A Summer Fling Finals warmup on Thursday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday was the last opportunity to warm up for the Summer Fling Finals – Let’s see how it all went down!

The Blue Parrott – St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

What a night! Close match all the way to the end. After the halftime puzzle page, it was the Bandits and Double “L” in first place, however the other teams weren’t far behind. After the 6-4-2, the Quizknows, who were in second to last, was the only team to know what Chuck E. Cheese’s middle name was, helping them push into 4th place going into the final. The Wonks and Nolo Contendre pulled ahead, finishing 1st and 2nd going into the final. After the final, the Wonks and Nolo Contendre finished the night in first and second, bumping the Bandits into 3rd place for the second week in a row.

The Wonks have chosen Space (as in that thing beyond the atmosphere of the Earth) as the Winner’s Choice category for next week.

Stars Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Thanks again for everyone’s patience at Bunker tonight as a faulty power supply removed my laptop from action and pushed the game back into the 20th Century. Everything should be fine by the time we get together next week. We had a tie to break tonight, here are your results:

Belmont Twerk Team in 1st
Your Mom in 2nd
Washington Foreskins in 3rd

Good luck at the Summer Fling game, our first category for next Thursday is 90’s Saturday Morning Cartoons!

~ Ronnie

80s action cartoons pub trivia category MD

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Champion Billiards had the night off – we’ll be back next week!


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Season 12 continued tonight at the Fish Market where we had a large number of teams playing, some old, some new; no matter what team I’m talking about, always glad to have them join us for another game of trivia!

One new team in particular that I’d like to give a shout out to is JPP’s New Pick-Up Line: “Can I get your digits?” one of the funnier names I’ve heard in a while and the girl who came up with it was playing SOLO tonight, an out-of-towner, who really seemed to enjoy the game (not to mention she was in 4th place going into the final against a field of double digit teams; very impressive performance!)

Always great to have enthusiastic patrons come join us for live trivia night so, to everyone who came out as well, a huge thanks! Tonight’s game featured a dog fight between Welcome to You’re Doom and You’re Killing Me Smalls who were swapping the lead quite often throughout the game. Not far behind was Gone Squatchin’.

Going into the final, Smalls held the lead, but the final question would mean a lot to the final standings! Squatchin’ went with the zero wager, which helped them out as they, and most of the other teams, missed the final! That wager net them a 2nd place finish, your winners tonight, and the only team to come up with a correct response on the final, is You’re Killing Me Smalls! Great game! And a well fought 3rd place finish for the lovable duo of Welcome to You’re Doom! A very close, competitive match tonight, hope the season continues like this! Until next week guys, ttys!

1st Place: You’re Killing Me Smalls
2nd Place: Gone Squatchin’
3rd Place: Welcome to You’re Doom


Guido’s – Frederick, MD

With the new season of Guido’s trivia beginning, there’s always a couple teams that like to start fresh and change up their name. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence or not, they claimed it was going to help them win, and by God, they won!

In 3rd place we had Stormy Bongo Adventures, finishing 2nd was T.N.C., and I guess with a new name comes new wins… The Bongo Sluts!!! (although I did find it odd that two teams had “bongo” in their name)

Their choice for next Thursday’s winner’s choice is “Chappelle Show” so study up and come have some fun with us next week at Guido’s Speakeasy!!

~ Jon J


Lake Linganore Association – New Market, MD

Wow, tonight’s live trivia was one of the toughest sets I’ve seen in a good long while! Nevertheless, the folks at Lake Linganore rose to the challenge and made for a great night of live trivia! Tonight we discussed pregnant Golden Girls, whether or not gorging on Taco Bell is against the tenets of Scientology, and whether Donald Trump has even READ three books (much less written them)!

Moose & Squirrel couldn’t be caught and ran away with first place tonight. Following behind were RoJoBo in second (with the sole correct answer to the finale!) and Comfortably Dumb in third. Break out the corn dogs, remove your sleeves, and start your engines – next week’s winners’ choice category is NASCAR!

See ya next week!

– Eric 😀


Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

It’s good to be back with people who enjoy playing the live trivia game so much! I missed my teams last week.

Tonight was a game for the books, we had a tie breaker at the end between Grundel Hammer and Black Dogs – who knew together Trump and West were 107 years old! Grundel Hammer took first place with 140 trailed by Black Dog at 139. La Bocca al Lupo took 3rd, and Cup Chicks gracefully rounded out the game with 87 points.

Next week we will be discussing the TV show Supernatural. Tune in for all the fun!

Supernatural Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Season 12 is underway at Quincy’s in Gaithersburg!  We got things started a bit early tonight, but that did not affect our crowd.  The second half provided us with some twists and turns, as there were several teams that were quite overconfident on some wrong answers.  If there’s one effective piece of knowledge that pays off over and over at trivia, it’s knowing the dates during which each U.S. President was in office.  But, after the crazy fourth round, it was Lowered Expectations that had a healthy lead heading into the final.

Only two teams came up with the correct response on that final question, unfortunately dropping LE to second and giving Nasty Neutrons the win!  Blue Collar jumped several spots to take third.

TRIVIA IS ON FOR NEXT WEEK!  Once again, we’ll begin at our new (early) time with a question on Particle Physics.  ~ Matt