A windy cold Thursday with Pour House Trivia! Recap!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday had to batten down the hatches, because it was WINDY as heck out there!

Seriously, I ended up chasing my trash can a full block down the street – it was nutty.

But despite the wind and the cold, we served up five great games of live trivia!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

WOW BABY IT’S COLD OUT THERE! Great live trivia action inside Bunkers though, and the final really changed everything around for some of the teams.

Here are your results:
1) Your Mom in 1st
2) Thoroughly Screwed in 2nd
3) Cranius Maximus in 3rd.
Our first category for next week is the Chevy Chase film Fletch.

~ Ronnie

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Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Packed House at Champions for trivia night Thursday! And what fine company we were in! 23 teams decided to give trivia a whirl! And everyone stayed the whole time! I promised to have everyone out by the time “Fift Shades of Gray” started at the theater down the street…and we succeeded! This was one of the biggest nightly games in Pour House Trivia history! Great times and thanks everyone for coming out and throwing down for a bit!

The trivia of it all was pretty sick as well. I loved some of the questions from tonight’s set –

– the Budweiser commercial just brings me a tear everytime – go Proclaimers!

– Any time a Dungeons & Dragons question is in the set, it is gonna be a good night! (Is that a 20 sided die in your pocket or are you happy to see me?)

– And let’s just say the “glaucoma” question tended to be a favorite for many

– Honorable mentions: Shaun of the Dead, and Julia Child!

cooking trivia night

Just the sheer number of teams makes this event a very diificult one to Top 3! So much congrats and props to those teams who managed to climb the Top 3 ladder.

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bar trivia companies in baltimore

And some love for 4th and 5th (which was a tie). Since we exceeded the 15 team mark, the 4th and 5th Place crews get some extra Season 11 WS Points. They were: Dewey, Cheatum & Howe (4th), Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap (tied 5th) and Phlitches (tied 5th).

Thanks for coming out to play everyone! What a cold night it was – so thanks for braving those elements to come hang with me. Have a great weekend and I will see you next Thursday when we begin with a question in the category of “Pitch Perect.” See ya then 🙂 dg

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Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Holy hell was in packed in here tonight! Not sure if it was the weather or whatever the Fish Market is putting in the water but we had a full house tonight!

I’m sure you all are sick of my stupid puns and jokes but I can’t hold back this one because I had way too much fun with it: Bill & Ted’s rock band: Wyld Scallions! I don’t think I’ve ever heard more groans in a closed space. Either way, I loved it. And I appreciate you all for A. Keeping me honest by booing and B. For tolerating my shenanigans haha!

But all jokes aside, let’s talk about the finish: Tonight’s game saw last season’s champions You’re Killin’ Me Smalls leading for the majority of the game. Even with a small bump in the 4th round (missed their 5-point bonus), they still managed to be up by 4 points going into the final question. Another veteran team (formerly Sic Semper Tyrannis and This We’ll Defend but tonight going by the name Whoever Dares Wins) was in 6th place going into the final question. You know I would only be mentioning them if something outrageous happened. Turns out, our final question tonight wiped out everyone in the restaurant except for one team: Whoever Dares Wins.

With them being the only team with a correct response on the final, they jumped up from 6th place all the way to the top spot and the victory! Congratulations! 2nd place went to You’re Killing Me Smalls, 3d place went to a new team who call themselves It’s All Aaron’s Fault. We’ll be back next week, with hopefully the same turnout, if not more teams! Same time, same place. Until then guys be safe, I’ll see ya all soon! 😉

1st Place: Whoever Dares, Wins
2nd Place: You’re Killin’ Me Smalls
3rd Place: It’s All Aaron’s Fault

Next week’s category: General Israel Putnam

Israel Putnam trivia pour house live trivia maryland


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

Goodness it was cold outside last night, but things inside Guido’s were heating up during Thursday night trivia! There were a few teams that kept trading turns for 1st place after each round so I knew it was going to be an exciting finish to the game, and this is how it ended… Jumping up to 3rd place after the final question was Friends Of Dick Johnson! Finishing 2nd place was T.N.C.!! Holding on to 1st for the win was Not Quite White!! They chose the video game “Diablo III” for next weeks winners choice question, so study up and come on back to Guido’s next Thursday night for trivia!!  ~  Jon J

video game trivia night in maryland

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD


A ton of new teams at Main Street last night!  We all had a blast, and even though it was bitter cold  we had a great showing.

The puzzle sheets can really turn the tide in any game, and tonight was no different.  HOWEVER- I saw many people not taking it seriously AND I was aghast that people mistook the Bat-Mobile for the Beverly Hillbillies truck.  I almost ended the game on that.

Clever Team Name ran away with it in the end, and managed to top arch rival Anal Bum Covers & new comers the Jaguars.

Winner’s Choice:  Wayne Gretzky


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

It was a fierce battle all night for the top position at Quincy’s, as our veteran teams came well-prepared.  The story of the first four rounds was Blue Collar, who cashed in on several two-point bonuses, and held a formidable lead heading into the final.  Among our 15 teams, there were only a few that were within striking distance of Blue Collar.  But when only one team came up with the correct response on the final, it was Lowered Expectations that took down the win!  Great job!  Blue Collar did manage to hold on to second, with I Just Quizzed My Pants in third.  ~ Matt