A tip-top Thursday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday mixed it up with six games of live trivia in Virginia and Maryland, plus another in sunny Florida!!

Check out how it went down:

The Blue Parrott – St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

Blue Parrott had a great opening night!

Vince’s Team and Googlin’ in the Pooper were neck and neck through out the whole night. But Vince’s Team pulled away when They got the 6-4-2 on the first question, and Googlin’ on the Pooper missed those points, thus dropping out of the 12 point differential possibility in the final.

Both teams are looking forward to competing next week. Googlin’ on the Pooper is looking ftw next week.

Next week’s category 1 is ladies lingerie! See ya then.


[Editor’s Note: We think you can find images of lingerie just fine on your own :)]

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

What a mighty fine game of PHT here at Bunker, and we really had a close one. It was the strategic ZERO wagers on the final that one the day!

Here are the results:
Thoroughly Screwed in 1st
Cranius Maximus in 2nd
Your Mom in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the his animated show Archer!

~ Ronnie

archer trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Bada Bing Bada Boom! Fun times at Champion Billiards at Thursday night live trivia craziness! Thanks to all the crews that came out and had at it for a bit! There were some fun, and inspirational, questions in the set for sure. As an example, I am inspired now to try a Harvey Wallbanger.


Sounds delicious and I have not had Galliano in forever (you young whipper snappers and your Fireball and your Hpnotic! Back in my day!).

Great game tonight everyone! This thing had no winner til it was all said and done. And that final had some teeth! Here is how the Top 3 looked:

20150730_212521.1 20150730_212438.2 20150730_212652.3

Nice work everyone! Another month or so of Summer Fling and we get to see who takes this thing down! Thanks again for playing. Tune in next Thursday for some more craziness. And we kick that game off with the category of “The Original Pokemon.” Bring it! Til then, lotsa love 🙂

– DG


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Another RAGER at the Fish Market tonight! Double digit teams, common place nowadays, as we finish the month of July! Okay, let’s dive in, shall we?

Question of the night honors goes TO! (drum roll): well, I’m giving it to every question because MAN it was just a loud, awesome night. I had my mic volume up about as loud as possible and I could barely hear myself think it was such a rager tonight! Good times, good times.

Tonight’s game saw FM trivia juggernauts Two Birds One Stone and Oscar Meyer trading the lead all night in an intense head-to-head. Two Birds has missed a few weeks, and while the cat was away, the rats played, metaphorically speaking that is. Oscar Meyer had won a game or two while 2 Birds took the hiatus, and tonight looked like they might make it three.

After a grueling 4th round though, 2 Birds moved into the lead, with Oscar Meyer hanging on to 2nd place. The final played very, very hard though so our top 3 pretty much stayed put. 1st place tonight 2 Birds One Stone! 2nd place Oscar Meyer, and 3rd went to You’re Killing Me Smalls who won 3rd on a TIEBREAKER against That’s Not My Leg. Good game! I’m out next week for a VEGAS TRIP but Chad will hold down the fort for me while I’m gone. See ya in 2 weeks all!

1st Place: 2 Birds One Stone
2nd Place: Oscar Meyer
3rd Place: You’re Killing Me Smalls

Next week: Famous Lauras

Laura trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

It’s always a good time at Guido’s Speakeasy for live trivia on Thursdays! Although I was having a laptop issue in the fourth round that was really getting me frustrated and a tad short tempered, but I digress.

2 of our top 3 teams in the game last night were some old regulars I used to see every week but also have been gone for a while, so it was nice to see them out! It also seemed like they never skipped a beat with the show of excellence they put on, because finishing 3rd, welcome back Level 3 Booksellers!! 2nd place was taken by T.N.C.! And we haven’t seen them in a LONG time, but they still came, saw and conquered, 1st place was Boner of a Lonely Fart!!

They decided on ” ‘Dicks’ on T.V.” for next Thursday’s winner’s choice, so study up and come by and see us sometime at Guido’s Speakeasy!!

~ Jon J

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

Main St! I am sad Natalie will be back from her Paris shenanigans next week, you’re a helluva drive but you’re also a helluva good time. 🙂 Best Beastie Boys sing a long I have ever heard! Fight for your right, indeed!

Thanks for the good game- nice way to send me off on vacation! In 3rd tonight was Cup Chicks! You were RIGHT there 😉 2nd went to Animal Crackers, they fought the good fight but ultimately fell on a legendary final. Grundal Hammer took the win tonight!

Next week they want to throw it on back to Harry Potter. Have fun with that one.


 Harry Potter pub trivia pour house


Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

The weather outside was hot, and the trivia inside was hot as well, as 13 teams descended upon Quincy’s in Gaithersburg for another Thursday night trivia showdown.  A very close game for three rounds gave way to a tough fourth round which separated some teams from the pack.  Lowered Expectations managed to sneak into the lead, but a very difficult final question kept all of our teams guessing.  Only ONE TEAM managed to come up with the correct response on the final, and it was our leaders Lowered Expectations who hung on for the win!  That answer was crucial, as some strategic wagering by the pack meant that LE had to get the question right in order to secure the victory.  As a result, Smella Nella and Clue Collar rounded out our top three by sensing the difficulty of the final question.  Next week begins with a question on the TV show “Shameless”!

Don’t forget, I’m off next week, so enjoy the yet-to-be-determined substitute host!  ~ Matt