A Whale of a Trivia Night!

Thursday night Pour House Trivia featured eight games, and we’ve managed to spread those out into four different states!  We hope that new teams in Florida and North Carolina might be able to join us for our next World Series in about six weeks.  Meanwhile, let’s take a look at our top teams and high scores from last night:

THURSDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (62 teams across eight venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Atomic Dogs (Fish Market) with 171

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Power Vacuum (Champion Billiards) with 160

–> Highest First Half Score: Breadsticks (Quincy’s) with 90

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Lowered Expectations (Quincy’s), Nasty Neutrons (Quincy’s), Atomic Dogs (Fish Market)

–> The halftime page was a cinch for most teams, with about half of the field scoring a perfect 20.  That led to an average of 18.8 across all venues.  Apart from the final, our toughest question of the night came late in Round 3, as only about one-third of our teams were able to recognize the definition of a polyhedron.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (14.6% success rate):

–> Often depicted fighting with Perseus, the mythological figure Cetus gives its name to a constellation that is commonly known by the name of what animal?  (you’ll find the answer in this blog)


Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, MD

It’s always tricky to have a game of Pour House Trivia at the same time that a Christmas party is going on, but we made it work last night at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg.

Between seven scores of 20 on the puzzle page, learning the difference between a polygon and a polyhedron, realizing that I’m not funny (but let’s face it, we all already knew that) and coming to terms with the travesty of Taylor Swift somehow making that much more money than Beyoncé this year, tonight’s game was a wild ride from start to finish. But as always there can only be a top three.

In third place tonight, Blue Collar!

In second place tonight, Nasty Neutrons!

In first place tonight, Lowered Expectations!

Great game everyone! Next week we will kick things off with Jim Carrey’s “The Grinch”! Just in time for Christmas; study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

The Grinch Trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

It was so good to be back in Champions tonight! 15 teams braved the tundra winds and joined us for come friendly competition. New teams, veteran teams, couples and many multiples- they were all out tonight. Always fun in there on a Thursday, but when we pack it full of people it’s a whole ‘nother vibe. I am especially proud that there was not one, not two but THREE Santa hats in the audience. That’s impressive, even I am not wearing mine yet. We got yer’ Jolly, come on in…

At one point tonight we had a 6 way tie going on but once I pointed out they were all cheating off of each there (No, not really) it broke down pretty quickly.  Not completely however, as after a kicker of a final it was Baby, It’s Cold Outside vs. Vitrifiers for 2nd place.  We looked for the birthday of the Candy Man himself, and Vitrifiers pulled it within one to take that 2nd spot!  BICO played a good, and very well enunciated game to put themselves on the podium in 3rd with teams like we had tonight.  Speaking of competition – Power Vac was our winner tonight!  They had a good lead going in to the final, played it cool and walked away with the top spot. Next week we will start with 21 Pilots. Not the Christmas album 😉 Have a good week!

~ Sam

21 Pilots Trivia


Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, VA

So the temperature at Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg tonight said it was 22 degrees Fahrenheit when I arrived at 6pm, and you could see the looks on the players as they came in from said temp.  Man it is cold outside!  So the first round had us guessing whether some famous people were alive or dead followed up by learning a little French.  The second round featured some gents who defined some laws governing gas as well as a website you can visit for advice concerning bad gas.  The third round contained a horrible Christmas horror comedy film and defined some 3-D objects.  Folks pretty much breezed through the final round fairly uneventfully.  It took a Willy Wonka tiebreaker to settle 3rd place so here are the results:

First Place:  Cranius Maximus

Second Place:  Your Mom

Third Place:  Indians

Next week’s first category:  Christmas Carols

~ Ronnie

Christmas Carols Trivia


Links at Challedon in Mount Airy, MD

Sorry, trivia was unexpectedly cancelled last night at the Links at Challedon.  Devan will be back next Thursday!





