A snow Monday with Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday pressed on through the white stuff to deliver three great games of live trivia!

We had a solo winner, which is always something worth celebrating, and a quite a few other fun things, too!

Check out the games!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

DRP was off for the snow, but join me here next week, where our first category will be Mardi Gras!

~ Ronnie

Mardi Gras Trivia Alexandria

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Greene Turtle was off for the snow, but next week we open up with a question about the Land Down Under, or as it is more commonly known, Australia, courtesy of Cotton Candy. Time to get out the maps, listen to some Men at Work, and whatever else there is to study until then!

Until next time,

Australia trivia pour house pub trivia


il Forno – Frederick, MD

So, I get to il Forno and I’m like “Dave, weather is awful; we gotta cancel this trivia game, no one is gonna show up.” Dave accepts. I’m on my way out the door when Anne strolls up. She’s all “Where you going?” and I’m all “You’re here for trivia? We canceled it. But I’ll stay for a beer.”

So, I’m staying and more and more people showed up… Apparently the weather was not enough to keep the hardcores from their weekly game of live trivia. With about 5 minutes until start time, Dave lets me know, TRIVIA IS ON! So I set my stuff up and let it ride! What a great game tonight too! We have some laughs, some fun, and some history in the making. Sleepy Blue, solo player Nick Merrill was down 23, count it TWENTY THREE POINTS at half time; all hope was lost. The 3rd and 4th rounds seemed to kick a lot of the teams butts, however Nick managed to pull up a bit, holding onto 4th place of our 8 teams going into the final question.

I read the final and a bunch of teams were immediately turning in answers. Correct answers. Lucky for Nick, the teams getting the final right were the ones behind him. Nick needed a correct answer on the final, he needed the top 3 teams to all miss the final; he needed a miracle. God showed up at il Forno tonight. The only teams to miss the final question were the top 3 teams. With that, NICK MERRILL AKA SLEEPY BLUE TAKES IL FORNO AS A SOLO PLAYER!! Great game, Nick! 2nd place went to Latrilla with a correct response, 3rd place going to the Ginger Beavers! We’re back next week, hope to see you all then! Until then guys 😉

1st Place: Sleepy Blue
2nd Place: Latrilla & the Mossy Banks
3rd Place: Ginger Beavers

Next week’s category: Reboot (90’s TV Show)

Reboot trivia pour house pub trivia maryland



Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

It may have been cold outside but it was a hot one at the Roast House tonight!

Highlights of the Night:

In “OK-Y’all-Are-Cut-Off”: When one of your teams shows up already drunk, you know you’re in for a wild night. Someone bring these guys some coffee!!

In “Not-As-Easy-As-It-Sounds”: Only a couple teams picked up on the clues I gave for the Bird question. You guys shouldn’t be so “scared” to follow your instincts! Unless, you know, you thought there were 50 billion domesticated crows or pigeons in the world…

In “Best-Wrong-Answers”: There were a multitude of awesome wrong answers for who played Danno in Hawaii 5-0. Jackie Chan, Cheech Marin, and my mother were all accused of playing Danno. Those would’ve been some wild and wonderful performances!

In third place tonight, the Ollie Monsters! Tough break in the back half guys, but a good game!

In second place, Two Finger’s Worth! Oddly enough they didn’t give me any finger’s worth on the Bird question, but still a very strong showing!

Taking it down tonight, drunker than skunks but still kickin, Multiple Scorgasms! Congrats guys, for a good game and for managing to keep me on my toes!

for their round one category next week, the Scorgasms have chosen the New Zealand All Blacks! So practice your Aboriginal Battle Cries and study up on the rules of Rugby (a silly game if there ever was one) and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

New Zealand trivia pour house pub trivia maryland



Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

Snow?  What snow?  It didn’t bother the eight teams that rolled into Spider Kelly’s on Monday night.  We were missing a few of our regular teams, but the roster was filled out quite nicely by teams who we had not seen in a while (and a couple of new faces too).  We welcomed one and all for trivia night, but as usual, our game started with a two-team race between Eleven is a Prime Number and Double Secret Probation.  However, it was a stellar finish by She Left changed, as they snatched their first win of the season!  What a game!  Eleven is a Prime Number and Double Secret Probation managed to stay in the top three.  Season XI will continue next week with some better weather (hopefully), and a fist question dealing with Christopher Nolan films!  You know, the “Batman Guy”.

~ Matt