A new venue and more on Wednesday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday wished a warm welcome to Market Street Fusion! Glad to have you in the fold, folks – hope to be seeing more of you!

Check out Wednesday’s recap!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Starting out today’s game with a question about the Wu-Tang Clan, we got to talk about possibly one of my favorite sketches on “Chapelle’s Show”, the Racial Draft (if you haven’t seen it, I’d recommend you look it up). I’ve always loved that sketch, so it was definitely fun to discuss. We also got to do a halftime sheet about cartoon dogs, with some great ones like Spunky from Rocko’s Modern Life, and unfortunately Scrappy Doo, who might be the worst. Also, I found out some teams don’t remember which is the dog and which is the cat between Ren and Stimpy (hint: it’s Ren).

We had a pretty close game throughout most of the first half, with the top four teams each separated by one point each. Unfortunately the cooking question turned out to be quite a heavy hitter, with everybody guessing Betty Crocker, when it was the Pillsbury Bakeoff. That caused quite a shakeup leading into the final round. The final question proved to be rather tough as well, with only a few teams getting it correct; turns out the actual location of Bohemia isn’t very well known.

With the results of that final question, in third place was Rent-A-Swag, who dropped from second place after the final question. Second place went to Car Ramrod, who jumped a few teams to grab the second place spot. Winning tonight’s game, the first in our Summer Fling season for 2015, was We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat, building up quite a lead heading into the final and then snagging the final answer as well, congrats! We’re going to start next week’s game with a question about Silicon Valley, the HBO series (I love that show!). That should be fun, so make sure to study up and come join us next week!

Until next time,

Silicon Valley trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Bar Louie – Rockville, MD

We kicked Summer Fling off with a bang at Bar Louie! Returning teams clashed with first-timers, and it all came down to some strategic betting on the final!

The game was close throughout as we learned about Olympic sprinting, Latin roots and cartoon dogs! We also learned all about the strengths and weaknesses of each team, as several answers were pulled by only one team.
As the game wound down, veteran team Bazinga bet to cover on the final, maintaining first. At the last second, a new team, Large Hadron Collider, snuck up into third, with Asian Brian and Those White People holding on in the middle. Bazinga has stuck to their namesake, but thrown us a hard first category: Triple 50/50, Sheldon or Leonard Quotes. Should be nigh impossible!!
Inline image 1
See you next week!

Summer Fling certainly flung this evening in Hagerstown! We had a 14 team pub trivia rager at Barefoot Bernies Wednesday to kick off this year’s Pub Trivia Summer Fling. We had our veterans in town playing as well as some folks we haven’t seen in a hot few and we had some new crews dip their feet in.

And the water was HOT tonight! The first half was fun and engaging with Tony the Tiger and Weird Al making cameos!

weird al trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

And then Round 3 hit. Round was fun, but in a “hurt me please” kinda way! There were some devils in there, disguised as Pillsbury Dough Boys apparently – which wins “Monster of the Night.”

pillsbury trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

By the time the final rolled in it was a tight game and exciting to see who was going to snap off the first ‘W’ of the Summer Fling season! And after the Bohemian craziness, our Top looked like this:

trivia pour house pub trivia maryland trivia pour house pub trivia maryland trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

And that my friends was a Wednesday of fun! Hope to see y’all again next week when we kick off with a question about a fantastic board game: Ticket to Ride. Until then, have a great week and I will see you soon. DG 🙂

ticket to ride trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Summer season started off just like the weather, HOT (and wet?)! A rager at Bennigan’s tonight. Lots of teams, large teams at that, and new teams, who, from the sounds of it, will be playing with us for the summer! Very excited to continue the season with this fine group of individuals!
What was up with all the CATS tonight??? Three of our teams had “Cats” in their name (Stray Cats, Oscar Wilde Cats, Herding Cats). It was weird, for lack of a better word. Anyways, tonight’s question of the night goes to (drum roll, please): The final question of the night. Might be a cop out to choose the final as the QotN but I liked this one. A bit of a YEKIOYD (you either know it or you don’t) but the word comes up EVERYWHERE and it’s good to know its origin.
The word “Bohemian” refers to someone from the Czech Republic. That little factoid was apparently only known by 2 of our teams tonight who, evidently, took the top 2 spots because of it. 3rd place, with a smart wager of zero, went to Strangers have the Best Candy, a new team to Bennigan’s but not new to the PHT circuit. They came out to Bennigan’s to test the field and see if it seems like a good place to spend the summer. I guess we’ll see next week! 2nd place went to Oscar Wilde Cats who was our first team to turn in a correct response to the final. Your winners tonight were the Stray Cats (what was with the Cats tonight?) who was the 2nd team with the correct response on the final. Great game guys! Back in a week with more of the summer season! Until then, later dudes!1st Place: Stray Cats
2nd Place: Oscar Wilde Cats
3rd Place: Strangers Have the Best CandyNext week: Pink Floyd
pink floyd trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

