A sporty Wednesday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday got a little sporty, what with golf, baseball and football all in play!

I’m not sure if you could manage to mash those all into one sport, but I think I want to see it happen.

If you make that happen, let us know, OK?

Check out the games!


Applebees – Frederick, MD

Space… The final frontier…. That was how our game tonight opened up, and although that question turned out to be rather tough, we still ended up with a good game. We also gave a final farewell to February and Black History Month on the halftime page, and although Nelson Mandela isn’t *quite* an African-American, it was nice to see him get brought up by at least one team, but no Shaq or Tupac references sadly (not to mention the great arrow fiasco that ensued).

In the end I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a weird spread of scores among the top three teams, with each team EXACTLY 12 points apart going into the final question. After doing some calculations, That’s What You Get For Thinking, who were in third at the time, made a strategic wager to potentially force a tie with Dalek Dance Party for second place.

In the end, a tiebreaker was what we had, and winning second place on the tiebreaker turned out to be Dalek Dance Party! Nice work! Unfortunately, the smart wagering didn’t quite end up in a successful steal of second place, but third place went to That’s What You Get For Thinking. Our first place team tonight was Car Ramrod, who held a sizable lead going into the final and were able to ride that to a victory, congrats to them! Next week we open up with Volkswagen as our winner’s choice, courtesy of Car Ramrod.

P.S. I want to give a shout out to Applebee’s general manager, Sean, who I found out today is moving to St. Augustine, Florida next week. Best of luck to you in the future Sean, it was great meeting and working with you and thank you so much for bringing in and supporting Pour House Trivia at Applebee’s!

Until next time,


Volkswagen trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Barefoot Bernie’s – Hagerstown, MD

Here’s how we started (Winner’s Choice was GWAR):
“The 2009 album from the band “Gwar” takes its name as a reference to a certain TV and film science fiction franchise. The band changed one letter in the title in order to give it a certain sexual undertone. Name that album.”

Best Wrong Answers of the Night were: Twilight Bone and Phallis in Wonderland!

The answer, however, was “LUST IN SPACE”

pour house pub trivia maryland

And from there, we just let the night rip! It was ON! Great game everyone! It was anyone’s contest the whole night. Going into Rd. 3 we had a bunchy Top 5 or so and couldn’t make any predictions. I think every team ran into some sort of speed bump in Rd 3 or 4, keeping it tight going into the tough African Geography Final! And in true African geography style, it wiped the field. In spite of a tough second half though, we had a fun game go down for sure! And seriously, any trivia night featuring BOTH Beverly Cleary AND Wonder Woman is a trivia night for the history books 🙂 ROCK!

Congratulations to our Top Leader Board:

pour house pub trivia maryland pour house pub trivia maryland pour house pub trivia maryland

Next week, Slapsgiving have asked us to tighten up on some “John Denver AUDIO.” That should a fun one to study up on. Have a great weekend everyone! I’ll see you next Wednesday.

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On today’s edition of “Who Knew?” we learn the following fun facts: The World Series used to be a best of 9 games. The PGA Championship doesn’t allow amateurs. Total rushing, receiving, and return yards are called all-purpose yards.
These little “fun facts” seem fun now, but tonight these did a lot of damage to the trivia field. Perhaps it’s time for a sports trivia cram-session; they seem to be a weakness at Bennigan’s.
Despite the bombardment of difficult sports questions, the scores still seemed rather high, which goes to show how good you all can be at the other stuff! We had a majority of the teams topping 140 going into the last question of the game.
Before we do the full recap, I’d like to give a little background on My Favorite Team. Dwayne from My Favorite Team showed up last week for trivia; he was the only person from his team to show up and still decided to stick around and play. I believe since we began doing trivia here at Bennigan’s, Dwayne is the only person who has never missed a week. No matter the weather, no matter the time of the year, no matter the prizes, the circumstances, Dwayne has ALWAYS been here. We had this conversation last week. One week later, tonight, Dwayne is no where to be found. He’s bought himself a “bye week” but it just seemed out of the ordinary. Hope everything is okay!
Despite his absence, his team was able to rally and play a great game, holding the top spot going into the final tonight. The final question, like most weeks, played a crucial part in the outcome of tonight’s game. I’ll tell you one thing, the correct response tonight was Nigeria and Ethiopia. I only had one team come up with Nigeria. That was My Favorite Team, who led the way. And they, unfortunately, did not come up with the second answer. Despite being the closest to coming up with the response, it simply did not matter when push came to shove and the final placements came down to wagering.
Stone Cold Jane Austen bet 6, Anderson Cooper bet 1. Those defensive wagers gave them the top 2 places. Stone Cold took 2nd tonight, the winners tonight were Anderson Cooper? I Don’t Even Know Her which makes two weeks in a row now! My Favorite Team rounded it out with 3rd place tonight. Hopefully everyone will be back next week for more trivia action (especially Dwayne). I can’t do what I do and can’t have nearly as much fun as I do without all of you and for that I’d like to give out a huge thanks for coming out every week and joining me! It’s really something terrific. Let’s keep it going. Until next week guys, take it easy ;-)1st Place: Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her
2nd Place: Stone Cold Jane Austen
3rd Place: My Favorite Team
Next week’s category: Bill Sings 90’s TV Theme Songs
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The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

If it’s random, it’s going to happen on Wednesdays. Which makes it less random? Anyway.

