A Wednesday Night Trivia Mystery!

Wednesday night’s game of Pour House Trivia featured 102 teams across 15 venues.  You could say that the final question was murder for our teams!  You’ll see what we mean…


Wednesday’s opening round was a cinch for most teams, but one bonus question stumped even our biggest history buffs.  We asked our teams to name either one of the two U.S. Presidents who are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  Most of our teams knew that one of the names was John F. Kennedy, but only five teams knew that the second man was William Howard Taft!  Our first round ended with a look at this cable news show:

Morning Joe

Actually, I think that’s the “Saturday Night Live” parody version…  As a result of the Presidents question, only one team recorded a perfect score in the first round.  To the surprise of nobody, it was Dusty Baker School of Management (Bennigan’s – Clarksburg).


Our audio question featured clips from three “Bad” songs.  About half of our teams earned points here by naming two of the three tunes: “Bad Moon Rising” (Creedence Clearwater Revival) and “The Bad Touch” (Bloodhound Gang).  The most recent of the three songs was much more difficult, as only 12% of our teams earned bonus points by knowing “Bad and Boujee” (Migos featuring Lil Uzi Vert).  Next up was a question on this delectable beverage brand:

Wild Turkey

Our first half sports question was asked in the Three Clues format:

CLUE 1: In Olympic archery, this score is obtained by hitting the inner gold ring.

CLUE 2: Soccer legend Pele wore this uniform number in each of his World Cup appearances.

CLUE 3: In a standard decathlon, this event number corresponds to the 1500 meter run.

Exactly one-quarter of our teams earned a two-point bonus by answering correctly after just two clues had been read:


We continued with a question on the topic of Renaissance Literature, as we asked for the title of the Italian political treatise that features chapter titles such as “Whether It Is Better to Be Loved or Feared”.  While we were looking for “The Prince” (by Niccolo Machiavelli), one team at Applebee’s decided to get creative with the wrong answer of “The Pope’s Guide to Pasta”.  The second round was a bit softer in terms of the bonus questions, as six teams notched correct answers on all three bonus questions, recording a perfect score of 36 points.


For the second week in a row, our Wednesday teams faced a difficult halftime page.  Combing the subjects of cartoon characters with “A” names and geographic superlatives, the overall average score came in at only 13.6, with one team  (Dusty Baker School of Management) recording a perfect 20 points.  Here are Wednesday’s top scores after the first half:


Our third round included a question on this Lego offshoot which made a “cameo” appearance at the end of “The Lego Movie”:


The third round concluded with our most difficult bonus question of the night, as we asked about this TV actress who has recently found herself behind the camera, directing several episodes of the CBS drama “Elementary”:

Lucy Liu

Unfortunately, none of our teams earned the two-point bonus on this question.  Apparently, Lucy Liu will be directing the upcoming season premiere of the Netflix series “Luke Cage”.  Needless to say, we did not see any perfect scores in the third round.


We delved into the chemistry textbook for our 6-4-2 question tonight.  Here was Wednesday’s six-point clue:

–>  In addition to methane, which chemical compound is released in the phenomenon known as a limnic eruption or lake overturn, which can suffocate large numbers of wildlife and humans?

Only 12% of our teams knew that a limnic eruption involves a deadly release of carbon dioxide, with the most notable example taking place in Cameroon in 1986.


The final round opened with a sports question, as most of our teams were able to name these two basketball giants (literally), who are tied for the record for tallest NBA player in history:

The follow-up proved to be our most difficult wagering question of the night:

–> Which four-letter name is both the surname of an Oscar-winning heartthrob, and the name of the Greek goddess of motherhood who gave birth to twins Apollo and Artemis?

The name of that goddesses is Leto (no relation to Jared).  Across the board, only eight teams answered this question correctly.  Later in the round, many of us discovered that the title ‘Rock of Ages‘ is actually a religious phrase, and not just a Def Leppard song or a stage musical.  After a closing question on University Geography, we saw just one team earn a perfect score in the final round: Dusty Baker School of Management.  Here are Wednesday’s top overall scores after the fourth round:

FINAL QUESTION (19.8% success rate):

–> In 1935, Maria Farcasanu became the only real-life victim of the title offense from a novel published one year prior.  What is the title of that novel?

After much deliberation, about one-fifth of our teams surmised that Ms. Farcasanu was murdered on the Orient Express.  Unfortunately, none of our Wednesday teams managed to earn the Perfect 21 tonight by answering all wagering questions correctly.  Here are Wednesday’s top overall scores:


Whole Foods Market in Vienna, VA:  Houston We Have a Problem  (NEXT GAME ON SEPTEMBER 27 – First category: Quentin Tarantino Films)

Valley Grill in Middletown, MD:  Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap  (Next week’s first category: “Game of Thrones”)

The Tavern in Olney, MD:  Olney the Lonely  (Next week’s first category: 1893 World’s Fair)

Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD:  Flight Level Awesome  (Next week’s first category: “Pocahontas” – Disney film)

Bennigan’s in Frederick, MD:  Momentary Lapse of Reason  (Next week’s first category: Queens of the Stone Age)

Nido’s Ristorante in Frederick, MD:  Witiots  (Next week’s first category: Home Economics)

TopGolf in Alexandria, VA:  Uncles With Benefits  (Next week’s first category: Ig Nobel Prizes)

TopGolf in Tampa, FL:  Peckerheads  (Next week’s first category: Cold War)

Clover Theater in Cloverdale, CA:  Brainy Yaks  (Next week’s first category: Gemology)

Bennigan’s in Clarksburg, MD:  Dusty Baker School of Management  (Next week’s first category: Israel)

Memories in Mount Airy, MD:  Satan’s School for Squirrels  (Next week’s first category: Acting Couples)

Furnace Bar and Grill in Thurmont, MD:  We Need an Adult  (Next week’s first category: Film Adaptations of Young Adult Novels)

Barefoot Bernie’s in Hagerstown, MD:  Pen Island  (Next week’s first category: “Look What You Made Me Do”)

Applebee’s in Waynesboro, PA:  Juju and Friends  (Next week’s first category: “South Park”)

Cafe Nola in Frederick, MD:  NO GAME TONIGHT  (Next week’s first category: NFL Teams)