A terrific Veterans’ Day with Pour House Trivia! Tuesday recap

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday had a sweet six games to cap off a great Veterans’ Day! We’d like to extend our thanks to all of our veterans – we are so, so appreciative of your service for us and this country. Check out the games!


Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

After setting our all-time single game scoring record last week, Ramparting Ways (tonight playing as ‘Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Clay Aiken’) was poised to make it two in a row, rolling along quite nicely through four rounds.  But in a rarity, they missed the finakl question, and were knocked off the podium stand.  Taking first place tonight was the Capital City Goofballs!  Team Zissou played well for second, and Stamp Collectors made a nice comeback for third after forgetting how old Jim Thrope was.  Next week starts with a question on the Boomtown Rats!  ~ Matt

Boomtown Rats Trivia  


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Oh Man! It’s been a long time since we had a tie after the final for first place! It was lots of fun; the teams in the tie didn’t even know it was for first until I announced Jungle Fever as the Partridge Family experts and our 1st place winners tonight! The Nation of Quizzlam were on the other end of that tiebreaker – I have never seen someone so happy after losing a tie! They were just stoked to be in 2nd! Nice job! B Sharp had been leading all game but Lake Superior laid them low and they feel out of our top 3, opening it up to Ignorance is Bliss to slide on in there. Great finish everyone, and a fun, unusual game! That puzzle page will forever live on in our memories as the great equalizer. Drown your sorrows with some Scotch Whiskey since that’s your first category for next week. ~Samantha

Whiskey Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

It was the puzzle page and third round that really twisted things around in our game of live trivia tonight at Cugini’s in Poolesville, it was like the top slot was cycling through the teams! Serenity Now ended up our winner, with MoMo in 2nd place! Drunk N Disorderly was our 3rd place finishers tonight! Join me again next week where our first category will be World War II Battles. ~ Ronnie

WWII Military History Pub Trivia category MD


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Veteran’s Day brought us quite a pub trivia game, and a warm welcome back from my absence. We dove headfirst into the game, finding hidden Game of Thrones fans among the teams and realizing just how many current pop artists use just one name. After some last-minute jostling, the final scores looked like this. Newcomers The Old Fogeys, a new team, grabbed third place and a first taste of PHT success. The Pomeranians took down second, but it was If We Only Had a Brain who took home the top prize and all the glory that goes with it. Next week’s first category will be The 7 Natural Wonders of the World, because apparently IWOHAB is full of world travelers who have been to half of them! I’ll admit it, I’m impressed.


Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

Markham’s was a happening place for live trivia on this beautiful Veteran’s Day evening! Another packed night meant another tough battle for trivia supremacy! Highlights of the night: Triple 50/50 RuPaul or Homer Simpson continues to please, unless of course no one gets the answers. Tough luck on that one tonight guys :-/ I think we need some remedial Sesame Street! Only one team knew about Mr. Hooper?! That one hurt me right in my childhood! It would take a superior effort to overcome such a deficit as one team faced. Would the final be enough to make the triumphant comeback? In third place, after leading all night, came Team K-Rod! Good game guys, tough break at the end there! In second place, came the K-Town Kids! Well done guys! In first place, with a correct answer, overcoming a halftime nearly 20 points behind the leader, came the comeback kids The Snowmen! Congratulations guys on your hard fought and well earned win! For their first round category next week, the Snowmen have chosen John Hughes movies! Should be fun! Study up on your 80s teen comedies and we’ll see you next week! Until then, Ian john hughes trivia Sixteen Candles Trivia Category Maryland


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game of pub trivia at La La played out like a Tomb Raider film – tricks and traps and baddies around every corner; especially the 2nd half! As 14 seasoned pub trivia crews traversed the scary waters of tonight’s set, on this fine Veterans Day, there was no telling how it was going to go down until the final was said and done! It was indeed, an awesome Veterans Day – beautiful outside and in. And I’d like to thank everyone for coming out and spending it at Monkey La La tonight. And more to the point, thank you to all of the veterans for your service. I hope you enjoyed 🙂 In hindsight, there were some questions that turned out to have sharp teeth on them. My TOP 3 “Question Bites” were: – Jackie Robinson – Pinking Shears – And “Goose” from TOP GUN …but fun nonetheless! Congrats to our Top 3 this evening! Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Nice job 3QND, Stink Floyd and the first timers at La La, Black Steel! Great work. I hope to see everyone next Tuesday night. 3QND have invited us to study up on “Things that Stink.” YUM…sounds like a fun one 🙂 Have a great week… dg Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland