A SUPERNATURAL Monday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday got down with the brothers Winchester on Supernatural and a whole bunch more!

Check it out, gang.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

I had a great time filling in for Ronnie this week at DRP. Eleven teams duked it out for our top prize, and we almost finished before kickoff!

We learned all about the CW’s Supernatural (thanks, women 18-28!), Vidal Sassoon (our first heartbreaker question of the night, at under 50% correct), and blazed through the fastest Human Genetics question I’ve ever seen (and you guys didn’t want to bonus it!).

As the game progressed, our teams remained close, with five tied teams headed into the final!! An expertly worded question, but one that stumped the whole bar!! 0-11! With that, we had out Top 3.

3rd: Del Ray Dummies
2nd: Still TBD
1st: Periodic Table Dancers

PTD has selected Rachel Yamagata as next week’s first category. That’s a name I’ve never heard in my life. Anyway, Ronnie will be back next week, but I had a blast hosting for you guys!

Rachel Yamagata Live Trivia Virginia

Have a good week!


il Forno – Frederick, MD

A bit of the crowd tonight were here to watch the Skins-Boys game but I think (or I’d LIKE to think) the majority of the patrons at il Forno tonight were here for the trivia game! Good to see everyone coming back from last week! We had a good chunk of players tonight, mostly veteran teams, which would make for a good game!

In a rare case, tonight’s question of the night went to a first round question about Tejano, the music genre. San Antonio sensation Selena was a prominent figure in the genre of Tejano music, originating AND named for Texas. Placed into the first round perhaps because the difficulty was gauged on the easier side but I only had 3 team pick up points here. I’d never heard the word in my life personally so it didn’t surprise me when it played difficult but I know a few teams who were confused as to how people hadn’t heard of it. Oh well!

Quick Pink pretty much owned it tonight, holding the lead the entire way BUT as the fourth round ended, last week’s winners Chicken McThuggets crept into the tie for number 1. It would all come down to the final question. Our category tonight was Animal Etymology, which I’m sure excited Much More Deeper, our local animal experts here at il Forno! I don’t think they’ve missed an Animal trivia question in at least 6 months, maybe longer. Let’s see how this one turned out!

Only 2 teams able to pick up the “skunk” on the final tonight. Crucial gets would certainly be rewarding. Quick Pink held the lead and missed the final so they’d drop into 3rd place tonight, leaving the top 2 spots to the teams who sniped the correct response here. 2nd place tonight was Much More Deeper, keeping the Animal streak alive and getting yet again another Animal trivia question correct! Winning tonight, two in a row now for Chicken McThuggets! Great game! We’ll be back in a week to continue the season!

1st Place: Chicken McThuggets
2nd Place: Much More Deeper
3rd Place: Quick Pink and the Vine Gang

Next week: Supernatural (TV Series)

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGZoD9478mY[/embedyt]


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Roast House, you continue to surprise me. Our game of Pour House Trivia tonight had one of the oddest, and I thought interesting we’ve seen!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Did-We-Miss-Our-Afternoon-Coffee?”: The night certainly didn’t start with the usual gusto as we’re accustomed! Where was the energy tonight?? I know a game involving the Redskins and the Cowboys is a snoozefest, but come on, it hadn’t even started yet!

In “Is-It-Really-Trivia-If-No-One-Cares?”: Is there anyone less important than Kim Kardashian? Sure Kanye West has put out some decent songs, but if there’s one thing I’m fairly certain my trivia crowd doesn’t care about, it’s their family.

In “Not-One-Not-Two-But-Three?!”: What made tonight’s game interesting is that the entire game had a tie for first the entire game. What made it crazy, is that is was a different tie for first at each turn! Three lead changes, still resulting in ties all night! I can’t remember that happening before, can you?

After fixing the tiebreaker (unfortunately for both) for second place, we had our podium.

In third place tonight, Gang of Four!

In second place tonight, Multiple Scorgasms!

In first place tonight, as a duo, Interrobang?!!

Great game tonight guys! Sadly, next week I will be off, so Sam will be taking care of you, when your first category will be African Capital Word Play! Have fun and be nice – for your own sakes! Sam don’t take no crap 😉

Until next time,

African Capitals Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

Well, it was quite a pleasant surprise to see numerous a couple of new teams at Spider Kelly’s on Monday nights, as well as two other teams who had taken a few weeks off.  One of those returning teams, PC Principals, played a stellar game throughout the entire evening and landed themselves in first place after round four, just a few points ahead of our overall standings leaders High school Prom.  But there is always one more question after round four, and that question proved to be the difference, as HSP was one of just two teams to come up with the correct response, and made it three in a row!  Second place went to Kitten Mittens, who managed to win a tiebreaker over Jimmy’s in Vegas.  Next week, we’ll begin with a question on the TV show “The West Wing”!  ~ Matt