A Trivia Night Named Desire…

Monday night’s game of Pour House Trivia featured two teams with lengthy winning streaks, hoping to extend their stretch of unbeaten games.  In an unexpected twist, both of these teams missed the final question of the night, but with the teams behind them take advantage of these opportunity?  The PHT Blog has the answers!

MONDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (59 teams across six venues):

Highest Overall Score: H.R. Puff ‘N’ Stuff (DRP) with 165

Highest Score After Round 4: PC Principals (Basic Burger) with 161

Highest First-Half Score: Befuddled (Greene Turtle) with 91

Perfect 21 (correct on all wagering questions):  Men and Pausers (Morgan Inn), PC Principals, Walking Talking Stephen hawking (Basic Burger)

–> Monday’s halftime round featured Mediterranean countries and their capitals.  The average score on the round was 17.3, with 18% of our teams scoring 20 points.

–> About 30% of our teams scored six points on the 6-4-2 question, by knowing that Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn Monroe her dog (which she named’Mafia’).

MONDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (37.2% success rate):

–> What U.S. city is home to the St. Charles Line, the nation’s oldest operational street railway, designated a National Historic Landmark in 2014?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


DRP in Alexandria, VA

You like me!  You really like me!  You all could have been at home watching the Capitals – Maple Leafs game, but instead you chose to continue DRP’s proud tradition of Monday night Pour House Trivia.  So, we had 14 teams in contention tonight.  Not quite the 19 that we had last week, but still, a respectable number.  I also have to be honest to our teams that have been playing here for a while.  This is the first week that I have wrote questions for Pour House Trivia.  And since you guys know me so well by this point, all I can say to our teams is, “Suffer!”

Round 1 was about the Elite Four in that every bonus question in our Round 1 was answered correctly by only four teams.  They weren’t always the same four teams, but it was still four teams.  A question about the most-visited residences in the U.S. had teams guessing Mount Vernon was in the top three, but it turns out at No. 3 was the home of our No. 3 president.  Ooh, the Trivia Trap claims more victims.

Round 2 was about me this time.  Though I didn’t write any of the questions in Round 2, astute teams will know that I play Michael J. Fox’s version of “Johnny B. Goode” on occasion and which song came up in the Audio Question tonight?  And teams may have remembered that my alma mater is UCLA, which also came up for our Jackie Robinson question.

In Round 3, one team pulled the trigger too early and answered Hector as the man who shot Achilles in Greek mythology.  There was screaming, begging, and bribing, but as I always say, “You cannot guess more than once and you cannot change your mind once you submit an answer”.  That cost the team seven points.  And we saw more of this with our 6-4-2 question as another team panicked and submitted an answer right after “Going twice”.  Unfortunately, they chose poorly and lost out on six points, dropping them to seventh place.

And in Round 4, teams got a chance to answer some of the questions I wrote, specifically on dystopia and origami cranes.  It turns out our teams did really well on those questions, but got stumped on another question on the Periodic Table.  We are gonna have to get our teams to be good at chemical elements, whether they like it or not.  The final question of the night was a tricky one, asking for the U.S. city with the oldest still-operating street rail.  By itself, it seems tough, but most of our teams figured out the connection with “A Streetcar Named Desire” and nine of our teams figured out it was New Orleans.  With that, here was the medal table for tonight:

First Place:  HR Puff ‘n’ Stuff

Second Place:  Team MSC

Third Place:  B-58s

Next week’s first category:  Howard Stern

Until next time,

~ Chris

Howard Stern


Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, MD

Coming soon…

Next week’s first category:  “A Few Good Men”

A Few Good Men Tom Cruise


Morgan Inn in Woodbine, MD

It was a beautiful night to play some Pour House Trivia and I seriously thought the pleasant weather was going to reduce our numbers but what the hell do I know?  Seven teams came on out to Morgan Inn to play our game, and everyone got off to a rip roaring start in round one.  We spent the Labor Day weekend with “My Cousin Vinny”, and then followed that up with a little Greek while we partied like it was 1999.  We also found out that the White House was the most visited home in America followed by Graceland, but it was this Virginia homestead that tripped up the bulk of the teams:


