All right, admit it: How many of you had Gerardo’s poster on your wall?! Thursday Pour House Pub Trivia Wrap up!

Our Thursday night Pour House pub quiz hopefully eased you into this fine Friday morning!

When the “Gunsmoke” cleared, we had covered so many bits of tid!

Perry White might have even yelped “GREAT CAESAR’S GHOST!” when he learned of how much we covered, including a little stock ticket trivia (Gotta love the clever acronyms!), teen heartthrob Gerardo, so SUAVE is he! and lastly, a little video game audio, which is near and dear to my heart.

In that vein, here’s an orchestral version of some classic video game music to high score your read through of tonight’s game summaries!

[th_youtube id=’kcKurvm_0oE’ name=’Video Game Themes Pub Quiz MD’]


Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

We didn’t have three great wrong answers tonight, but we did have THREE GREAT answer slips at tonight’s live trivia in Leesburg!

  • Grover the Blue Monster – Not a university of Maryland Grad, though Jim was!
  • Great Caesar’s Ghost (This answer is wrong) – Well you might have thought so, but you were right!
  • Will Smith as the star of Gunsmoke? I believe you’re thinking of the not-so-classic film Wild Wild West!

After the gunsmoke settled, we had a hell of a game. It was an up and down one, with teams moving all over the place.

Left standing were, in third place The Indians!

In second place, after a tiebreaker, Cranius Maximus!

And your winners, Fat Guys in Little Coats, who won the game AND the tiebreaker!

I was told the Fat Guys in Little Coats have been waiting a LONG time to bust this out: Pro Wrestling Finishing Moves!

[th_youtube id=’uBHeHnOqD40′ name=’Pro Wrestling Finishing Moves Pub Quiz MD’]


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD


60 Live Pub Quiz players eating and drinking and contesting the prize  tonight at Champion Billiards. Some familiar faces and some new crews as well came out! I had a ton of fun…I hope you did as well. I gotta say one of my favorite moments was the Indigo Fish! Its a thing…FTW! 🙂
Indigo Hamlet Pub Quiz MD
The game itself was a crazy close contest all night, complete with some spikes, some pitfalls, some traps and secret doors (yes my Dungons & Dragons is showing in this metaphor) and an awesome finish! The marbles came down to an Anthony Hopkins tie breaker…and boom it was Brain Freeze who took it down by only missing his birth year by 1 year! And I heard one of their members just passed the bar exam; so double congrats Brain Freeze! Great night!
Brain Freeze Pub Trivia MD
Very close 2nd Place went to the sports lovers themselves, The Phlitches. Gotta admit I was nervous about pronouncing “fraulein tonight ladies and gents 🙂 And  I  believe Phlitches also had a special occasion tonight with a birthday! I was all geared up to sing but I spaced :/ many apologies…no less.. Happy Birthday Dan! Congrats on the 2nd Place prize!
Phlitches live trivia MD
Playing with a new combo of members tonight was Just Good Enough. But that didn’t stop them. They meant beez-ness baby! A little Hannibal Lecter snipe FTW! Greaat game JGE! Make sure you let the others know that y’all know hot to get it done 🙂 
Just Good Enough Bar Trivia MD
To all the MOM’s out there…Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday 🙂 I’ll see you next Thursday night when we begin with “The Princess Bride.” Until then, be well…dg 🙂
Princess Bride Pour House Pub Trivia MD


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

We had a travel team from Frederick come down to Alexandria tonight to test the pub trivia waters at the Fish Market. They seemed pretty dominant for most of the game… until the final question! They had 1st place all but locked up but with a miss on the final, Oscar Meyer comes from behind to snipe the win! Congrats. 2nd place goes to Blake Bortles. 3rd place went to Emilia’s Birthday but they were over the team limit so Gone Squatchin’ gets the prize for 3rd. Thanks a bunch for playing – I’ll see you next week.
1st Place: Oscar Meyer
2nd Place: Blake Bortles
3rd Place: Gone Squatchin’
Next week’s category: The Blues Brothers 
[th_youtube id=’RdR6MN2jKYs’ name=’The Blues Brother Pub Quiz MD’]


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

 I had a fun night hosting at Guido’s Speakeasy tonight for bar trivia! Some new teams came in to play and some interesting developments occurred throughout the night to decide our winners. ALL teams were super tight in their scores through the puzzle page… and then round three started separating the top from the bottom!
By the end of round four it looked like the top three were pretty much set, but then the wagering for the final question changed the end result a bit!
Moving up from 5th place to 3rd was We Made a Huge Mistake!
Holding on to 2nd place was Stink Floyd!
Tonight’s winners held first place from the the middle of the 2nd round until the end of the game…  None Pizza With Left Beef!! They decided on “Pig Latin Queen Lyrics” as the winners choice category for next week, so study up and we’ll see everyone back next Thursday night at Guido’s!!  
~ Jon J
 [th_youtube id=’qSSPs-ZtA3I’ name=’Queen Lyrics Pig Latin Pub Trivia MD’]


La Mexicana Restaurant, Gaithersburg, MD

We had a tight battle of knowledge in our second night of bar trivia here at La Mexicana in Gaithersburg.
It was Pog Mo Thoin who were our first place team tonight, with Billy Hill finishing in a very close 2nd.
Give it up to Leisure World, who finished in 3rd as a duo.
Join me again next week for our first category, Broadway Musicals.
~ Ronnie
Broadway Musicals Live Trivia MD


Lake Linganore Association, New Market, MD

A truly epic night of live trivia at Lake Linganore tonight!
Ten teams duked it out for the top spot but it was Faking Bad who rose above the rest to take the top spot.
A mere two points behind was Comfortably Dumb in second followed by Mad Beavers in third.
Time to brush up on your Beck, Hanson, and Fiona Apple – next week’s winners’ choice category is 90s Rock Lyrics! See you in the tent next week!
– Eric 🙂
90s Rock Lyrics Pub Quiz MD


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Pazullies are still running the bar trivia show over at Main Street, but Megalodon’s gave them a run for their money.
Mom and Son team took the second place slot this week with a well played first round question.
Clever team name came in third place but has their sites on the top slot for next week.
It’s anyone’s game here the competition goes strong inside.
Next week we are starting out with Seinfeld Trivia……. better watch those reruns!
Seinfeld Live Trivia MD

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

It was a tight race all bnight at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, as our top four teams were separated by just six points heading into the final question.  Uncle Jack held a slight lead on that clustered field, but their conservative wager allowed Blue Collar to come in and swoop up the win!  It had been a few weeks since we saw them in the winner’s circle, and they were thrilled to end up on top.  Second place came down to a tiebreaker, as Lowered Expectations used their extensive knowledge of the population of Iowa cities to take second over Unclue Jack, who finished third.  It’s a dead heat for the Houase Championship with TWO WEEKS to go!  Next week starts with a question on 1960s Psychadelic Music.  See you then!  ~ Matt