A Thrilling Finish Capped Off World Series XIV!

The scene was set: 92 teams descended upon Hager Hall in Hagerstown, Maryland to determine Pour House Trivia’s Season XIV Champion!  In addition to months of bragging rights, our winning team would take home the top prize of $2,000 in cash for their efforts.  This field represented the second-largest game in PHT history!  Heading into the big day, all eyes were on a slew of prizes ranging from cold cash to Budweiser beer to the coveted Top 5 Mug – not to mention $400 in drawings that went down! It was quite an event and we here at PHT are very thankful for all of you who came out to play our game.

So how did the game unfold? Read on…


Our opening round traditionally includes a lighter set of five questions, but with a quartet of two-point bonus questions tossed into the mix, there were several early opportunities for our top teams to separate themselves from the field.  Question two involved teams trying to identify the Merriam-Webster Word of the Year for 2016.  We offered a two-point bonus for any team that could respond correctly before a crossword-style hint was given, and only 16% of our teams earned that bonus.  Even with the hint (seven letters / fourth letter of ‘R’), just over half the field came away with points here, as those teams surely remembered a certain VH-1 reality series.  Yes, the answer we were looking for was ‘surreal’:

Surreal Life Trivia

For question three, we told teams to “Keep on sucking!”, which in this case was a reference to the current advertising slogan of everyone’s favorite hard candy:

Jolly Rancher Trivia

While virtually every team earned points here, we immediately made a complete 180, asking what turned out to be the most difficult question of the game:

–> Named for a tribe of Native Americans, which U.S. state of about 6.8 million residents was admitted to the Union on February 6, 1788?

There were three components to this question, each of which was needed in order to help or teams arrive at the correct answer.  First off, the date of admission should have alerted our teams that we were talking about one of the 13 original colonies.  Secondly, the Native American name would have eliminated 11 of those 13 states (most of the original states were named for English places or monarchs).  That left two choices: Connecticut and Massachusetts, which is where the population hint decided the answer.  All told, only 19% of our teams earned points here.  Only three teams attained a perfect score of 38 points in our opening round: Breadsticks, The A-Team, and Sofa King Smart, but plenty of teams were lurking just two points behind.



We put a bit of a twist on our World Series audio question, as teams were not asked to identify song titles or musical acts, but rather works of literature from which certain song lyrics were derived.  That proved to be the most difficult question of the round, as just under half of the field scored points.  Among those, only nine teams earned a two-point bonus.  We also hit on a fun current events question, involving the recent Twitter war between White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and a certain ‘futuristic’ treat…

Dippin' Dots Trivia

The three bonus questions in the second round were each quite difficult, averaging about 13% correct in each case, but The A-Team was still cruising along after Round 2, nailing another perfect score!  Needless to say, they were leading the field at 74 points heading into the halftime round.



Our halftime round involved teams identifying numerous Google Doodles, while also answering ten questions involving Patriots or Falcons.  As expected, out halftime round played slightly more difficult than a typical evening of Pour House Trivia, with the average score coming in at 15.2.  Only TWO TEAMS scored 20 points: Dusty Baker School of Management and Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap.  The string of perfect answers for The A-Team finally came to an end, but a score of 18 points gave them a sizable lead at the close of the halftime round.  That set up our first leaderboard as follows:

1)  The A-Team                     92

T-2)  Breadsticks                  88

T-2)  PC Principals               88

4)  High School Prom          87

5)  Stink Floyd                       85

With a total of 21 teams scoring 80 or more points, it was still anyone’s game as we entered the second half!



The third round did not offer too many surprises, as all five of our questions fell within the 40% to 70% correct range.  We had a bit of fun with our Triple 50/50, asking teams to identify if certain events occurred before or after 1992.  Our third event: the ‘home surgery’ performed by Lorena Bobbitt on her husband John Wayne Bobbitt.

Let’s just say a few people were feeling a little uncomfortable remembering that tabloid fodder!  Nonetheless, nearly half of our teams were able to snag a two-point bonus.  We finished the round with a music question: asking which one-word song title was used by Olivia Newton-John, The Cars, and Coldplay, while also serving as the name of a band which recorded a #1 hit in 2014.  About 40% of our teams knew we were talking about “Magic” (or the band Magic!), but only 12% of our teams earned a bonus there by remembering the band Pilot, who also scored a hit with a song of that title.  With three rounds in the books, our standings looked very similar to the end of halftime:

1)  The A-Team                      126

2)  High School Prom           121

3)  PC Principals                    120

T-4)  Stink Floyd                    119

T-4)  Dusty Baker School     119



Round four provided one last push for our teams to get near the leaders, but the opportunities to gain ground were few and far between.  Four of the five questions were answered correctly by at least 70% of the field, and even the bonus questions did not have as much bite as earlier in the game.  The toughest of the bonus questions involved naming the three most populous world cities (other than Delhi, India) whose names end with the letter ‘I’.  About 20% of our teams hit all three answers with Shanghai, Mumbai, and Karachi, but our leaders were just as astute, not giving up any ground.  We closed the fourth round with a question on an African dog breed which is sometimes known as the ‘barkless dog’:


We offered multiple choice for this one, but nearly one-third of our teams didn’t need it, scoring a two-point bonus by naming the Basenji before the choices were revealed.



