A Trip to the Low Countries at Thursday Night Trivia!

As we inch closer to the end of Season XV, Thursday witnessed the return of our favorite outdoor venue.  We also saw two of our Thursday night teams with a chance to clinch their respective house championships this week.  That is quite an impressive feat considering there are still six weeks left in the regular season.  Would these juggernauts pull off the feat?  Find out in the nightly recaps:

THURSDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (84 teams across ten venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Nasty Neutrons (Quincy’s) with 171

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Nasty Neutrons with 161

–> Highest First Half Score: Blue Collar (Quincy’s) with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Bowling Green Survivors (Champion Billiards).

–> The halftime page played to an average of 16.6, with 18% of our teams scoring a perfect 20 points.

–> Our 6-4-2 was fairly easier, with 32% of our teams knowing that HBO was the first pay television network in U.S. history.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (64.8% success rate):

–> More than one-fourth of the area encompassed by this independent nation is situated BELOW sea level.  That area is home to more than four million of this country’s residents. What is this country?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, MD

Tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia at Quincy’s was… overshadowed we’ll say.  There was an important sporting event going on apparently.  I may or may not have been complicit in it…

The game itself went pretty quickly and uneventfully.  Unless you count the constant heckling from the peanut gallery for my choice of attire.  I can’t imagine what they were all so upset about…  We did have a few rough patches in game though; between the entire field, we had all six of Henry VIII’s wives named as the mother of King Edward VI, and just about everyone got tripped up on the thickening agent question; completely understandable that roux would be a popular wrong answer, but I wasn’t expecting to hit so many teams!

Blue Collar rattled off the top sore of the first half with 92 points, but quickly faltered in round three, losing its five-point category bonus on the aforementioned Jane Seymour question.  Nasty Neutrons took over and rode the lead the lead all the way to the final question.  Would they have the mental stamina to take home their first win of the season?

The final tonight led to a tiebreaker that I had to run as quickly as possible, as the jeering was reaching a fever pitch. With it settled, the game went down like this.

In third place tonight, winning the tiebreaker, Blue Collar!

In second place tonight, Clever Team Name!

In first place tonight, Nasty Neutrons!

Great game guys! Next week we’ll kick things off with a Star Wars question, seeing as it’s May the 4th!  Say it out loud if you don’t get it 😉 See you then!

Until then,

~ Ian

P.S. Go Penguins

Star Wars Trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

Coming soon…





Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, VA

It was a fine night for trivia, it was a fine night period, as we had five hardcore trivia teams tonight here at Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, and they were raring to play in a hotly contested game.  The first round was neck and neck throughout, with subjects such as the Three Stooges final appearance on film together, the Hawaiian and Aleutian island chains, and a mash-up of Dick Tracy and Tracy Morgan.  We guessed at some products via some popular brand names, and finally celebrated this NBA icon as one of only two players to produce 50 rebounds in a single game.  Here he is as Bombaata, in the less than stellar sequel to Conan the Barbarian opposite the Governator himself:

Wilt Chamberlain Conan

For our audio question in round two, we bleeped out some U.S. cities found in song titles, and outside of Hairspray, the only other tune I can think of that features Charm City is Counting Crows’ “Raining in Baltimore”.  We also featured Genghis Khan and his vast empire, though I really wonder if it was truly larger than the 19th century British Empire, upon which “the sun never set”.  We examined the first line for Don Quixote, and celebrated humanity’s favorite dinosaur the Triceratops.  Finall,y we had a reference to this awesome film featuring Michael Douglas as a “man on edge”.  For you millennials, that’s a phone booth by the way, they used to be everywhere:

Michael Douglas Falling Down

Round three went back to athletes in film, only this time it was actors playing athletes in the tragic true story of Brian Piccolo.  We ordered some takeout from GrubHub, remembered that Henry the 8th didn’t have ALL his wives executed, and remembered the reclassification of Pluto, which caused some hate for the International Astronomical Union back in 2006.  Since I am kind of moving through a movie theme thus far, we’ll stick with it for this mythical creature of Greek lore:

Pegasus Mythology

In the final round, things got a bit dicey for some of our teams, and we did start to finally see some real separation ins the scores.  For video games we talked about the hugely successful World of Warcraft (again the game, the film SUCKED), and we went into French cuisine with a word that most Americans don’t associate with French cuisine. We asked an over/under question in the genres of distance, computing, and the Greek alphabet, and followed that up with The Doors and their second #1 hit that some say rips off The Kinks:

Doors Kilmer

With all of our top teams in attendance, it was no surprise that tonight’s final question featured a 100% success rate, so great job once again!  Here are the results:

First Place:  Thundercats

Second Place:  Your Mom

Second Place:  Cranius Maximus

Next week’s first category: “Transformers” (the original cartoon series)

~ Ronnie



Lake Linganore in New Market, MD

Tonight, I had the pleasure of beginning a six-week adventure at the Lake Linganore Association in New Maretk to see who will be ultimately crowned the LLA Trivia Champion.  Eight teams began the quest with me tonight.

