make things more interesting, were tied for 1st place at the end of round 4!

For the final question, one team went with the “Go big or go home” style 12 point wager, the other rolled the dice with just a two-point bet.  When they BOTH answered the question correctly, I had a feeling that one of them wished they had gone 12 instead….

Finishing in third place was the Survivors!  Playing a great game with a tough ending for second place was Tequila Mockingbird!  I was glad to see that the one team that has played here since our first opening game, was also the last winner this venue will host, congratulations to the Witiots in first place!  Now, we are actively looking for a new Sunday night venue to play in, and as soon as we do, we will be shooting all our regular teams an email as well as posting it up on the website.  Once we do, the winner’s choice category for our new venue’s first night will be “Triple 50-50: Austrailian Slang Term or Creature from Harry Potter”!  Thanks to the Beacon for all the good times we’ve had there, and I’ll look forward to seeing all my Sunday regulars as soon as I can at our new venue!

~ Jon J