Amaretto Mondays with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday served you up a glass of amaretto, then hit you with a little word action!

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Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Wow! We had a three way tie tonight for 2nd place here at DRP in Alexandria, and you could see MSC, Jurassic Park, and Atomic Dogs were all hungry for the prizes! Here is how it culminated:

Attila the Pun in 1st
Jurassic Parks and Recreation in 2nd
Atomic Dogs in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Potent Potables!

~ Ronnie

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Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

During today’s game we had quite the rowdy crowd. Not only were the drinks flowing, but we had several people in to watch a stream of the Hagerstown Pony League baseball team in the Pony League World Series, which was actually pretty exciting. It definitely made it more exciting that some of the people had friends with kids on the team. In our game we started out talking about The Big Bang Theory, and about how Raj got upset because he had to dress up as Aquaman for a costume party; everybody hates Aquaman apparently. The game also had an interesting question about the zodiac signs, where they were somewhat hidden inside other words, which definitely made it tougher. I also later found out that on the question about birds, toes and talons are NOT interchangeable, and that it can get some people extremely upset about the difference.

When we got to halftime scores were overall pretty close, but the halftime page proved to be quite difficult for almost every team. The top part had teams identify the game show by it’s logo, but game shows like Stump the Schwab, Password, and To Tell the Truth proved difficult to identify. The other half wasn’t much easier, with answers that ended in ‘Oon’ being the topic. Either way, everybody pretty much did equally on the page, so scores didn’t change too much from it. In the second half, the Nickelodeon question provided some nostalgia for me, but almost no teams got the answer correct. I was surprised how few teams got All That, and that nobody got Good Burger. I also *may* have given a bit of a hint on the car models question, not remembering that it was about the Dodge Charger when I decided to wear my jersey of one of the Charger greats, LaDainian Tomlinson. Luckily, I don’t think teams realized it until AFTER they had already came up with the answer, but they definitely let me know when they did notice.

The final round had two questions in a row that would have been extremely difficult for me, with a question about Gloria Estefan and a question about Abner Doubleday, the alleged inventor of baseball. The Asian geography question was tough for most teams, with only a few knowing that Laos is landlocked, and with only one team getting its capital correct. Heading into the final question, one team had a pretty sizable lead, but sometimes things can change quickly. The final question about ‘the embodiment of a milkshake’ in an advertising character, turned out to be about Grimace, the weird purple blob dude from McDonald’s. Only one team managed to get that, and it turned out to be enough for the win. Third place went to Danny Glover, who were missing half their usual team. Second went to That’s A Niner, who held first for the entire game until the final. Sneaking in to take the victory with a correct answer on the final, however, congrats going out to Cotton Candy on the win! Nice job. Next week we start with a question about Waterfalls of the World, so study up and I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

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il Forno – Frederick, MD

Fresh back from Las Vegas, I arrived back in MD at 2 pm, caught a bit of a nap, then stumbled into il Forno where trivia was happening. Teams gathered tonight to prep for the quickly-approaching Summer Fling tournament. The first half played to the strengths of most of our teams, providing a close game going into the halftime page.

The halftime was NOT as kind to the field. With an average score of about 12, the only perfect 20 made a HUGE difference on the scores. The perfect 20 went to a new team, The Dire Wolves, and with that score they jumped into the lead. The second half started gouging the teams but the cream of the the crop rose to the top!With that, you winners tonight are in fact the Dire Wolves! 2nd went to I’m with Sarah, 3rd place was Latrilla and the Mossy Banks! Congrats everyone who won prizes! Back in one week!!!

1st Place: The Dire Wolves
2nd Place: I’m with Sarah
3rd Place: Latrilla & the Mossy Banks

Next week’s category: American Dad!

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Schroyer’s Tavern, Maryland National Golf Club – Middletown, MD

What an exciting finish to last night’s game at Schroyer’s Tavern! It all came down to how the teams wagered on the final and that only one team got the question correct.

In 3rd after the final we had a new team playing for the first time, the Narwhals!! In first place for about the entire game till their wager decision and the final question destroyed everything! 2nd place was hard to swallow for Areola Grande! The only team to get the final correct and make the move to 1st place was Atlas Drugged!!

They picked Maryland Beers for next Mondays winners choice question, so come by Schroyer’s Tavern next week for some fun with your trivia!!

– Jon J

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Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

We had a fun night tonight at the Roast House! A bevy of new teams
joined the few house vets for a very interesting game of Pour House

Highlights of the Night:

In “Holy-Big-Words-Batman”: Eukaryotic! Zygodactyl! Amaretto! OK, I’m
lying about that last one but still why must the words always be so
large! Tongue twisters ahoy!

In “Brutal-Halftime-Bro”: When the average on a puzzle page is 12 and
the high score is a single 16, its not an easy page! Way to hang tough

In “Crucial-Final-Questions”: The final question of the game was the
clincher, drastically changing up the scoreboard for a dramatic final!
In third place tonight, a new team, Mom and Kid!

In second place tonight, Plan B!

In first place tonight, Better Late then Pregnant!
Congrats everyone on a great game! We’ll start things off next week
with some Grade School Grammar courtesy of Better Late than Pregnant!
Study up! And do NOT go poking through my blog posts. I take creative
license with my writing and don’t care what “rules” I’m supposed to
abide! 😛

Until then,


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

At Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon, it was an impressive performance by Jimmy’s in Vegas, as they brought the full squad to take on the field, and it led to a wire-to-wire victory, including one of the few teams to hit the final question.  Settling for second was Ding! Fries are Done, followed by Swedish Police on Vacation.  Next week, our first question is OPI Nail Polish Colors.  My favorite!  ~ Matt