Most of the teams did not have a problem after round one.  At the completion of the first round there was a three-way tie for first between Faking Bad, Yinz Wins, and Sloppy Seconds.  The final question of the second round created the most problems for our teams.  Only half of the teams remembered William “D-Fens” Foster, the movie “Falling Down”, and sir Michael Douglas.  The puzzle page had a large distribution of scores this evening: the low score was a 9 and the high score was 19.  TV show dogs was particularly tough for Alpha Sigma Sigma who’s members were likely not yet alive while these dogs were working on their respective TV shows.  At the half, Sloppy Seconds had taken the lead with Yinz Wins in second place and Faking Bad in third place.

The third round was the hardest round of the night, including a question that blanked the field.  In the category of Historic Figures, we asked which wife of King Henry VIII gave birth to King Edward VI.  We saw a myriad of answers, but none of those were the correct response of Jane Seymour.  Faking Bad jumped the field and took over first place in this most difficult of rounds, while Sloppy Seconds fell to second place and Yinz Wins stayed in the top three.

The fourth round spread the field out even more,  with Faking Bad increasing their lead to seven points over Yinz Wins, followed by Sloppy Seconds.  Exactly half of our field answered the final questions correctly, so your top three teams were as follows:

First Place:  Faking Bad

Second Place:  Yinz Wins

Third Place:  Rock Lobster (playing as a solo and moving up from fifth place on the last question!)

Faking Bad has decided to celebrate May the 4th correctly and pick the category of The Empire Strikes Back for our first category next week.  See you then!

~ Scott

Empire Strikes Back Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Smoketown Brewing in Brunswick, MD

Its was a muggy night in Brunswick, maybe it led to a more “intimate” of Pour House Trivia here at Smoketown Brewing in Brunswick.  Of course, that meant I got to hear all of the cheers and boos!  It was an up and down game, with several categories such as the NBA and 1990s films tripped up a few teams.

The halftime puzzle page did not do much to separate our field, as scores remained fairly close as we closed he second round.  Nearly all of the teams getting the dogs from “The X-Files” and “Modern Family” confused!  But, it was Agent Scully who owned the Pomeranian, while Jay and Gloria own Stella the French Bulldog.

The Third round is where I Drink and I Know Things pulled into the lead, as they were one of the few teams that answered correctly on both men in NFL and film questions.  They were tied with The Scoundrels at the start of the fourth round!  The final round brought us a question that made all of the teams groan – yes, a question on French cooking was our toughest question of the night…

Here are your top three teams tonight:

First Place:  Scoundrels

Second Place:  I Drink and I Know Things

Third Place:  Singing Inferno

Next week’s category:  May the Fourth Be With You!

~ Zach

Star Wars Trivia


Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Frederick, MD

First attempt: wifi failure at the venue.

Second attempt: my FLA hotspot left me.

Third attempt: at my Tuesday venue. And Word for Mac crashes, with no recovery.

Fourth attempt: this one. Let us all hope this one actually goes through.

At the conclusion of Round One, it was a three-way tie for first. And a LOT of distance between these three and their competitors. But… news. Updates. Challenges.  Following Round Two, in which no one scored a perfect 20/20, a highest score of 16 was shared among three teams. Would they make the transition to the second half and the final question?  The 6-4-2 didn’t answer any questions with regard to predicted finishers. It was mishmash and haberdashery. (Those among you that know that I used that last word incorrectly will do well in language questions.)

With every team competitive through the final round an until the Final, Final, Final, Final Question, some teams were resting on laurels, while others were more hungry.  Four correct answers and three incorrect answers on some boldly-placed final wagers from 0-12 definitely made a difference in the Leader Board.  Who took it home?

First Place:  Incognido (and yes, we all know its misspelt… get it?)

Second Place:  Flight Level Awesome (in an unanticipated yet unexpected underdog finish)

Third Place:  Master Haters (they’re much nicer than you might anticipate)

Next week’s first category: The Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Until we meet again, friends, Fair Winds and Following Seas,



Rocklands Farm Winery in Poolesville, MD

Tonight at Rockland Farms Winery in Poolesville, the Maybe Babies where looking to get their shot at redemption, after Bentley’s Buddies snapping their four-game winning streak last week.  Bentley’s Buddies came out hot, only missing a single two-point bonus.  However, the Michifuz rolled through the first half with a perfect game before the halftime page.  Overall, we had a great opening half from all the teams as all of our teams were within ten points of each other as we closed the second round.

Things got interesting in round three, as Bentley’s Buddies missed four questions in a row, allowing the teams behind them to move up the leader board.  When Round 4 started, Michifuz and Maybe Babies where tied for first at a stellar 118 points.  In the fourth round, it was Michifuz who hit a rough patch, allowing Six pack to take voer second place, while Maybe Babies held first place with a seven-point lead.  But that is when things changed…

It is an extreme rarity when the first place team going into the final question is the only team to come up with an incorrect answer on the final, but such was the case tonight, as Maybe Babies was unable to seal the deal and bring home a victory tonight as Six Pack took won its first game of Pour House Trivia!  Congratulations to them! Finishing in second tonight was Michifuz and rounding out the top three was Maybe Babies.

