A post-Christmas weekend from Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s post-Christmas weekend got into a little holiday merriment, with two great games of live trivia in Maryland – check em’ out!

Some pretty serious Christmas hangover happening at Belles tonight, but 10 teams managed to crawl out from under the mounds of wrapping paper and cookies to come hang out with me tonight, since Ronnie is out of state doing that whole family thing. 10 teams of familiar faces and it was nice to have a nice chill night with you all. Don’t get fooled in to thinking it was completely chill, we still had some karaoke moments 😉

Tonight we discovered that geography is challenging, even when it’s US geography, but Boxing day is a no brainer. Some of you were ready to throw a few fainting goats to Jaws by the end of the night, and I was happy to discover that the only wrong way to spell Shakespeare is B-r-i-m-l-e-y. The house that Dia-betus built! Look, if you weren’t there then you just don’t get it. But it’s funny, I swear.

In 3rd tonight we had Dairy Queen after a non Nazi driven tiebreaker with Uncle Jack. 2nd went to the Jack, Uncle and 1st went to those crafty Dingos ate my baby. Nice game all! I will see you next time Ronnie is out of town, but until then I wish you a very happy and healthy new year- next week you will start with Pearl Jam.


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Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

Our post-holiday edition of Pour House Pub Trivia was POPPIN’ tonight at Captain Bender’s! We even had some PHT veterans from other venues drop in to try and snag some last minute season points!! We had some exxxxxcellent audio and even a few sing-along opportunities throughout the night, culminating in a fun-filled (yet cut-throat) fight to the finish!

Taking home 3rd place was We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity! In 2nd place just ahead of them was Fisted Sister!! And just ahead of them, by A SINGLE POINT, was Bog’s & Hoes!! Their choice of first category next week? COLLEGE FOOTBALL MASCOTS!!

See you next Sunday!

– Torie

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