I was worried. Changing venues, I wasn’t sure if you all would make the switch to Market St Fusion and man, oh man, did you ever! We even had some guest teams who came to check out the new venue. Standing room only! I love playing to a packed house.

Thanks for hanging in with our growing pains, first night is always a bit tough. It’s Summer session now and we’ve got teams who are ready to roll – some good numbers going up! Dewey Decimators would have been 2nd but they were a bit overstaffed, so the very first top 3 at Fusion is Killin me Smalls in 3rd, Better late than Pregnant in 2nd (LOVE the new team name!) and it was Phlitches for the win! Nice job all! I hope to see you next week, same channel, same time, more staff 😉

We will start out with The Goonies! Truffle shuffle your way on in here 😉


Goonies Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

It felt good to be back at Memories tonight to find my regulars ready to start fresh for Summer Fling! It was definitely great to get some relief from the crazy heat we had today, too!

We played it fast and loose tonight, with some seriously close scores going into the second half, but in the end, we may have had our most surprising standings yet! Taking home the third place prize tonight were my beloved Men & Pausers, looking sharp and playing well with a full team! In second with a mere foursome were our Mighty B’s, scaling the ranks and stealing the second place prize. But in first place, newcomers to Memories but PHT veterans, The Moops!

Some very impressive answers from them for sure, the only team correct in a few instances! Their choice for first category next week? Primates!! See you next Wednesday!

– Torie

One Clue three monkeys pub trivia Maryland

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

I had a blast pinch-hitting for Jon last night as we kicked off the 2015 PHT Summer Fling at Olney Tavern! It’s always fun getting to know a new venue and making crap jokes (see what I did there?) while having a blast with live trivia!

7 teams battled their way through vermin, salmonella, Charles Manson, and the Cleveland Indians for our top three spots. We had some great funny answers too – when I see Weird Al on Friday night, I’ll definitely mention that his next albums should be titled “Al-ka Seltzer” and “Al – Qaeda.” 😛

Team Gryffindor put in an impressive performance and took third place just behind Moving Forward in second. However the team that established dominance early on and could not be caught was John Lithgow’s Fan Club – they knocked it out of the park and took a definitive first place!

A category after my own heart, next week’s winners’ choice category is “Movies of the 1930’s.” While you’re doing your research – might I recommend the film “Stage Door?” It’s a wonderful drama about the theatre starring Katharine Hepburn and featuring a very young, then-unknown Lucille Ball!

Thanks for having me, and I’ll be back on the 24th!

– Eric 😀

Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

It was a fun night at Revolution tonight. The pace of the night was set early on and it held steady all night. Third place went to GT 80 Sauce. Second went to Mess and Jeg. First place was held throughout the ENTIRE night by E = MC Hammer. Next weeks winners choice is “Unconventional music collaborations.” I had a great time filling in! Thanks!

– Amanda

The Summer season is off and running, and our first winners of the week are Two Girls and an Idiot, followed by Even More Jesus and Oscar’s Lethal Kiss.  Your first question next week will be on 1980s Music!  ~ Matt


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

A couple of first went off tonight at Valley Grill Sports Bar here in Middletown, the opening of the Summer Fling tourney here, and our first night out on the patio! We had ourselves a nice little game, smooth and laid back.

Here are your results:

Stupid Sexy Flanders in 1st

Southpaw Fish in 2nd

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 3rd

Our first category for next week’s game is a Triple 50/50: Andre the Giant or Jack the Giant Killer? Cya then

~ Ronnie

andre the giant  trivia pour house pub trivia maryland