A speedwalk trivia Tuesday with Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday brought the heat with the likes of Pretty Woman, Stomp the Yard and a little Olympic Speedwalking! I don’t know about you, but I think I’d rather see the first two as Olympic events than the last one. What do you think? Check out the games!


Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

After re-discovering Pour House Trivia a few weeks ago, the team of Ebony and Ivory made quite an impression tonight at Capitol City Brewing Company, as the cam back from fifth place to snipe the win on the final question!  Great job!  Second place went to Valley Girls, who were seeking out their first win of the season, but had to settle for second.  Ramparting Ways won the tiebreaker to take third.  Our Season X standings got a little bit tighter at the top, and with six weeks left to go in the season, the house title is up for grabs!  We’ll see you next week when we begin with a question on “Major League”.  ~ Matt ML Movie



Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Familiar faces with familiar rivalries (And familiar trash talk) at Champions tonight! I’m hoping Brenda let Chuck back in the car to go home! As always, it was a good time watching teams throw mental elbows at each other, and BTI’s speed walking demo was just about my favorite moment of the night. BTI’s favorite moment of the night came when they were one of two teams to not turn in an answer of California on the final and they secured their top place finish. 2nd went to Cranius Maximus, a duo tonight but still twice as dangerous than they appear πŸ˜‰ 3rd came down to a rather macabre tiebreaker and it was Thundercats who beat out Castaways for that final spot. Next week we will start out with the movie Strange Brew so you may want to study up. It got 71% on rotten tomatoes, but you still may want to grab some beverages before watching. heheh. ~Samantha Strange Brew Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Well we had a few unusual moments in our game of live trivia tonight at Cugini’s, I was glad to see we could could “keep both feet planted firmly on the ground” as we worked through them. Lol. Give it up to Nevermore for nailing the final and taking down 1st! MoMo wagered well to secure themselves 2nd, and Serenity Now rolled out the top tier for 3rd. Join me again next week for our first category, the TV hit series MASH. ~ Ronnie mash tv trivia  

Dilligad Pub – Frederick, MD

We had an AWESOME debut of our ADDED NIGHT of live trivia at Dilligad’s Pub in downtown Frederick!  It was really great to see so many friendly and familiar faces in the crowd! With a $50 CASH PRIZE on the line, the competition was white-hot! Taking home the third place prize tonight was Maya’s Misfits!! In second just ahead of them was Black Steel!! The first place team and winners of the CASH prize was Beer is Good!! Their choice of first category next week is Maryland Terrapins Basketball!!  See you next Tuesday!! – Torie Terps Basketball Pour House Trivia Pub Quiz maryland


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

WHAT A FINISH! We had ourselves a fantastic game of live trivia tonight, with teams jockeying for position through every round. We learned a lot, from why Dakota Fanning plays the daughter in every film, to the struggle for race walking to be recognized as a legitimate sport, and even the staggering number of songs with “California” in the title.

As it came down to the final question, the leaderboard was turned on it’s head. Only one team managed to snipe the correct answer – and it was on a coin flip! In third, the crew from If We Only Had a Brain had their chances at a four-peat dashed. In second, Army of One grabbed that very competitive solo podium finish. And in first, from way behind, were the Pomeranians!
They’ve chosen “James Buchanan” as the first category for next week. (The U.S. President, not the missing member of One Direction) Study up, and I’ll see you back here next week!
James Buchanan Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia

We’re still weeks away from Christmas, but the season is already well underway here at Markham’s, as old teams, new teams and yours truly got our sing-a-long on during tonight’s VERY close game of pub trivia! Highlights of the night: As I mentioned above, we had a sing-a-long during the Christmas Carols question. Which only made it slightly awkward when a few teams sang the wrong words… In “Best Wrong Answer of the Night”: As much as I would love to give credit to the talented James K Polka Dot, that was not the correct answer to our Last Words/First Words Question. I did thoroughly appreciate it however πŸ˜› I’ve never watched a game of polo in my life, nor have I seen Pretty Woman or Stomp the Yard (though I’m told that second one has nothing to do with it…) so kudos to all of you who know polo! With a doozy of a final, it would come down to wagering tonight, as EVERY team bit hard on California, Georgia flying right on by under the radar. When it was all said and done, the standings looked like this: In third place, after wagering cautiously, came the K-Town Kids! Good game guys, way to hang tough! In second place, after leading all night, they unfortunately tripped at the finish line, came the new team of Mumpsimus! Still a strong first showing guys, great game! With a defensive wager, came the loudest singers all night, the Chronic Underachievers! Congratulations guys, on a well deserved win! They’ve been hunting that top spot for weeks now! And with their win, the Chronic Underachievers have chosen Early 90s Nickelodeon! Now THAT’s a category I’m gonna look forward to! Everyone grab your slime buckets and aim for Anthony, NOT me! Until then, Ian 90s Nickelodeon Pub Trivia Company questions

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

 While we did confirm that you can not move very well with 2 feet on the ground at all times, let alone speed walk, we did find out that you can throw down quite a Tuesday trivia night in the comfort of your own chair – with all your friends around, and shots a’flowin! That’s Monkey La La style trivia night on Tuesdays! 

La La was, as they say, “off the chain,” Tuesday night! We had 13 trivia teams come on out and have at it with us for a bit! And a fun set of questions taunted and grappled throughout the evening! We met the likes of “Andrew Jackson Pollack,” strolled down memory lane with some “Plastic Ono Band!” And as mentioned, had a nice discussion (typo instigated) about the subtleties of race-walking! 

olympic trivia contest in maryland

Great times! And as we came to the end of what proved to be one stellar game of trivia, it was still up in the air going into the final Q! And goodness gracious!!! We had the biggest jump from behind in Pour House History go down – congrats to Book Club Babes for setting that record (from 10th)!This game proves its ANYONE’S GAME. It was those teams with “Georgia” on their mind that took down a W. Much congrats to our Top 3!

maryland nightlife

pub trivia team in maryland

things to do at a bar

Yes indeedy! Let “heaven and nature” sing baby – I’ll learn the lyrics next time πŸ™‚ Thank you everyone for coming out to play a lil trivia in the rain. Until next week, I wish you well. Study up on your “Seinfeld” chops – that will be R1Q1 next Tuesday night. See you then my friends πŸ™‚ dg