A Succulent Night of Pour House Trivia!

The first Thursday night of November featured some of the best and brightest trivia teams in the realm of Pour House Trivia.  Tonight’s final round saw a wide array of different topics, as we went from Shakespeare to “Survivor” to World Geography in one fell swoop.  Which teams showed the most breadth in their knowledge.  Check ou tthe recaps from our six Thursday night venues:

THURSDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (51 teams across six venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Blue Collar (Quincy’s) with 173

–> Highest Score after Round 4: PC Principals (Fish Market) with 164

–> Highest First Half Score: PC Principals (Fish Market) with 90

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Blue Collar (Quincy’s), PC Principals (Fish Market), and Indians (Bunker Sports)

–> Four teams scored a perfect 20 on the halftime round: Breadsticks (Quincy’s), Vitrifiers (Champion Billiards), Drinking While Thinking, and PC Principals (Fish Market)

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (43.9% success rate):

–> With synonyms such as tasty, delectable, and plump, which nine-letter word stems from the Latin word for ‘juice’?  (you’ll find the answer in this blog)


Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, MD

It was another packed house at Quincy’s Bar and Grill last night!

When all was said and done, Blue Collar rode their Ferrari 308GTB to victory – nailing the succulent final question to hold on to first place.  Clever Team Name was 1 point shy, and took 2nd.  Lowered Expectations rounded out our podium at 3rd!

It’s important to note that our winners, Blue Collar, didn’t miss a wager.  That’s the kind of performance you need to take home the crown here at Quincy’s!

Shout out to Michael Knapp of Clever Team Name – who I caught signing a copy of his new book, Paralysis, after the game last night!  If you’re into horror/suspense, or a good read in general, be sure to check him out at the link below!


I’ll be back next Thursday to deal you your weekly dose of PHT – be on the lookout for the Planets of Our Solar System question, as chosen by Blue Collar.



Next week’s first category:  Planets of Our Solar System

Planets Trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

So this was quite an intense game at Champion Billiards Sports Bar on Thursday;  much like the World Series, this game came down to the wire as we had a very rare three way tie for first.    Speaking of the World Series, we had a Cubs-themed halftime page, with very few teams knowing who “that guy from New Girl” is (it’s Jake Johnson). We also had a hilarious bathroom themed question, asking teams what a “rubber tip stimulator” was used for (it’s above the waist, so get your minds out of the gutter).  Our winners were decided on the tiebreaker, asking who could come closest to Susan B. Anthony’s birth date, with the Vitrifiers coming closest and taking away the W.  Here were the top three:

First Place:  Vitrifiers

Second Place: A Crudely Drawn Penis

Third Place: Just Good Enough

Next week’s first category:  Will Ferrell Films

I want to give a big thank you to Samantha for teaching me the ropes of Pour House score keeping, and I’m looking forward to the next session!

~ Kyle

Will Ferrell Movie Trivia


Bunker Sports Cafe in Leesburg, VA

So the fine folks here at Bunker helped me out with DAY THREE of a power cold! Thanks again for being accommodating and helping me shorten the game time a tad.  We had a great final question that really was the icing on the cake of what was an extremely close game.  Here are the results:

First Place:  Indians

Second Place:  Thoroughly Screwed

Third Place:  Thundercats

Next week’s first category:  Veterans Day

~ Ronnie



Links at Challedon in Mount Airy, MD

Tonight at the Links we had a thriller that came down to the wire.  We covered everything from World Geography to Greek Mythology, but my favorite question of the night combined a little advertising and pro sports: The bull terrier now known as ‘Bullseye’ serves as the canine mascot in advertisements for which American retail chain.  We even offered a bonus if teams could name either one of the major professional sports franchises which play at a venue named for this company.  While every team was able to come up with the first correct response of Target, teams were stumped that the bonus answers included the Minnesota Twins and the Minnesota Timberwolves!

Tonight’s final was also a bit of s stumper, and it led to the following final standings:

First Place:  Greens in Regulation

Second Place:  Itallion Stallions

Third Place:  Sharpies

Next week’s first category:  1980s One-Hit Wonders

Until next time,

~ Devan

1980s One Hit Wonders Trivia


Fish Market in Alexandria, VA

A weird dynamic here at Fish; last week we had 1 of our regular teams show up BUT we were JAM PACKED with new teams! Last week was anyone’s game! No change in that, as this week anyone could walk away with the top prize BUT this time we had a field of veteran teams! These vets put on quite a show for the newcomers who had to sit back as our regular teams tore up the competition. PC Principals were back and looking better than ever, leading after the first half with a nearly perfect score! Frankenwheat and Ant Farm Keyboard were keeping close, we’d see what the 2nd half had in store!

Question of the night tonight was the Greek Mythology question. This vague recalling of Apollo’s resume slipped up most of the teams as we simply gave “God of Music and Art, son of Zeus and Leto, played a lyre”… Depending on which clue you clung to, it would’ve been hard to single out Apollo. We got all kinds of different responses: Orpheus, Dionysus, and a bunch of names that seemed made up, but I’m no Myth expert! Either way, it didn’t slip up PC Principals, who held a strong lead going into the final question.

PC Principals up by 9 points, just looking for a correct response on the final to take down the win. Ant Farm Keyboard seemed to be the only team close enough to catch them, and they DID get the final correct, just hoping PC missed it. Final played hard, only 3 teams getting the final correct. One of those teams was Biggus Dickus, answering seemingly immediately and jumping into the money with that answer, taking 3rd place! 2nd place tonight, the team that led all night, PC Principals who had one of their few misses of the game on the final question. 1st Place tonight, a comeback win for Ant Farm Keyboard! We’re back next week guys! See ya then!

Next week’s first category: U.S. Marine Corps



Guido’s in Frederick, MD

What a great battle we had between our teams for the top 3 spots at Guido’s Speakeasy on Thursday! We had 2 different teams tied for 1st at two different parts of the game and I STILL had to use a tie-breaker question after the final to break another tie for 1st!! After the dust settled, this is how it ended… Finishing in 3rd place was a first timer team who I hope we have the pleasure of seeing again, Pee 4 Free! Unfortunately losing the tie-breaker to finish 2nd was Spitters are Quitters, and back from a little hiatus with the 1st place victory was Unathletico Madrid!! They picked “WWE Wrestling” for next weeks winners choice category so study up, and come join the fun we have on Thursday nights at Guido’s!!

~ Jon J

WrestleMania Trivia