For round two, our audio clue had three songs that started identically; not musically, by titularly, and featured the late Chuck Berry, Roxette, and Dolly Parton.  We sipped a little Capri Sun and watched the immortal Jackie Robinson run the bases, though for the life of us know one could figure out where he played college baseball.  We offered three clues that led to the largest two-digit prime number, and finally honored Sigourney Weaver as the first actress to get an Oscar nomination for a sci-fi film:

Aliens Film

Round three is where the woes began, as we featured a return of the gem miners The Seven Dwarfs, a Fred Savage last word/first word, and an unholy alliance between Budweiser and Keurig.  We discovered that Merle Haggard spent a little time in San Quentin before being pardoned by “Governor Gipper” in 1972, and then topped the round off with a trio of Turner(s), Nat, Norv, and this musical phenom:

Tina Turner

In our final round, many of the teams did not fair much better when it was all said and done, as the biggest separation of scores was the second half of the game.  Folks nailed our avian category, and used the crane technique, which is indefensible unless you make a sequel, to nail down the now L.A. Chargers.  That nice little element that lets your batteries recharge gave a few fits, and the word that describes works such as “1984”, “The Matrix”, and “Soylent Green” caused a few teams to go huh?  We finished off the rounds with three films featuring cowboys, namely Urban Cowboy, Cowboys and Aliens, and this rated X feature from 1969.  Did you know this iconic scene shown below was completely unscripted and that cabbie nearly ran over Dustin Hoffman?

Hoffman Midnight Cowboy

The top three teams strategically wagered to protect their leads for the final question, and for the most part it paid off. Here are the results:

First Place:  Men & Pausers

Second Place:  Westward Ho!

Third Place:  Morgan Station

Next week’s first category:  Premium Cigars

~ Ronnie



Hershey’s Restaurant in Gaithersburg, MD

We had some fun at Hershey’s Restaurant on Monday!  Not only were two of my favorite teams in to play, but my girl Lissa from The Fan Club rocked her way back to a first place victory playing solo again!  Of course, the friendly smack talk between two of my favorite teams is always ongoing and hilarious, and makes watching the game TWICE as enjoyable.

After we made it through the final question, this was how it ended…. Finishing in third place was Nobody’s Home, followed by our second place team, which was It’s Not A Toomah!, and after a two-week hiatus, Jon Jeffries Fan Club is back in the first place throne!

For next week’s winners choice category, Lissa asked for a three-part 1980’s One Hit Wonders Audio category, so study up and come out for a game next Monday at Hershey’s Restaurant ib Gaithersburg!

~ Jon J

One Hint Wonder


Uno Pizzeria in Frederick, MD

It was a night of upsets during tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia here at Uno Pizzeria in Frederick!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Broadening-Our-Horizons”: I could’ve told you based solely on the bonus category choices tonight, that the “Name that Rap Artist” question was gonna be our one-point wager magnet of the night.  Sure enough, not a single person was confident in their answers tonight.  I’m sure we’ll all go out and buy Future’s HNDRXX album tonight right? Right? Bueller? Bueller?

In “Do-You-Have-Your-Trivia-Buddy?”: Halfway through the game tonight, we used the buddy system to give out scores, as every team was locked in a tie at halftime!  Whether they would stay that way remained to be seen, but at the time, it was all about finding your trivia friends!

In “Riding-The-Wrong-Train”: The final tonight was a tricky one, with everyone turning in good answers, just not everyone finding the correct one.  That said, because of this question, we saw a last second scrambling of the top spots! How would it all go down?

In third place tonight, breaking their streak at the top of the leaderboard, Stink Floyd!

In second place tonight, battling back after falling behind early, Tequila Mockingbird!

In first place tonight though, for the first time and loving it, the Litigators!

Great game tonight guys, and congrats Litigators again on your first big win!  Keep it up!  Next week, we’re gonna kick things off with a category on Immigration Law!  That should be interesting to say the least; study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Trump Wall


Basic Burger in Arlington, VA

“Hoppy” Monday everybody!  Did everyone stock up on half priced Easter candy today?  I know I personally have many more Cadbury Eggs today than I did yesterday.  YUM!  Our teams were fighting off sugar comas tonight – a couple teams arriving late, but proving that the fun is in playing, not always winning – but winning is fun too 😉   The start to the night was a rough one – our winner’s choice category was Shark Movies, and only last week’s winners were able to correctly identify “The Shallows” as the Blake Lively movie where she appeared in virtually every minute of the film.  The final question of the first round night really stood out – when naming the 2nd and 3rd most visited landmark homes in America, our locals were torn between Mt. Vernon and Monticello.  Too many incorrectly chose Mt. Vernon, but earned their wager if they said Graceland.  Only our new team, Cat Ladies, got both correct for the two-point bonus.

In round 2, our audio clue was a bigger stumper than expected.  Only PC Principals could name all three songs whose titles began with “J-O”, as the toughest to recognize for these teams was Roxette’s “Joyride”.  The halftime puzzle went swimmingly, with one perfect score, and the most missed question was about the Cher movie with the letters “S-Q-U” in the title.  I guess there are not a lot of “Burlesque” fans out there!  Everyone got a kick out of the Last Word/First Word category: which phrase could be formulated by combining the military phrase abbreviated as ‘AWOL’ and the title of a classic TV show featuring Jerry Mathers?  Once it clicked, all teams were able to correctly guess “Absent Without Leave it to Beaver”.  The hardest question in the round was naming who killed Achilles and who played this murderer in a 2004 film.  To get both right you had to name two cities – Paris, and Orlando (Bloom, that is).

On our 6-4-2 question, nobody dared guess at the six-point clue tonight, but almost all earned their four points when given the names of Sinatra’s four wives.  Round 4 FINALLY saw all teams earning their bonus points, they were in it to win it!  PC Principals took a solid lead early on, leaving Kitten Mittens and Walking Talking Stephen Hawking flipping between 2nd and 3rd place throughout the game.  In the end, our winners were:

First Place:  PC Principals

Second Place:  Kitten Mittens

Third Place:  Walking Talking Stephen Hawking

Next week’s first category:  Probability & Statistics

Shout out to Kona Beer for providing some samples for us tonight!


~ Kate


Il Forno in Frederick, MD

An exciting one tonight at il Forno in Frederick, as we saw a big crowd with something a bit rare.  We had NEW teams!  This place is usually full of the regular crowd, everyone knows everyone, and everyone knows the team to beat is The Jeff King Experience.  Sure, they were here and still good, but our two new teams made some serious noise tonight!  At the end of the first half, it wasn’t Jeff King who led, but we saw The Reno 911‘s in the lead!  The lead wasn’t safe though as they shared it with Chester Copperpot’s Guide to Treasure Hunting!  Both of these crews looked tough and it was up to them to hang on through the second half!

As we know, The Jeff King Experience triumphs in the second half.  This is why they’ve won so many games in a row. I believe they entered tonight with a 12-game win streak and even though they trailed at the half, they were looking to make a comeback.  Round 3 was tough for some teams; it knocked Chester Copperpot out of the top spot (hey, that rhymes!).  After the 6-4-2, it was Much More Deeper who crept into the lead!  This team has been with us for a LONG time and tonight they were playing great!  As of lately, Much More Deeper has become a THREAT to win!  It hasn’t happened yet but tonight they were just one round away from their first victory!

Round 4 was dominated by The Jeff King Experience, picking up a pair of two-point bonuses that NO OTHER teams got.  It looked like they were ready to top off this great comeback but they came up just a few points behind Much More Deeper going into the final.  Jeff King moved up four spots into second place in just one round, it was gonna be an exciting finish regardless of what happens!  Either an amazing comeback from an amazingly strong team OR the win streak is broken and Jeff King gets their first loss of the season.

Much More Deeper led going into the final, and a correct answer here would give them their FIRST WIN EVER!  It was certainly tense as I read the final question.  And this question was TOUGH!  Only three teams managed to salvage points, and those teams would be our three teams in the $$$!   In third place tonight, with a correct response on the final, they jumped from 8th place to finish in the money, congrats to Kuzy’s Krew!  What a finish for them on their first trivia night!  Hope to see them back next time!   Second place went to MC who jumped up a bit with a correct response on the final.  The winning team tonight was The Reno 911’s!  A stellar game and a great get on the final, they reclaim the lead just as it was the most crucial!  Great win!  The Jeff King Experience misses to break a long win streak AND Much More Deeper was ONE QUESTION from a huge win!  Heartbreaking and exciting at the same time, for BOTH TEAMS! Back in a week with more drama!  Until then!

~ Bill

Next week’s first category:  Military History

Navy Trivia