Cellar was awesome tonight, thank you for your patience with my car issues; it’s a good thing Denny could rescue me! I would hate to miss a week with you all!

It was a fun time as usual, all our regulars were up to their usual tricks, but that final certainly rocked the trash talkers back on their heels! Well except for Alan. 😉 2Live clue2, need a bigger butt didn’t need anything more than Alan to lock in their top spot tonight. 2nd went to team Wednesday, if they had played just a little braver it might have been a different outcome. And sneaking in to the top 3 was Caviar! Nice job guys! T

hey never even saw you coming 😉 I will see you next week, hopefully with keys in hand, for a first category of Terps Basketball. Gotta love it. Have a good one!


Terps Basketball Pour House Trivia Pub Quiz maryland

Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

Another record turnout at Memories Charcoal House!!

It was an incredibly tight race down to the very last question!! Taking home a prize on their debut night was Team Kelly! In second just ahead of them are the new contenders, Special K!! In first by the hairs on their chinny-chin-chins was Men & Pausers!

Their choice of first category next week? CLEMSON FOOTBALL!! See you next Wednesday!!

– Torie

Clemson History Maryland Pub Trivia


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Another week of season 11 is in the books for live trivia at The Tavern.

We had a good turnout and a small birthday celebration for one of our regulars also! (Happy Birthday Lauren! I hope my singing wasn’t TOO bad for ya! 😉 )

The final question tonight had all my teams stumped, but with a few smart wagers the top 3 order did shuffle around at the end. Tonight’s 3rd place finisher was already having fun because of the birthday, nice job G-Team! 2nd place is great but also disappointing for a team that was in the lead and went all in on the final question, (I know you guys will get that elusive win soon!) congrats team Griffindor!! Making a smart wager for the final and moving from 2nd to 1st for their second win in a row was Olney the Lonely!!

They chose the tv show “The West Wing” for next weeks winners choice question, so study up and get out to the Tavern next Wednesday night for some trivia!!

~ Jon J

West Wing Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland



Putter’s Pub – New Market, MD

Man alive, what a night of live trivia at Putters’ Pub in New Market! A nail-biter from start to finish, we made Michael Jackson jokes (too soon?), coined the phrase “Unhand my straggle!,” and came up with the idea for a brand new Irish folk metal/80’s cover band called Flogging Molly Ringwald!

19th Hole had the top spot through most of the game but slid into third during Round 4. Meanwhile Strange Winers jostled around throughout and ended in second. Tonight’s big winners were Three Amigos who came from behind with the sole correct answer to the finale and took the top prize!

Next week’s winners’ choice category is Golf Courses! How very appropos considering our venue! Come tee off with us next week in New Market!

– Eric 😛

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Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

The Revolution Bar saw some old faces returning tonight to join some veteran teams in a crazy game of trivia tonight. The ending was a curveball the drastically changed the podium!

Highlights of the night:

“Momma-Is-A-Seger-Fan”: Always fun when I can fold in some personal stories, like how the only reason I knew the Bob Seger question was because my mother is a huge Seger fanatic. She has ticket stubs. Lots
of ticket stubs.

“Really?-That’s-What-You’re-Complaining-About?”: A team got the religion question correct, with the two point bonus, and then promptly came up to argue that Shinto was just an offshoot of Buddhism and isn’t a different religion. A, that’s wrong, but more importantly B, you are the only team to get two points bonus, why are you

In “Holy-Defensive-Wagering-Batman”: The final was crazy tonight and the teams must have sensed it, because the wagers were low going into it. How would it turn out?

In third place tonight, jumping up from behind, the Juggernauts! Good job guys!

In second place tonight, after leading all night, Mess and Jegg! Tough break guys, but still a great game!

Taking it down tonight with a defensive wager, E=MC Hammer! Way to go guys, congrats!

For their first round category next week, Hammer has chosen the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Watch some replays, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

NBA Trivia Dunk Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

We had just the core members of our trivia roster in for the night at T. J. Stone’s in Alexandria.  That allowed to us to have a very smooth game, but what was not smooth was the finish.  There was much discussion involved on the final, and a ton of shifting around after the last answer was given.  Holding on to first place with the correct answer was Gone Squatchin’ who came away with their first victory of the season!  Two Girls and an Idiot took second, with Did You Miss Us?  squeaking into third on the tiebreaker.  Next week begins with an audio clue on Led Zeppelin.  See you then!  ~ Matt


Well that game of live trivia was certainly NOT par for the course, lots of twists, turns, and shocking results out here at Hollow Creek tonight!

Here are the game results:
Mountain Misfits in 1st
Strangers Have the Best Candy in 2nd
Shake Weight in 3rd

I’ll see ya all next week for our first category, One Direction.

~ Ronnie

One Direction Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland