An a-MAIZE-ing night with Pour House Trivia! Thursday Recap!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday night rocked the house with live trivia at six venues in Maryland and Virginia!

We did a little Oscars trivia and a little Grammy’s trivia, so maybe in the next few weeks we’ll have to round out our EGOT with a little Emmy’s trivia and Tony’s trivia. What do you guys think?

Just in case you’ve never seen it, here’s Elaine’s little kicks!

[th_youtube id=’5xi4O1yi6b0′ name=’Seinfeld Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]

Check out the games!


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

It was a rockin’ night of live trivia at Bunkers, with so many people packing into the house we filled all the tables and THEN SOME!
We had some fun newcomers who shook things up a bit, and of course, our whole slew of regulars who were there to show them what-for.
Taking home third prize, Cake or Death!
But we had a tie to settle, and after finding out a little more about Meryl Streep, Thoroughly Confused narrowly edged the Indians to take home first.
Congratulations to all three squads!
3 Girls and a Guy played over the limit, but won the day anyway. They have chosen South Park for the first category next week, so go stream the heck out of it!


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

 I was tempted to give extra points to the best impression of the “Elaine Dancing” answer on the Seinfeld question! There were certainly some displays that looked as if it was NOT the first time it had been attempted. Combine that with some of the answers of what a “Dadchler Party” might entail and some other “meaty” questions, and you get one helluva trivia night at Champions Sports Bar-  and that we did have this evening! 

The score board took some shape after the first and second rounds but goodness did the “TOE” question uproot everything. It was GAME ON at that point! And this set the scene for an exciting round 4. It was STDB and Vitrifiers who were neck and neck going into the final this evening and that is they emerged as well…leaving their trivial fate up to a Meryl Streep Oscar tie-breaker. And tonight’s WINNER IS…
First Pub Trivia Maryland
Congrats Vitirifiers, great game!
2nd Place went to STDB as a triumphant trio…
2nd Pub Quiz MD
And much props for a come from behind 3rd Place snipe…to…
Third Pour House Pub Quiz maryland
Great game tonight everyone. NEXT WEEK we will be giving out the official Summer Fling Finals invites. The finale is Sept. 6th! See you next week. That game will kick off with “Disney Princesses.” See you then – have a great weekend! dg
Disney Princesses Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Tonight’s game of bar trivia went down to the very end. We had Humantaray in a COMMANDING lead of 11 points going into the final, with only 1 team in striking distance, last week’s winners You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls. With only a third of the field picking up the final answer, including Smalls, Humantaray fell to 2nd place after leading the entire night giving the win to You’re Killing Me, Smalls for back-to-back wins! Grats team! 3rd went to Sic Semper Tyrannis with a correct answer. Same time, same place next week!! Talk to you later guys!
1st Place:     You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls
2nd Place:     Humantaray
3rd Place:     Sic Semper Tyrannis
Next week’s category:     90’s Music
[th_youtube id=’Q1t4M4Y8fHQ’ name=’90s Music Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland’]


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

What a fun night of live trivia at Guido’s Speakeasy tonight! I had another week of good team turnout and a decent amount of top three team turnover throughout most of the game, but after the final question, this is how tonight ended.
In 3rd place tonight was Esophagus Now! Moving up to 2nd place tonight, welcome back I Hate The 80’s! And your game winners tonight moved up from second place and are known as None Pizza With Left Beef!
They decided on “The Simpsons: A Musical “Audio” Question” for next weeks winners choice question, and next week I will be handing out invites for the Summer Fling Finals, so study up and get back here to Guido’s next Thursday night for some trivia love!!  
~ Jon J
Simpsons Season Seven Live Trivia Maryland


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

It could have been anyone’s game of pub quiz tonight at the Main Street Oyster House. There were ties and lead changes at the end of each round. Pinky and the Brain landed themselves with 3rd place with a strategic wager of 0 for the final question.
Getting Quizzy with it took 2nd place. And first went to the only team to get the final question of the night correct and that was Clever Team name. Winner’s Choice for next week will be The Wire. Thanks for having me!



Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

What a packed house at Quincy’s on Thursday night!  We had a record 19 TEAMS cram in for a great night of trivia.  It was a tightly-packed field most of the night, and at the end of round four, we had a two-way tie for first, but it was a bold wager and the correct response from I Just Quizzed My Pants that earned the win.  The second place prize came down to a three-way tiebreaker, and it was Boats and Ho’s who manged to squeeze into second with Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends taking third.  What a way to end the Summer season!  Next week begins with a question on Alphabetical World Captials.  ~ Matt