A ten-spot of live trivia from Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday put up a 10-spot of games on a stormy Wednesday evening.

Read on to see how it went down all over Maryland and Virginia!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight started off with a winner’s choice question about one of my favorite new HBO shows, Silicon Valley. It ended with one of the more interesting Presidential questions I’ve heard. We even had a question about the winners of the Stanley Cup (congrats Blackhawks) and the NBA Championship (congrats Warriors), which happened mere days ago.

I especially liked the halftime page we had today. The combination of MLB logos and Star Wars characters was really fun, even if nobody remembered Watto or Greedo (Han shot first!!). We even had the rare Name That Superhero question about good ole Captain America himself.

In the end the final question about US Presidents left us with some solid final standings, with Car Ramrod taking third place tonight. In second was Atlas Drugged, who spent the whole game right on the heels of tonight’s winners. Our winners tonight ended up getting the final right at the last second, congrats to We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat! We start next week with Shaun of the Dead as our first question, so study up and have a pint, and I’ll see you next week!

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Bar Louie – Rockville, MD

 The atmosphere in the bar was electric as veteran teams and newcomers competed for our top prize. Bar Louie’s wunderkinds Asian Brain and Those White People came ready to play, but with too many people!! Their 10-person squad was divided up into two teams, and the rivalry was born.

Teams clashed early and often, as scores stayed close all game. We learned all about Live (“Lightning Crashes” is a jam, man!), Tequila’s crime-fighting form, and got to feel old as we realized “Bobby’s World” came out 25 years ago.
As the game progressed, the field widened slightly, but it was still anyone’s game headed into the final. With a tough Final Question, the die was cast. Leaping into third was Team Ned, a team consisting of bar strangers brought together by a love of trivia! Missing out on the top prize by a single point was Team Cuttlefish, the second half of ABaTWP – with a Jeopardy! contestant on your team, how could you not place top 3! Defending their first-place victory and loving the music playlist was Bazinga!
They’ve chosen, “90’s Nickelodeon Theme Songs – Audio” as their first category, so prepare to get punched right in your nostalgia next week!
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After man-handling some challenging speaker issues, I was able to get a makeshift PA System set up at Barefoot Bernies Wednesday and we rocked a little Summer Fling trivia night! Thanks for coming out in the rain everyone. Right after trivia ended, we had an entire building power outage; which was fun…in a “maybe this kind of total darkness would be what the zombie apocalypse would be like…” kinda way!

Fun stuff! The set had some esoteric, mystical, voo-dooey twists and turns. Between tarot cards, Beelzebub, and Wayward Pines I was ready to go play some Ouija when the lights finally went out in the house. We had a good handful of teams “lightning it up all night”  though; making for a very close game which teeter-tottered the entire night and came down to the Ulysses S. Grant final!

Congrats to our Top 3, who earned some extra Summer Fling points for their effort.

Ohhhhh the lovely summer smiles 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone…and to all my fellow DADS out there – Have a GREAT FATHER’S DAY on Sunday. I will see you next Wednesday night. we kick it off with the category of “TV Spin Offs.” Fun fun…see you soon 🙂 DG


“We fell short this time/ her smile fades in the summer.” A line from Blink 182 seems fitting tonight for Just the Tip. A regular team, very experienced, having the game of their lives tonight, racking up an unmatched 164 points going into the final question just to watch it all fade away with an incorrect response. I was rooting for ya and I felt the hurt as you guys did too! Very sorry BUT that’s why it’s a weekly thing! Come back next week and do it all again!

Going into the final we, of course, had Just the Tip leading with Stray Cats and Can’t Read Good not far behind. Can’t Read Good, playing at Bennigan’s for the first time if I’m not mistaken. Just the Tip missed the final, but a conservative wager net them 3rd place tonight. 2nd place went to last week’s winners Stray Cats which means the winning team tonight is Can’t Read Good!!! Hopefully they can read this, because they killed it and I’m giving them some props on props here! A tough crowd tonight and they still managed a W so good effing game all! We’re back in a week! I’ll see you then!

1st Place: Can’t Read Good
2nd Place: Stray Cats
3rd Place: Just the Tip

Next week: US Presidents



Presidents Pub Trivia Category MD


Tonight went well! Fusion was ready for the magnificence that is my Wednesday crews, and things were much smoother this week.

I even eventually didn’t have to work off a barstool 😉 You really are what makes my Wednesday nights great, thank you for the laughs, the smiles, the excitement over which EXACT Ewok it was and for allowing us all to celebrate the fact that you’re not pregnant.

Sometimes all you need is a reason to cheers. All the fish survived the night! Huzzah! There was one team who were responsible for a good bit of the Huzzahing and for the fish health now that I think about it- Team Wednesday! And they pulled out the win tonight! This is why they chant 😉 2nd went to Better late than Pregnant, and 3rd were the casually dressed Constantly Changing Team Name.

Good game tonight all! We will start next week with oxymorons – this should be interesting…


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

We had a record-setting night tonight at Memories Charcoal House in Mt. Airy! We had teams taking shelter from the rain to battle it out for a strong start to our Summer Fling!!

The scoreboards are certainly seeing some new names on top for the season! In third place, we welcomed back our former Experienced Virgins as the new and improved 3-Way Virgins!! In second place, climbing the ranks and NEARLY taking home the first place prize tonight were our “nothing if not consistent” Men & Pausers!! But the first place spot goes to our fresh faces on THE MOOPS for a near-perfect game and a few answers where they were the only ones to get the answers right!

An extraordinary showing for sure! Their choice of first category next week? STAR WARS QUOTES!! See you next Wednesday!

– Torie

Star Wars Trivia Gaithersburg

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

It was a close game last night at the Tavern! The teams playing last night really kept the game exciting and the tie breaker question had to be broken out after the final also!

Making a BIG turnaround from last week’s game to finish 3rd was Olney The Lonely! Winning the tie break question to take 2nd place was Team Gryffindor!! Holding onto a 2 point lead entering the final for the 1st place finish was a familiar team with a new name for the Fling, John Lithgow’s Fan Club!!

For next Wednesdays winners choice, they went with a “Triple 50/50: Beach Boys or Jan and Dean”, so study up and come see the fun we have at the Tavern on Wednesdays sometime!

~ Jon J


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

It was a super close game tonight at Revolution. The teams competing fought hard and did extremely well with only a handful of missed questions the entire night. There were many lead changes and round 4 started out with a tie.

In the end someone had to take the win. First place went to E = MC Hammer and Second went to Mess and Jeg. Next weeks winners choice is “Super Models in Film” Thanks a bunch for having me!

~ Amanda


Another full house at T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria, as 12 teams piled in for some trivia fun.  The usuals were up to the task, as the B-58s pulled away from the field in the final round, and hit the final for their first victory of the summer.  Two Girls and an Idiot took second while Vegetable Lasagna took third.  Next week, we begin with a question on the Magna Carta!  So memorize the entire text of the document in six days!  ~ Matt


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Wow! We had six teams in the running for the top prize in our game here tonight at Valley Grill; you could cut the tension with a knife. Well, not really. That would be dangerous. But we did have a heck of a game of live trivia!

Here are your results:
Stupid Sexy Flanders in 1st
Two Live Clue in 2nd
Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

~ Ronnie

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