A New Year of Weekend Trivia!

With 2018 underway, we kicked off another year of weekend Pour House Trivia with games on all three nights!  Overall, we welcomed 33 teams across four venues, with more than half of those teams throwing it down at Vanish Brewery in Leesburg.  Our players love that Friday night trivia!


We opened Friday’s game with a refreshing Sea Breeze cocktail and a question on the Greek alphabet, while our Saturday / Sunday game quizzed our teams on internet search engines and backing bands.  We stumped a few of our weekend teams by asking about the alternate acceptable spellings for the name of this state:

Liberty Bell

The toughest first round question was posed on Friday, in the form of a Triple 50/50 question.  We asked our teams whether or not each of these cities was founded before or after the U.S. Civil War: Los Angeles, Anchorage, Miami.  Only five out of 17 teams earned their wager with any two of these correct answers:  BEFORE (L.A. was founded in 1781), AFTER (Anchorage was founded in 1914), and AFTER (Miami was founded in 1896).  One of the two teams to answer all three of those correctly was Tequila Mockingbird (Vanish Brewery), who was also the only Friday team to sweep the first round with a perfect score.  Meanwhile, Demented and Sad But Social (Belles’) matched the feat with a perfect first round score of their own on Saturday night.


Each of our audio questions dealt with TV sitcoms, with Friday’s version featuring the upbeat theme song from “Parks and Recreation”, and the Saturday / Sunday version dealing with clips of dialogue from “The Brady Bunch”, “Friends”, and “Two and a Half Men”.  The second round also offered up questions on the novel “The Three Musketeers”, model trains, and these sports team nicknames which span both the NFL and the NHL:

Jets      Panthers

The most difficult question of the second round was asked on Friday night:

–> On July 20, 1969, the first words to be broadcast from the surface of the moon were: “Houston, Tranquility Base here”.  What were the NEXT four words spoken by Neil Armstrong?

Only four of our Friday teams answered correctly with “The Eagle has landed”.  The only perfect second round was turned of the entire weekend was turned in on Friday night by Barkles.


Our halftime pages were certainly on the more difficult side this weekend, with topics such as James Bond film posters.  We did not see any team turn in a perfect score.  Tequila Mockingbird topped the weekend halftime leaderboard at 19 points, with the average score reaching just 13.6 points.  These were our top scores at the halftime break:


Friday’s second half opened with a question on Blimpie Subs, which was once the second-largest submarine sandwich chain in the country.  We played a little music on the didgeridoo before taking a look at the dystopian novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.  Saturday’s game discussed the off-the-field exploits during the college football career of Manti Te’o, as well as this spinoff series:

Lone Gunmen

The third round did not yield any perfect scores this weekend.


The final round of the  Saturday / Sunday game included our nightly Three Clues question, with this edition dealing with a certain fruit:

CLUE 1: This fruit is grown in more countries than any other.

CLUE 2: At 5,000 points, it has the highest point value in the original version of “Ms. Pac-Man”.

None of our teams were able to earn bonus points with an early correct answer (though some teams tried), with the majority of the field waiting until this third clue:

CLUE 3: It is the title of a 1971 film directed by Woody Allen.


The only perfect fourth round score of the entire weekend was turned in by Tequila Mockingbird (Vanish Brewery).  Here are your top scores heading into the final question:

FRIDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (33.3% success rate):

–> The lyrics of the Billy Joel song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” reference numerous professional athletes, all of which played one of which two different sports?

SATURDAY / SUNDAY FINAL QUESTION (25.0% success rate):

–> As the title character in a 1726 piece of literature, who studied medicine since “it would be useful on long voyages”?

Friday’s answers were baseball (DiMaggio, Campanella, Mantle) and boxing (Robinson, Marciano, Liston, Patterson), while Saturday / Sunday final was looking for Lemuel Gulliver.  None of our teams earned the Perfect 21 this weekend by correctly answering all wagering questions.  Here are your top overall scores from last weekend:


Vanish Brewery in Leesburg, VA:  Tequila Mockingbird  ** NEXT GAME ON JAN. 19 **  (First category: Disney Song Lyrics)

Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD:  Uncle Jack  (Next week’s first category: Infectious Diseases)

Pretzel & Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, MD:  Quality Guesswork  (Next week’s first category: Triple 50/50 – WWI Battle or WWII Battle?)

McAuley’s Pub in St. Petersburg, FL:  Just the Tip  (Next week’s first category: “Strike Back” – TV series)