Algeria, Australia and so much more with Pour House Pub Trivia on Tuesday!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday had eight great games of live trivia across Maryland and Virginia!

Read on to see how things went down, if you please :)!

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

At Capitol City Brewing in Shirlington, it was a stellar performance put in by the Capital Hillbillies, tonight playing as ‘Senor Trump’ something something…  Anyway, they rolled through tonight’s set, but graciously ‘donated’ their winnings as they were playing with too many people.  So, our ‘official’ top three included the Capitol City Goofballs, followed by We Came For the Beer and Pink Fist.  Next week’s game begins with a question on The Goonies!  ~ Matt


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Champions! We didn’t have to be outside today! That’s a win!

Got to see some familiar faces tonight mixed in with the usual suspects, turned in to quite the good night. Thanks for spending your Tuesday night with me and keeping me entertained with your interpretative dance (Yes Latrilla, I’m looking at you) it would have been Jungle Fever in 3rd but they had too many clowns in the car so Hiesenburg rose up in to 3rd. 2nd went to 2 Live Clue 2:Need a bigger butt who were without Big Al to yell Bet it all! and 1st went to Wiser but still Dead, helped along by that one point NBA free agent fiasco 😉

I will see you next week for a last word, first word audio clue. That should be fun. 🙂


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Another hard fought game of trivia here at Cugini’s in Poolesville, man these folks are competitive!

Here are the result of tonight’s game:

Lightfoot in 1st

MoMo’s Minions in 2nd

U Talkin’ to Me? In 3rd

Our first category for next week is Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein.

~ Ronnie

Young Frankenstein

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

We had a short and sweet one last night at Celebrity Bar & Grill! How did it end up, you ask? Well, let me me tell you!

Finishing 3rd was Two in a Row No Bueno! 2nd place was again I’m Just Making This Up As I Go Along!! It seems no one can stop our 1st place winners, American Outlaws!!

They picked “Lord of The Rings:The Fellowship of The Ring” for next weeks winners choice, so study up, and come see if YOU will be the team to stop A.O. winning streak at Celebrity Bar & Grill!!

~ Jon J

Lord of the Rings Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Thank you all for welcoming me into the wild and wonderful Monkey Lala
for a fun night of Pour House Trivia! I had a great time with you all,
filling in for Denny, and hope you did as well!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Single-Minded-Bar”: Almost every team bit hard on Australia as one
of the double a countries. Only one team managed to pull out Algeria.
Everyone else was on the same wavelength.

In “Holy-High-Scores-Batman!”: The puzzle page saw a majority of teams
pull 20s on the puzzle page tonight! Everyone was on their game!

In “Not-Enough-Jazz-Hands”: The Musicals question didn’t see a lot of
high wagers or 2 point bonuses. Too many teams going hard on Camelot
vs Spamalot. Incidentally, you should all see Spamalot if you get the
chance! It’s a great show!

The lead changed a number of times tonight, but the final made things
pretty clear!

In third place, Hump and Dump!

In second place, Two Fingers Worth!

In first place, Atlas Drugged!

Congrats on a great game everyone and thank you again for having me!
Denny will be back next week; try not to tease him about the money I’m
sure he’s losing in Vegas right now 😉 In honor of Shark Week, Atlas
Drugged as made the winner’s choice category Sharks! Don’t get bitten!
Study up, and have a great game next week!

Until then,

Sharks Pub Quiz MD

Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Today’s game at the Orioles Nest ended up being a close one, with several lead changes throughout. A few questions definitely had a hand in causing that swing, especially the BASE jumping question, which was particularly brutal, with only one team getting even one of the acronym letters correct. The halftime page today about movies that won the best original song Oscar and countries that start with “I” ended up a bit on the easier side, with a lot of the teams doing very well on it, even if the teams couldn’t quite figure out the theme on the top half of it. The question about the LOGO network ended up being pretty funny, with a few teams putting some hilariously wrong guesses, like HGTV or what must be it’s counterpart, LGTV. I’d never heard of LOGO so I was not surprised when a few teams missed it, but a few teams knew it immediately.

The audio question today about alliterative solo artists was a fun one too, with teams getting Tina Turner and Janet Jackson pretty easily, but had a much harder time pulling the name Leona Lewis. I also really liked the Nickelodeon question about Dora the Explorer, and how even kids shows can lead to lawsuits about money. In the end, it was a pretty close game overall, and we did have a bit of change in the final standings due to the last question. Coming in third place was Smarty Pants, who nailed the final question at the last second. Taking second place was One Crow Short of a Murder, who couldn’t quite retake the lead they held earlier in the game. Winning tonight’s game by nailing the final answer of War and Peace was Eddy Money’s Kids, who played a strong game and held onto the slim lead they had going into the final question.

Next week we start out with a question about Craft Beers, so that should be fun. Looks like it’s time to head out to your local bar and do some ‘research’ right? I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

Beer Styles Pub Trivia Maryland

Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

We had a great game last night, with teams keeping it close and competitive the whole way! Trivia newbies clashed with Tilted Kilt regulars, as it became a battle of the trivia wheelhouses.

Along the way, we learned all about how thinly-populated Australia is (roughly the same population as Angola!), the weirdness of calling Mark Wahlberg a “rapper”, and ALL the Williams. We also realized how forgettable Leona Lewis is (at least in the US), and apologize for only the ONE 2-point bonus on the Broadway question. I’m sorry, there’s no 4-point or 6-point bonuses, even if you offer to sing the whole musical!

As the game continued, the leaders emerged, though everyone was still in the running for the top prize. When the smoke cleared after a decisive final, our final three was decided. In third, the newly renamed Please Tip Your Servers, behind NoTalent Rummies in second and taking it down for the second week was Suck It, Trebek! They’ve chosen Big Brother as next week’s first category (The CBS show no one watches, not the esoteric concept relating to government overwatch…)

See you next week!



Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

Quincy’s! Great night tonight!

Double digits again, lots of veteran teams duking it out for the top spot, and we had a very exciting finish! I liked the fact that I forgot to turn off the audio clue when I played my music and ended up playing a very odd mash-up of Tina Turner and Vertical Horizon: What’s Love Got to do with God? I don’t know, maybe it should be a thing in the near future!

Bazinga was KILLING it tonight, best performance by them in a long long time! They led coming out the gate and held the lead going all the way into the final question! The final question pulled about 50% correct answers so here’s how the game ended. Bazinga MISSED the final and dropped out of the top. Jumping up to 3rd with a correct response was a new team called Steph’s Birthday Suit! 2nd place, D+M, also quite a climb up.

Your winners tonight, jumping up from 2nd place, two weeks in a row now for The Big Fact Hunt. Great game all! Back in a week for more trivia!!