A record-tying Tuesday with Pour House Live Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday saw someone tie our ALL-TIME record of 182 points!

Congratulations to Uncle Jack for hitting that mark!

See how it all went down!



Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

Another great night of trivia at Capitol City Brewing Company in Shirlington.  It was a tight field at the top of the standings tonight, but after a couple teams got tripped up on their Greek alphabet question, Capitol City Goofballs stormed into the lead, trying to make up for last week’s fourth place finish.  They took the full time on the final question, but came up with the correct response and brought home a win!  Team Fourth Place did not live up to their team name, but they actually landed two spots ahead of their predictive name to take second.  The Illegitimacy Children of Eric Perini took third.  Next week, our game begins with a question on Renaissance Astronomers!  ~ Matt



Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Well, as we all know, and we’ve all seen, you can’t count a team out until the final answer is given!

It was a bold move by Wiseacres on the final question that allowed them to catapult past Thundercats and BTI who had been playing a helluva a neck and neck game all night. That last question man, that’ll get ya.

When the dust settled it from a communist tiebreaker, it was BTI in 3rd, Pulpit fiction in 2nd (Hope Chuck lets you in the car Brenda!) and Wiseacres in 1st. Good game, I love surprises. 🙂

Next week we will start out with extinct animals who are not dinosaurs. See you next week and happy valentines day my dears!


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Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

This game just keep getting bigger and bigger here at Cugini’s in Poolesville, and these folks have came here to play some LIVE TRIVIA!

We needed a tie-breaker between MoMo and Never the Same to settle things in the end, and the final results were:

Lightfoot in 1st

How I Met Ronnie in 2nd

MoMo in 3rd

Join me next week for our first category, “TV Cartoons of the 1950s and 1960s.”

~ Ronnie

Looney Tunes Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland



Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

The game was close, and the competition fierce, at tonight’s game. Every team jockeyed for position from the get go, and displaye dtheir knowledge on a wide range of topics. From the secret Brandy fans in the crowd, to deep cuts on the relationship between Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, I was constantly surprised by teams making the tough pulls from the recesses of their memories.

As the game came to a close, we finally stopped talking about my haircut (Yes, it’s short, and I am deeply, deeply sorry about that) and turned to the matter at hand. With a sizable lead amassed over the course of four rounds, Jersey Shore seemed poised to take it down, but they were still vulnerable to teams behind them.

In the end, “Moulin Rouge” was the deciding factor, and our winners emerged. Taking third would have been The New Kids, but they brought too many friends and were ineligible, leaving fourth-place Cresswell’s Fairies to claim the third prize. Second went to a valiant effort by If We Only Had a Brain, who played to secure second in a wise tactical move. And in first was a dominant Jersey Shore, looking to make Season XI their time to shine. they’ve chose “Grateful Dead” as the category for next week, so make sure to study up*!

*Pour House Trivia does not endorse the use of any recreational drug use without a prescription from your doctor.

See you next week!


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Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

Even the quiet nights at Markhams aren’t exactly quiet! Teams old and new packed in for the week 2 contest of season 11 of Pour House Pub Trivia!

Highlights of the Night:

In “I-Told-You-It-Was-A-Bad-Category”: Only the team who picked this week’s round one category got points for it tonight, and they even got the 2 point bonus to boot. But if you’re the only one who know it, I say its probably not a good category!

In “Y’all-Need-Some-Re-education”: That said, when only one team is able to recognize Roger Daltry’s classic scream from Won’t Get Fooled Again, it means we need to have some remedial Classic Rock classes in here! For shame! I know some of you watch CSI: Miami!

In “Holy-Runaway-Batman”: I know Uncle Jack has a reputation for being good, tough team, but DAMN! They could not be stopped tonight! Going into the Final, I believe they were on pace to take the all time single game high score! Would they emerge victorious? Well, yeah. But would the record be theirs??

In third place tonight, Quiz Me Baby One More Time! Way to hang tough and claw your way out of that hole guys!

In second place, the Blue Barracudas! Good game guys, well done!