~ Devan

Next week’s first category:  Ford V8

Ford V8 Engine


Right Around the Corner in St. Petersburg, FL

Another fantastic night of Pour House Trivia here at Right Around the Corner in St. Petersburg!  Four contestants, three prizes and a Pour House Trivia debut for That Guy!  Don’t you love it when you walk into a bar not knowing what you are going to sign up for :).  That Guy kept steady with our veteran teams Better Red than Dead and Over 140.  The first round featured almost perfect scores throughout, but you can tell that the NBA is not this bar’s forte, most likely because the Tampa area doesn’t have basketball!  Bring on the baseball, football, and hockey questions!

Round 2 saw Over 140 trail behind as they couldn’t come up with the correct answer on the dinosaur question.  Don’t forget to go on the Pour House Trivia Facebook page for the Hint of the Day!  The teams kept their big scores near the final question of Round 3, which cost some teams when it came down to the Astronomy question.  A difficult question, but I guarantee this bar won’t be forgetting the five dwarf planets in our solar system.

Going into the final round, Over 140 was in the lead, just three points ahead of Better Red than Dead.  That Guy was in a strategic third place, within 15 points of second place, but could take second given a correct answer and a wrong answers from the other teams, depending on their wagers.  The final question did come down to wagering though, and with no team guessing correctly, Over 140 took the championship spot with a conservative wager of three points!

Congratulations to all that played! See you next week!

Next week’s first category:  American Songwriters

PLEASE NOTE: Trivia at Right Around the Corner will begin each Thursday at 7:30pm going forward!

~ Brittany

Billy Joel Trivia Pour House pub trivia


Fish Market in Alexandria, VA

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s game at Fish Market was a hell of a game!  And it almost didn’t happen!  I got a call at around noon that the Fish Market was out of power and the restaurant might not even open.  This was good news and bad news.  Good news: I have a flight at 6:00am to Orlando tomorrow and would have loved to have gotten to bed early.  Bad news: NO TRIVIA!  We live, eat, sleep, breathe for this stuff.  Glad it was on!  I saw a lot of good teams out here tonight, it would be a tough win, and a well deserved victory to whoever would pull it off!

At first, everyone looked very strong, lots of teams picking up a ton of points on the wagers and the bonuses. Even still, it was our veteran teams who shined among the crowd, PC Principals, Poe Pouree, Ant Farm Keyboard, and Big Shrimpin’ all within the top spots. We saw Ant Farm Keyboard lead by a slim margin going into the second half but PC Principals played beautifully and were able to move into the lead!

Post-round 3 saw PC Principals pick up 6 points on the 6-4-2 and a two-point bonus on Round 4 Question 1, moving up four points on Ant Farm Keyboard, looking to put this game away!  However, a mistake on the U.S. States question cost PC Principals their seven-point wager and gave Ant Farm Keyboard new life!  Some good play helped PC Principals crawl into a tie for first place going into the final question.  It was a fairly gettable final, as all of our top three teams converted the final into points.

Third place tonight went to Big Shrimpin’, a very good game against a tough field!  Prize money well deserved, hope to see you guys back next time to try for a higher finish!  The tiebreaker between PC Principals and Ant Farm Keyboard was a closest to the year question: Jane Seymour’s birthday.  Many of our teams missed Jane Seymour earlier in the game for their wager, but these two teams got that question right and showed they knew what she was all about too, both teams getting preeeeetty close to the correct answer.  PCP Principals guessed 1534 and AFK guessed 1541.  She was born in 1537, almost splitting the two guesses, but it was in fact, PC Principals who were closest by JUST ONE YEAR!  Stellar finish!  Great game!  Let’s see what happens next time when these great teams bash heads again! Until then guys, take it easy 🙂

~ Bill

Next week’s first category:  “The Horus Heresy”

Horus Heresy


Guido’s Speakeasy in Frederick, MD

There were a LOT of ups and downs during the game on Thursday night at Guido’s Speakeasy!  Our defending champions Tuna Noodle Casserole set an (unfortunate) tone early in the game, after they missed their nine-point wager on a second round question regarding Genghis Khan.  There were three different teams in the top three spots after every round, in fact, each of our teams were in first place at least once during the game!

Of course with teams doing so well against each other, the scores were really close and there was even a tie for first place once we reached the final question.  It came down to how the teams decided to wager on the final, and obviously, if they answered it correctly or not.  But BOTH of our top two teams missed the final question, so after the final scores were tallied, there was one more switch to the top 3, and it looked like this…

Unfortunately dropping from the top spot to third place was Team Felicia! Making the move from last place to second place was Team Yoko!  And with a last question comeback to move from 3rd to 1st and keep their winning streak alive was T.N.C.!  Apparently, embarrassing myself singing Taylor Swift made them happy, so for next week’s first category, they selected Jon Sings Lady Gaga! (yikes)

So if you like to laugh and play trivia, I’ll see you this Thursday at Guido’s!

~ Jon J

Lady Gaga