After Hours Trivia: What song did Schroeder play in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?

Apparently it was Fur Elise…whooda thunk? In the aftermath of yet another snowstorm, we had 6 very good games around the horn tonight in Maryland and Virginia, and one game (@Jekyll and Hydes) apparently had a surprise half time performance by an a capella group. Thanx for scraping that windshield and coming out to play tonight everyone :)  

Monkey La La

A great time tonight at Monkey La La. The after party game of phone app taboo was also a fun twist and proved again that Suck it Trebek are the dirty minded juggernauts – and incidentally they are also hosting next week’s Monkey La La WHITE ELEPHANT gift exchange. If you want in on the exchange (and you should, its a blast) get a gift between $10-$15 and you are good to go! We will do that after trivia next Tuesday :)

Stink Floyd came out of the cold on fire tonight and went wire to wire for the win. Nice work Stink. 2nd Place went to 3rd Quarter Nose Dive who busted out some cup cakes for our boy Steve’s bday! Happy Birthday sir :) And 3rd went to our friends from across town, Hump and Dump. 

Thanks again for playing tonight everyone. I am very much looking forward to next week’s game – the last Tuesday game of 2013; our White Elephant, and a category of DIE HARD to kick it off. Gonna be a great time… See you then :) – dgwhite elephantdie hard trivia

Champion Billiards

Champions, there was no failure to communicate here tonight! You all played a heck of a game and yet again it all came down to the final. A tough final can flip flop standings and that’s exactly what happened! 3rd belonged to the come from behind team of Girls on Top- Nice job ladies- and I’m sure it wasn’t just the prime categories, you girls are sharp! 2nd went to Wiseacres who led all game but wobbled on the final and had to give it over to the ninjas of W! You just can’t ever count them out.. Next week they have decided on the tv show New Girl for our first category. I will see you then and I will have cookies and Christmas cheer! ~Samantha new girl

Hollywood Casino

What better way to spend a rainy snowy day than playing Trivia with me at Hollywood Casino! It was a hard fought game tonight with some of the best teams at Hollywood showing their stuff! Team Freedom kept their top slot with a well played final wager, leaving them at 143 for the night. Floppy Jalopy made a come back after a 5 week break, taking a second place slot with 137, Momentary Lapse of Reason held on to third place with 135! Team Freedom is throwing down KNITTING as next week’s category! Yes…KNITTING!  So hopefully there’s more snow days so you can get to practicing! big foot knitting

Griff’s Landing

Bit of a wild finish tonight at Griff’s, with the final question shaking things up!
Newcomers Snowball’s chance took home first place with a strong round.
Beer is Good’s final answer bumped them to second place.
Third place went home with the Know Nothings!

Next week’s first category is Wikipedia.

Tripp – 

Jekyll and Hyde’s

We had a riveting game tonight, complete with an a capella half-time show!  Taking first place tonight for the first time were the Empty Nesters, congratulations!  Second went to Brownie Points, and third went to Sux Not 2B Us.  Great game everyone!  Next week’s first category is the Pittsburgh Pirates, and we’ll see you next week! – Brad

a capaella group


Due to a (slightly) unfortunate incident from Monday night, we welcomed a few teams at Ramparts that were transplanted from a few miles down the road.  It made for quite a nice crowd on Tuesday night, and we all learned a few new interesting facts.  Most importantly, there is apparently a plant named “Phoebe”.  Is This Your Homework, Larry? played a great game, missing only one question in our four rounds of play, but got their dates mixed up on the final question and left the door open for the Stamp Collectors, who earned their first win of the season.  Playing as a duo, ALL CAPS earned their best finish of the season as well by taking second place, and Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed snuck into third despite an interesting start to the game.  Next week begins with a question on “Sons of Anarchy”.  ~ Matt

Sons of Anarchy Trivia