In first place, getting the final correct, Uncle Jack with 182 points – TYING! the all-time Pour House single-game High Score! A dominant performance guys, and a great game of trivia! Congrats on high score!

For their first round category next week, Uncle Jack has chosen Mardi Gras! So get you’re beads ready and come on back to Markham’s next week!

Until then,

Mardi Gras Trivia Alexandria


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Baba Ghanoush to the face! Moulin Rouge FTW! And a whole lotta fun in between! Yes, I am speaking code for what is essentially translated as “A Bad Ass Pub Trivia game that went down at Monkey La La’s Tuesday night!” 10 teams came out and braved the elements and battled wits for abit over some hot eats and cold bevis, La La style baby!

It was good to see some teams who I had not seen in a season or so:  It Could Be Anything, talking about you – we have missed your baking skills for like forever now! 

Great game tonight everyone. It came down to a nasty final in French Landmarks (I know I know, everyone’s fav subject!). It was a fun question though! And it was Moulin Rouge for the win for 3 lucky crews! In addition to the final, there were also some other fun ones. My TOP 3 Picks for Tuesday night are:

1. ZETA – In college, at parties, we would turn a matchstick upside down and recite the whole Greek alphabet before the match caught your finger..oh the memories!

2. And I gotta go with the aforementioned, Baba Ghanoush! It’s tasty and I am craving it now…looks like Mediterranian food this weekend for me 🙂

3. And I am in agreement with the masses, Roger Daltry’s scream in “Won’t Get Fooled Again” – Best!

Rock and Roll everyone! Great night, and fun times! A big congrats to our Top 3 of week 2.

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Tune in with us next Tuedday night for some more La La fun and games! We kick off with a question in the category of: “The 5th Element (film)” – always a good watch! Have a great week and weekend everyone and I will see you next Tuesday night!

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Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Should you eat it, or should you wear it? That was the question of the day, as we tried to figure out whether a dishdasha, a sari, or babah ghanoush is a delicious food item or something you could wear around the house. This also brought up the issue that in theory you *could* eat a dishdasha or sari if you wanted, although it might not be too healthy for you. I couldn’t tell you if they were low-cal or not, although as a member of the celery family, dill most likely is.

An interesting final question about a cool Parisian landmark helped wrap up the game, and in the final standings was a team who made a bit of a jump up in the standings to grab third place; congrats to Black Steel with making a podium appearance. In second place was One Crow Short of a Murder, who thought they had pulled off the comeback victory after they handed in their answer quickly while the first place team was visibly unsure of the answer. However, handing in their answer at the last second and dashing One Crow’s hopes was the Book Club Babes, who avenged their narrow and bitter defeat last week by playing well and finishing strong. Nice job Babes!

Next week we will be starting with The Beatles as the opening category, courtesy of the Book Club Babes, so get to studying, although some of you might not need to study that much. Either way, I hope to see you all again!

Until next week,

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Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

Tonight was our opening night for our new venue Quincy’s South! We had a very large crowd too! Hopefully, as the venue becomes more tenured, we can get an even bigger group!

I’d like to personally give a shout-out to Washington Pride, who strolled in at halftime without even knowing what was going on and they ended up playing an extremely great game of live trivia! Without Round 1 and 2 AND the Halftime page, they scored a very respectable 74. Who knows how they would’ve done had they been here since the beginning! Maybe we’ll find out in the near future!

Tonight’s biggest story had to be Shut em’ Down Boulevard though, who trailed by 13 points going into the final question. Our leading team, TBH bet a conservative 4 points because of their commanding 9 point lead, but failed to come up with a correct answer on the final question, leaving way for any team with a correct response to jump up and take the lead. This is exactly what Shut em Down did, getting the final correct and winning tonight’s game AND the $50 cash prize! Congratulations guys! 2nd place, also jumping up with a correct response on the final was Quincy’s QTs! Great game all, and a great opening night! We’ll be back next week, same time, same place! Until then 😉

1st Place: Shut em Down Boulevard
2nd Place: Quincy’s QTs
3rd Place: TBH

Next week’s category: The Judicial System (Law)

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