Smoketown Brewing in Brunswick, MD

WOW things were rocking tonight…  We had 11 teams show up in the freezing cold to try their luck at the top prize tonight.  Man, Brunswick you really know how to party.  It was a loud, competitive night!  Our top two teams of the night were the Scoundrels and Quiz in My Pants, but these teams were so festive that they actually had too many people, and had to forgo prizes on the night.  That left our official standings as follows:

First Place: The 22 Percent

Second Place:  Regulars

Third Place:  Raider Nation

Next week’s first category:  World War II

~ Zach

World War II Trivia


Morgan Ridge Railwalk in Salisbury, NC

It was another fun night for trivia at Railwalk Brewery down here in Salisbury, NC!  The Hobos and Rehab Junkies were both part of a big party that split up into two teams.  They battled each other all night and in the end Hobos came out victorious. Even though a few other teams had to leave early, all of them had blast and said that they will be back next week!  Here are your final standings for tonight:

First Place:  Hobos

Second Place:  Rehab Junkies

Third Place:  Einsteins

Next week’s first category:  Disco

~ Nevada

Disco Trivia


Brooksville Brewing in Spring Hill, FL

We had another awesome trivia night at Brooksville Brewing Company!  The evening brought us a great mix of trivia pros and first time players tonight.  It was a very close game and with our newest team ending the game in second place!  Also, how about you try spelling “I misspelled drunkenness” after you’ve had a couple blackberry wines.  It’s harder than you’d think.  Here are our top teams for tonight!

First Place:  Sic Semper Tyrannus

Second Place:  SOHA

Third Place:  Jon is Dumb

~ Melissa

Next week’s first category:  The Grand Privy Race

Grand Privy Race


Fish Market in Alexandria, VA

It’s officially gotten to unbearable levels of cold outside.  The kind of cold that HURTS YO FACE.  The kind of cold that makes you wish you just stayed in bed all day and didn’t make an effort to be one with the human world.  A few brave souls overcame that obstacle, stuck it out, and joined us for trivia night; and it was epic!  We saw PC Principals back again after falling short on the final question a week ago.  They looked ready to get the win tonight after a heartbreaker last week.  A big crowd out tonight to see that did not happen, including the return of Atomic Dogs, a pretty kick-ass duo who were aching for a win on their return to the Market.

PC Principals were all game when they finished the first half.  They had 88 points, up 5 on the next team. A perfect halftime page, a near perfect Round 1 and 2.  They were ready to mark down another victory!  During round 3, they didn’t miss much, though Atomic Dogs made up 2 points on them on a bonus question.  Both Dogs and PCP got the 6 point clue on the 6-4-2 and heading into round 4 it was a three-point game.

PC Principals were apparently without their sports guy tonight, causing them to drop the 1 wager on the college football question, and a crucial 2 point bonus, that Atomic Dogs were able to pick up.  That three-point loss resulted in a TIE for 1st place going into the final question. The strategy here is either bet it all or bet it none (or bet zero, is what I’d say if I wasn’t an idiot)… Both teams went with the former strategy: an all-in bet. Get it right and win. Get it wrong and lose.

Only 1 team, ONE TEAM, got the final correct. It was one of our 2 leaders… PC Principals unable to come up with the animal we were looking for on the final!  Pegasus is a horse, Cerberus is a dog, here we wanted Cetus… Cetus is a WHALE! Cetus is actually LATIN for whale, and has some Greek derviation in there as well. Nonetheless, Cetus was a whale in the story of Perseus, and the constellation is commonly known as “The Whale”.  Atomic Dogs picking up the answer here at the LAST SECOND and taking down the VICTORY!  Hell of a game!  Back next week with Coen Brothers Films! Until then, be safe, BE WARM!  Later.

Next week’s first category:  Coen Brothers Films

~ Bill

Coen Brothers Trivia


Guido’s in Frederick, MD

I’d like to thank the teams that braved the INCREDIBLY cold weather and came out to Guido’s Speakeasy for Thursday night trivia!  Our top three teams were all close in their scores by the time we reached the final question, it was anyone’s game!  But since all 3 teams wagered 12 and answered the same, we ended up with the same order. Finishing 3rd was Team Ramrod, 2nd place went to Spitters are Quitters, and for a second week in a row T.N.C. was our 1st place winner!!  They picked A-Hole President-Elects for next week’s first category, so study up and hopefully it will be a little bit warmer next Thursday at Guido’s!

~ Jon J