Round four did not shake up the standings much, as we had the same five teams occupying the top spots.  The lead was slightly smaller, but The A-team had to be feeling pretty comfortable:

1)  The A-Team                  164

T-2)  PC Principals           160

T-2)  High School Prom  160

4)  Stink Floyd                   157

5)  Dusty Baker School    156

Our final question provided one of the most surprising finishes in Pour House Trivia World Series history!  First though, here is the question:

–> The work of 20th Century Dutch abstract artist Piet Mondrian inspired a design featured prominently within what TV show that ran for 96 episodes in the 1970’s?

Mondrian’s work featured many right angles and square shapes, but it was this particular work from which our answer was derived:

Piet Mondrian Trivia


Look familiar?  Yes, television producers used this image when designing the bus driven by The Partridge Family:

Partridge Family Trivia

In a crazy twist, each of our top three teams were not able to come up with the correct response, but 42% of our field did know it, causing a hell of a shift in the standings!  As a result, it was the fourth-place team going into the final that pulled the miraculous victory.  Congratulations to Stink Floyd!  It is the second World Series championship for Stink Floyd, and the team’s first title since Season VII (which was also a come-from-behind victory).

With each of our top three teams falling from the top of the leaderboard, our top ten scores featured a whole slew of teams who each recorded their best finish ever.  Here are your final standings:

1Stink Floyd169
2Dusty Baker School of Management165
3Power Vacuum162
4Stupid Sexy Flanders158
5Capital City Goofballs156
T-6The A Team155
T-6Just the Tip155
T-6And We’re All Out of Bubblegum155
T-6Front of the Class155
T-11Poovey Farms154
T-13Milwaukee Beers149
T-14PC Principals148
T-14Sexual Chocolate148
T-14High School Prom148
T-17Book Club Babes147
T-17What Else Could It Be!?147
20God Complex Particles144
T-21We Are Groot142
23Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me141
T-24Sofa King Smart140
26Kitten Mittens138
27Fan Club136
T-28Comfortably Dum134
T-28Momentary Lapse of Reason134
30Pop Vultures133
31Hillary Did Harambe132
32Fast Forward Not Available129
33Uncle Jack128
34Your Mom127
T-35Taint Too Proud to Beg126
T-35Sad Fat Dragons126
T-35Hookers and Blackjack126
T-39Worst Case Ontario124
T-39Give Us Your Beer Money124
41Not Your Team122
T-42Off Beats121
T-44Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap120
T-44H.R. Puff ‘n’ Stuff120
46Tokyo Sex Whale119
T-47The Bends117
T-47Smartie Pants117
50Cranius Maximus114
T-51Flight Level Awesome110
T-51Just Good Enough110
53Southpaw Fish108
T-54Roaming Gnomes107
56Quiz in My Pants105
57Balls Out104
T-58Menance to Sobriety103
T-58Does He Look Like a Biff?103
T-58Sumatran Storm103
T-60Crystal Methodists102
T-60The Other Sarah102
T-60Soda and the Watchamacallits102
T-60We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity102
66Downtown Dinkytown101
67Axel’s Doghouse99
68Demented and Sad But Social93
69His and Her Peas89
70Turd Ferguson88
T-71Volcano Insurance87
73Simple Minds84
74Racks and Sacks83
75Dukes Of Knowledge82
76Halfway to a Threeway80
T-77Singing Inferno79
T-77Lowered Expectations79
79Last Call77
T-80Periodic Table Dancers75
82Raiders Nation74
83Breakfast for Dinner73
84Crab Cakes68
85Sanford and Son61
86Sic Semper Tyrannus56
87Multiple Scorgasms44
89Wolf Pack38
91Long D’s32
92Blue Collar10

Thank you again for a great day everyone! We genuinely appreciate you making the trip to Hagerstown, MD (some of you came all the way from FL – 🙂 ) to throw down some pub trivia with us for a few hours. Good Luck in Season 15 (which starts THIS WEEK EVERYWHERE) and we will see you at the Season 15 World Series in June!

Until then, sing it with me…