A rainy Thursday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

​​Pour House pub trivia’s Thursday packed the house at six venues in Maryland and Virginia!

We’re getting oh so close to playoff and World Series time, so keep coming out and getting those tuneups in, gang.

Check out the recaps below!

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

It was a packed house tonight at Bunker’s due to a repeat performance from Mother Nature for making things a bit chilly.

Cooler weather brings out the live trivia animal in people I guess. Score was tight to the end.

Here are the results:

Your Mom in 1st

Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe in 2nd

Cake or Death in 3rd

The Indians had eight players tonight and scored the highest points, so your first category for next week is the New York Mets. Congrats again to Your Mom as Bunker’s House Champions, see you at the World Series!

~ Ronnie

Mets trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Everything is fine & dandy until ya get surprised with an unexpected Uranus joke! From there, there is no telling! And no I do not own stock, nor is PHT sponsored by Jimmy Johns. I just recommend that all dudes need to go to the bathroom in Jimmy Johns. You’ll thank me for the experience, I think. It’s quite epic!

What a game of pub trivia at Champions tonight! But I mean, when you got “Bootie/ Cootie” as an answer you really don’t have a lot of wiggle room to not have fun!

 trivia pour house pub trivia

Maybe my favorite answer of the season!

And ladies & gents we have ourselves a hotly contested House Champion title going on at Champions for this Season! It is coming down to our final week for a handful of teams! Can’t wait to see how it plays out. I wish everyone the best of luck next week.

Congrats to our Top 3 this week:

 trivia pour house pub trivia  trivia pour house pub trivia  trivia pour house pub trivia

This tightens the race even more. So it is on next Thursday night! And I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the post-season festivities. Remember, we are paying the TOP 3 spots at Pub Crawl this season. So start rallying up a crew.

Before all that though, next week’s game will kick off with “Hair Bands – AUDIO.” A great category to cap off a great season! Have a great weekend everyone, and I shall see you next week. DG 🙂

 trivia pour house pub trivia


Fish Market – Alexandria, Virginia

Tonight’s game, one of the final games of season 11, featured 3 teams all in contention for the house championship. Welcome to You’re Doom looked like the favorites, essentially placing this week would seal it for them, but hope for the title was still alive for That’s Not My Leg and Two Birds One Stone! After one half, Two Birds had the lead with our other two competitors not far behind, but round 3 seemed to bring them back a bit, dropping a couple places.
That left Oscar Meyer, another one of our veteran teams, to sneak into the top 3, while Welcome to You’re Doom held the top place going into the final. Two Birds managed a small comeback with a good 4th round, but it wasn’t enough, as they entered the final question in 3rd place behind Oscar Meyer and Welcome to You’re Doom. The final didn’t do much to disrupt the top 3 so that was exactly as it finished. Welcome to You’re Doom, with a victory tonight, managed to lock the house championship down and secure a spot in World Series 11! Great job! We will definitely see the other competitors at the playoffs next weekend, and we hope to see everyone back at the Fish Market next week for one last game before the post-season begins! Should be another exciting run of games, hope to see you all soon!
1st Place:    Welcome to You’re Doom
2nd Place:   Oscar Meyer
3rd Place:    Two Birds One Stone
Next week’s category:     Adult Swim
Family Guy Pub Trivia Category Maryland

Guido’s – Frederick, MD

Another fun AND competitive game is in the books for Guido’s Speakeasy!

It’s just about the end of season 11, and everyone is fighting for that free World Series invite, so let’s see how the night ended! Moving up after the final to finish 3rd tonight was Angry Balls! Moving up after the final also to finish 2nd was Friends Of Dick Johnson!! Winning a THIRD week in a row to take 1st place was T.N.C.!!!

Another great winners choice pick for next Thursday by T.N.C. will be Thrust (if you’d been here the last 2 weeks, you’d understand!)

Don’t miss out on the final week of points for season 11, it’s gonna be a GOOD one!!!

~ Jon J


Lake Linganore Association – New Market, MD

It was a little cool under the tent in Lake Linganore tonight, but we didn’t let that stop us from having a fantastic game of live trivia! We paid tribute to the great B.B. King, got all nostalgic about Booger from “Revenge of the Nerds,” and I was presented with the greatest band name of all time: Gender Handgun and the Iron Butt!

The first question threw everybody off, but every team found its stride and eventually nailed the final question. Moose & Squirrel came out on top with Faking Bad in second and Sangria Syndicate in third. Next week’s Winners’ Choice Category will be “The Walking Dead” (the TV show).

I’ll see you next week for the last game of the Lake Linganore Spring Session!

– Eric 😀

walking dead trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Main Street Oyster House -Bel Air, MD

As always I had a blast filling in at Main Street Oyster House tonight. We had a tie for second after the final question. First place went to Mountain Rears.The winner of my first ever tiebreaker for 2nd place went to Dew Mee Franke. and 3rd went to The Jaguars. Thanks so much for having me!

Quincy’s – Gaithersburg, Maryland

I Just Quizzed My Pants took a big step to winning the house title fat Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, as their expert knowledge of Salem, Oregon gave them a tiebreaker victory over Blue Collar!  Our third place was just one point behind, as Suck it Frosty played a stellar game as usual.  Our first question next week will be on the (former) Spike TV show “Blue Mountain State”!  ~ Matt