“All I’ve got is a photograph…” – Ringo Starr

il Forno Monday Night Trivia Night

Congrats to our new team, Willow, who leapt from behind on our final question tonight to snipe a 3rd Place at il Forno. Also, props to The Hoodies, who drew a perfect stick figure rendition of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.” I mean…that’s gotta be acceptable right?!?!? (<– interrobang for ya). american gothic stick figure

2nd Place went to the fellers over at Quick Pink and the Vine Gang – solid game yall! And our winners tonight were Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap, who came out of the gate strong and did not look back! Excellent game everyone! I will see you next Monday night. Rd 1 Question 1 will be “Typographics” (and I just had a long conversation about “kerning”)…the irony right ?!?!?! <— (interrobang #2).



Always new faces to join the familiar at DRP in Alexandria, and we had a really close game at the end. MSC walked away with this one but it was very close, as The Rubber Sheets Club took 2nd by only a one point difference! Welcome back to Bacon FC, who finished in 3rd tonight. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and see you next week where our first category will be Showtime’s “The Tudors.” ~ Ronnie

the tudors

Lucy’s Arlington

We started off the evening with a Billy Joel question that might have had a little World Geography tossed into it.  That’s debatable….  What’s not debatable is that our regular teams traded the lead the entire evening.  The Rocket Surgeons came out of the pasta-themed halftime with a slim lead, but got a bit too aggressive on the 6-4-2 question, which allowed Korner Bar to sneak into first place.  They never looked back, taking home their third win of the season.  Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed took second with Whatever in third.  Next week starts with a question on Christmas Carols.  ~ Matt

Christmas Trivia