A new venue and plenty of live trivia on Wednesday from Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday saw us make entry into Delaware for our first venue there, plus a host of live trivia in Virginia and Maryland!

Check out how all the games went down, gang.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Applebee’s was off tonight for Veteran’s Day, Chad will return on the 18th with an opening question on WWE Wrestling!


It was like a rollercoaster: Turkey or Egypt? Coke or Pepsi? Roseanne or Full House? The last half, I fear, broke a few spirits. In the end, only three teams could successfully answer the final questions. Colonel Angus broke from the pack to take third. Slapsgiving had a tough time in the third and fourth rounds but managed to pull out second. And the Thinkers and Dreamers got a hard fought first place.

Next week’s Winner’s Choice will be in the category of King Kong.



Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

This week I had the honor of taking over at Belles’ for one time and one time only, as my usual spot was unavailable due to Veterans’ Day events.  I was warned there would be a rowdy bunch of characters, and that a few of the teams might even end up fighting each other.  Luckily things never actually descended into violence, but still remained quite an exciting night.

We started out with a question in the category of triple 50/50: Bronte or Austen. Just kidding!  We actually started with a Harry Potter question, asking about the seeker position on a Quidditch team.  The rest of the first round was pretty quick, with the hint of the day coming on the colorful question.  The measurement question ended up with a bit of controversy, as there was a bit of a dispute over what an ammeter measures.  The round ended with a question about one of my favorite sitcoms ever, Frasier!  We even asked about the song from the closing credits, “Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs”.
The next round started out with the audio question about karaoke music, which was a pretty fun one, especially considering one of the songs was Cee Lo Green’s song “F*** You”, which led to a bit of silliness.  I was glad everybody remembered that the Nets now play in Brooklyn, not New Jersey, on the NBA teams question.  I also thought it was entertaining how everybody got really excited for a diseases and disorders question, I definitely didn’t expect a cheer for that category!  We also had a funny change a letter, going from roe to hoe, which as you might imagine, led to some great jokes.
Halftime asked about sitcom neighbors, as well as matching up songs to the duos that performed them, which almost every team absolutely crushed.  I was impressed, there were so many 20’s on this one.  The next half started with triple 50/50 coke or pepsi, which most teams managed to get points on.  However, the US Presidents question that came next tripped up almost every team, as well as the three clues/one country that followed.  Punctuation and Animated Films provided some good opportunity to recover for most teams, especially since the 6-4-2 ended up being really tough.  Almost everybody heard “fastest X Sport” and immediately assumed I was talking about Jai Alai, which is very fast, but the X was RACQUET, which Jai Alai does NOT use.  Whooops.
The final round started with Classic Motown, asking about The Temptations (one of my favorites!).  The American Authors question that came next basically boiled down to everybody putting their lowest available wager and just guessing an author, with a few getting Ernest Hemingway.  The Universities question talked about Brown University, and we learned that their nickname is the Bears, so they’re literally the Brown Bears.  The word origins question talked about the word geyser, and made me try to pronounce an Icelandic word, which predictably did not go well!  The final question asked about Orion, which has the star Betelgeuse in it, which led to a bunch of teams just yelling “BEETLEJUICE!” over and over again, so if he shows up, it’s their fault!
Tonight’s final question about toys and games ended up being pretty tough, with only a few teams figuring out that we were talking about the game Mastermind (Battleship was definitely the most common wrong answer).  Ending up in third place as a result of being one of a few teams to get it was Team Wednesday, nice job!  Second place went to the supposed villains of the venue, basically the Macho Man to everybody else’s Hulk Hogan, congrats to Constantly Changing Team Name!  Winning tonight, however, much to the joy of everybody who didn’t want CCTN to win, congrats to Colonel Angus and the Clittorati!  Next week the starting category is “Sam Sings Jimmy Buffett”, which should be quite the fun time!  Sam WILL be back again next week, so you will return to your regularly scheduled programming.  Thanks for putting up with me, you guys were great!
Until next time,
warren buffet and jimmy buffett trivia

Tonight was one of those rare, Murphy’s Law kinda nights. That is, if I’m remembering what Murphy’s Law is… That’s the one where “whatever CAN go wrong WILL go wrong”, correct? Well, I arrived at Bennigan’s tonight and I hadn’t downloaded the set yet; I was hoping to get it when I got there. Turns out, they might have the worst internet signal of all time. I bet the court of Queen Elizabeth I was getting better wifi than this place. On top of that, the metal plating or what ever it might be on top of the roof makes it impossible to get cell phone reception so I was pretty much SOL… I was able to pull up the questions on my cell phone, thus began a pretty wacky night of trivia.

Despite technical issues, the game went rather smoothly and we had a LOT of fun! I think particularly the AUDIO clue that never was… So, I couldn’t download the MP3 file for the Karaoke Music audio clue that was supposed to be given so it turned into a “Bill Sings 90’s Karaoke”. Yes, it was as dumb and as amazing as it sounds. I picked some decently popular (though perhaps not popular at all based on the score) songs from the 90’s and asked for artist identification. It did NOT go well but I did get a huge round of applause, especially for getting lost in the moment on the second performance of “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden. Fun times. Fun. Times.

Tonight’s question of the night could have gone to most any question as tonight’s set had more bite to it than usual but I think my vote goes to 3 Clues 1 Country. These kinds of questions are high-risk high-reward. You can go for that 2 point bonus but if you miss, you’re screwed. You not only miss out on the extra 2 but you also lose your wager AND a potential 5 point bonus chip. That happened for a large portion of the teams, who came up early with a commonly incorrect answer of Turkey. Apparently, you guys didn’t spend enough time playing Call of Duty and remembering when they brought you into Egypt for the El Alamein campaigns. That question had 1 team get a 2 point bonus and maybe 1 or 2 more pick up points at all, a crucial part of the game indeed.

Going into the final Knock Knock, my pick to lose tonight, was leading the way fairly significantly. 2nd was Chuck Rodent and 3rd was the Gold Team. The final played very difficult tonight too which would ensure a fun finish. Lots of teams missing, rewarding our teams who came up with a correct response. Honorable mention to our 4th place finishers Cowpoke in the Hawkeye, who came up with a correct response and finished ahead of a majority of the teams on their FIRST TRIVIA NIGHT as a DUO! Hopefully they come back next week wow. Good game. 3rd place was Chuck Rodent who missed but were far enough ahead to finish in the top 3. 2nd place, Strangers have the Best Candy, who jumped up big with a correct response on the final. Winning tonight, Knock Knock takes this one down, being one of three teams to convert on the final! Great game! Back in a week! Thanks guys!!!

1st Place: Knock Knock
2nd Place: Strangers have the Best Candy
3rd Place: Chuck Rodent

Next week: Mel Brooks Films

trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Once again, we welcomed a few new teams into Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon for their first Pour House Trivia experience.  Tonight’s game was very close at the top of the standings, with two teams leading the rest of the field.  Two Girls and An idiot held a slight lead over Alice Alice, which allowed the latter to enter a strategic wager since they already had second place guaranteed.  The final proved to be quite difficult, meaning the strategic wager paid off, and Alice Alice earned their second win of the season.  Two Girls and An Idiot did manage to take home second place, while Humanta Ray jumped several spots by being the ONLY team to correctly answer the final question!  Great job!  Next week begins with a question oin the category: Name That Baldwin!  ~ Matt



Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

It was on and poppin’ tonight at Memories! We started the evening off with a raucous rendition of Happy Birthday for our dearest Antonio – 26 years young! That started us off on a lively note, and we never lost steam! Our first half had everything from Gangster Movies to Karaoke, and you guys SLAYED IT!

As always, the puzzle pages helped separate the ranks, with the competitive tensions building through the third round. The scores stayed pretty consistent through our final round, all leading up to our final question, where NOT ONE, BUT TWO teams got the final answer (I flubbed this a bit, but you guys forgave me, right? Right?!)

Anywho, following my blunder we ended up with a TIE for THIRD PLACE between the Polyamorous Virgins and the Newbies. We had them guessing at gross profit of Pixar films, and it was…. POLYAMOROUS VIRGINS who took home the win! I’m sure the Newbies will be back with a vengeance next week, though! In second place were our devoted Men & Pausers (and my favorite pen fairies), following closely on the heels of our first place winners, See What Had Happened Was! Amazing game, and always a great time with you guys—you keep me laughing (at myself-for mispronouncing things)!

Winner’s choice category for next week, you ask? INDIGO GIRLS! See you next Wednesday, but remember, WE’RE OFF WED. NOV. 25 BEFORE THANKSGIVING! 🙂


The Overwood – Alexandria, VA

Our second week at Overwood brought in some serious trivia competitors in “Anne’s Birthday Gun” (it was actually a Hanukkah present, but she had to wait.) We had some laughs, answered some questions and set the bar for an exciting Week 3!

Anne’s Birthday Gun took home first, with the combined forces of last week’s teams not able to rise out of second.

Next week’s first category is Horse Racing!! Head on out to your local horse track and do some, uh, “research”.


See you next week!


The Tavern – Olney, MD

We had a packed house last night at The Tavern for our game! Almost all of the regulars were in and we had 3 brand new, Pour House virgin teams that I HOPE, we’ll see again soon! (They had some fun playing) Our newbies also got the taste of “The Final”, which changed up most of the top 3 teams! With a 3rd place finish in their first game ever, welcome to the Pour House family Bart’s Best! Only two teams got last nights final correct, and it shot this team from 5th to 2nd, nice finish Moving Forward!! They moved into 1st after the 6-4-2 bonus and were the only other team that got the final right to hold onto 1st, John Lithgow’s Fan Club are our champions of the week!!! They picked “The 2015-16 Washington Capitals” for next Wednesdays winners choice question, and I hope our crowd next week will be as aMAZing as this weeks was… See you then!!!! ~ Jon J


Another week, another rowdy night of Pour House Pub Trivia at the Revolution Bar!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Premature-Mic-Drop”: We like to have fun and banter at the Revolution Bar, and sometimes that includes some good-natured ribbing. So when a team muffs a question, but crush the next one, sometimes they get a little swagger about them. Which is unfortunate when the rest of the game proceeds to go straight downhill!

In “So-Much-For-A-Bell-Curve”: The puzzle page saw a huge disparity in the scores. They were all over the place tonight, making it impossible to gauge just how easy or difficult it was. One thing’s for sure though, it caused quite the stir!

In “Who-Wrote-This?!”: Ok seriously, the geyser question, I can’t even explain or defend. The disgruntled mumbles were much in evidence and I had nothing to assuage them.

The final was a total miss so it didn’t affect the standings.

In third place tonight, E=MC Hammer!

In second place tonight, GT80 Sauce!

In first place tonight, the Green Machine!

Great game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with NPR Shows! Get listening, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

NPR Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

We’re starting to get back up to Winter Attendance as we had a number of teams playing some live trivia here tonight at Valley Grill, it’s great to see the new faces!

We had a couple of thought provoking questions in the set tonight, and a few teams struggled a bit in the 2nd half. Here are the results:
Southpaw Fish in 1st
Fat Kids are hard to Kidnap in 2nd
Shakeweight in 3rd

Our first category for next week’s game is the board game Mastermind.

~ Ronnie


Wolfie’s – Smyrna, DE

Tonight, Pour House Trivia, made its debut in Delaware at Wolfies Bar and Grille! A learning experience for all (players and host). No one knew what they were getting into. We had fun, we were loud and we all joked around. Come to find out, my accent may have been the joke of the night! All teams were close in points, amazing competition.


Wolfies had amazing food, FULL plates with great prices! Who can resist? Their staff was very friendly. We had parents who came in with their young children (parents played, not the kids). The staff entertained the kids with big coloring books and crayons with crazy straws in their beverages.

Who knew, almost all teams knew who RuPaul was!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday with more teams coming in!

1st place: I Know Nothing
2nd place: Double 7
3rd place: Dirty Sanchez

The winners chose next week’s topic: Classic Cartoons from Saturday Mornings.


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