A tip-top Tuesday of Pour House Pub Trivia! Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday had EIGHT games of live trivia action for you to get down on! Check out those wild and wacky games below!


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

We had a great game of Pour House Live Trivia at Champions Billiards today! Thanks to all the teams who came out to play, it was pretty packed as usual. It was a close game with several lead changes throughout and we needed a tiebreaker to officially settle things at the top, but in the end here’s how it played out.
In 3rd place was last week’s winner the Thundercats finishing strong with a correct answer on the final. In 2nd place, also with a correct answer but losing the Trueblood tiebreaker was BTI with another strong showing. And in 1st place with a correct answer and winning the tiebreaker, after coming in 2nd the week before was One Crow Short of a Murder! CAW!
Your opening category for next week will be the TV show Futurama. Good Game everyone, and Sam will be back on the mic for you all next week! Thanks for playing! -Chad
Futurama Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

We had ourselves a real nice time playing pub trivia and drinking beer at Cugini’s Restaurant in Poolesville, thanks for making it out.
This game was tight the whole night and it was MoMo that stepped away large with a first place finish! Lightfoot nailed that final question to leap into 2nd while Serenity Now wagered effectively to protect 3rd.
Our first category for next week is 90’s Nickelodeon!
~ Ronnie
90s Nickelodeon Pub Trivia Company questions


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

American Outlaw took no prisoners in tonight’s game and came in 1st place with 165, well ahead of the solo team of JTL who had 156, and If We Only had a Brain made a fantastic return with 135 taking 3rd place.
We had a packed house tonight! Next week we have SEC Football for the winner’s category.
SEC Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

I had a grand night filling in for Brad on a wild night of live trivia! We rocked, we rolled and we did a few other things as well. Our leaderboard was constantly moving and shaking, with teams moving all over the place all night long! Beer is Good was way down at halftime, but kept clawing back and back. Finally, they rolled into first in the fourth ground and HELD on fast through the final to take it home! Nipping at their heels were the Book Club Babes, who were only a point back! In third, the Know Nothings! Beer is Good has chosen the World Series for their first category next week! Brad will see you then! Tripp

World Series Trivia Pub Quiz MD


Lake Linganore Association, New Market, MD

It may have gotten chilly outside, but the live trivia action was hot under the tent tonight at Lake Linganore!
We had a few new teams who put in a really impressive showing! In the end, it all came down to creative wagering for the final, and it was a real nail-biter! Off Their Rockers and Sloppy Seconds went into the final tied for first, but they ended up tied for third! Mad Beavers turned in one of the few correct answers and took second, and Faking Bad came from behind to reclaim first place!
Next week’s winners’ choice category is American History! – Eric šŸ˜€
American History Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia



Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Tonight was one of those “I can feel it starting to get cooler outside” Beer Drinking nights! And indeed that’s what we had this evening at Monkey La La! It was a barn burner of a pub trivia game! Props to Stink Floyd for coming out of the gates strong and not looking back, for a wire to wire win! This is no cinch against the company of bar trivia teams we were in tonight! Congrats Stink! Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland 2nd Place went to the newly named, and re-staffed Dewey, Cheatem and Howe! I hope I am spelling that correctly. If not, let me know next time you see me. And goodness, I apologize for the shaky and blurry selfie I took of all of us here :/ not my best effort at the selfie. Top 3 it again next week and give me another chance! šŸ™‚ Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland And the leader board was rounded out by the duo of STDB! Still ambivalent about their Season 10 team name maybe, but not about their trivia answers tonight! Good Game STDB! – we could just call it SDB if some of the other members want to ix-nay the T šŸ˜‰ Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Fun stuff tonight everyone! Thanks a bunch for coming out and playing. Let’s have another shindig next Tuesday night, same time, same place! But next Tuesday we will kick off with “Literary references within the TV show LOST.” – one of my favs šŸ™‚ See you then… dg Lost Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

At Ramparts in Alexadria, it’s only Week 2 and the regaulrs have already settled into the fall season.  We had several teams dominate the first half by topping 90 points as we headed out of the break.  The fourth round proved to be a bit tougher, but at least no one embarrased themselves by admitting that they actually listen to Glenn Beck.  Although, tonight it might have actually helped.  In the end, Ramparting Ways took a commanding lead into the final question, and secured the victory by remebering Rutgers.  Second place went to Lloyd’s of London, who were able to squeak by Team Zissou on the tiebreaker.  Next week, Led Zeppelin begins our game (not literally).  ~ Matt
Led Zeppelin Trivia Alexadnria