A mayo-riffic round of Wednesday Pub Trivia with Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday reminded you of how much mayo is needed on a daily basis!

(probably less than that. Yea, that’s a lot you’ve got there!)

Check out the games!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

We’re back at Applebee’s after what felt like an eternity away, and it felt like we never left.  Plenty of familiar faces came around, as well as a bunch of new ones who got their first exposure to Pour House Trivia.  Today’s game was a bit odd, and the leaderboards seemed to be completely different after each round.  In the end, Quick Pink and the Vine Gang came out of retirement as a duo and held the lead for most of the game, but the Berlin Wall of Asia was too much of an obstacle for them, and they finished the game in second.

Winning the game with a correct answer on the final and proving their knowledge of the Wagah Border, the Witiots won again, continuing their streak from before the break.  Nice work to them!  In third place was Team Pup n Suds who also were able to get the final.  Next week we start off with another Presidential category, as the Witiots chose Presidential elections as their winner’s choice category. I hope to see you all there next week!

Until next time,
Chad B

Presidents Pub Trivia Category MD

Barefoot Bernie’s – Hagerstown, MD

Tuesday night at trivia night I was inventing new cuss words walking outside in the cold. Then Wednesday hit and made Tuesday look like thong weather (not that I would ever sport a thong…just an expression…anyhow…) Burr…serious burrr!! In spite of the elements though, I did get to see my trivia friends tonight at Barefoot Bernies in Hagerstown, MD for our kick off game of 2015 – hump day style!

Had some new teams tonight give PHT a try and some vets as well tossing some wagers around. It turned out to be an up and down game all night. There were some trap doors and pitfalls that a few teams ran into, only to get catapulted the next round by some other wild turn arounds! Between Pictionary and Mayonnaise I think we had 7 teams go in and out of the Top 3! Jean Claude van Damme made a cameo and I got to say the word UBIQUITOUS (which I was scolded for by my peers). I found out the word ubiquitous is not very ubiquitous, after all 🙂

Great times tonight y’all! And congrats to our Top 3. Finishing in the top 3 of this one was no easy feat.

pour house live trivia maryland

pour house live trivia maryland

pour house live trivia maryland

Have a safe and WARM WEEK my friends! Next week we kick off with “Superheroes” as our first category! This will be a good teaser for our “4H Theme Night” coming up in February! See you next Wednesday 🙂 dg

super hero trivia heroes trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Back in action after a two-week hiatus!! Glad to see everyone returning with smiles on their faces and pub trivia in their brains! I’d like to send my apologies out for the minor technical issues from tonight, but the game seemed to flow well enough any way. Won’t happen again; I’ll make sure of it!
Tonight’s question of the night has GOT to be the condiment question, wiping out the entire room and taking away the 5 point bonus from almost half the field. Who knew Mayo was so popular? I mean, I’m a big fan but I thought I was a minority. Now I don’t feel as bad! A quick shout-out to my secret admirer 🙂 Not sure who left me the Katy Perry calendar but it was very thoughtful, and I will be hanging it up in my bedroom in the next hour or so! Let’s get back to tonight’s game! My Favorite Team is coming off 3 wins in a row and tonight was no different; they went into the final question up a whopping 13 points! Uncle Jack took 2nd place, being the only team to get the final answer correct. 3rd place went to Anderson Cooper? with a defensive wager. Congrats to those who placed. Just a couple more games to wrap up the Winter Season, hoping to see everyone coming back for our weekly games, and best of luck to all of the vets and regulars who are planning on participating in the playoffs and the World Series! My favorite time of year 🙂 Until next week all!1st Place:     My Favorite Team
2nd Place:    Uncle Jack
3rd Place:     Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her!Next week’s category:     The Grateful Dead
[th_youtube id=’n4-_V__GUro’ name=’Grateful dead Trivia’]

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Damn you Mayonnaise! That was all I heard the whole last half of our live trivia game – Mayo!

Now I’m craving a BLT… hmm… strange. 😉

As much as we all enjoyed the holidays, I was awfully glad to get back to my underground teams! Was a great time watching the teams slide around the leader board – it was like a giant chutes and ladder game.

When the last move was made it was to yet another unexpected out come. TNC managed to make it in to the 3rd spot, and theey seemed a little surprised about it. hehe. 2nd went to Team Wednesday who will be leaving us for Costa Rica for a bit, and 1st went to the rather excited Constantly Changing Team Name! Nice job! They were the only team to pick up the 246 on the 6 point clue – impressive!

Next week they will aim to impress us again with a first question of Persian History. Stay warm out there ladies and gents!


Persia History Pour House Pub Trivia Iraq Iran

Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

After a two week hiatus for Christmas and New Year’s Eves, Revolution was back and hoppin’ tonight for our first game of live trivia in 2015!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Jealousy-Is-An-Ugly-Color”: Team GT80 Sauce, on their inaugural night of trivia many eons ago, asked that I put certain emphasis on the Sauce. Tonight, Movin on Up decided they wanted emphasis too. So henceforth, because they’re a little green with envy, Movin on Up will be sung to the tune of Movin on Up from now on. *sigh*

In “Duuuuuuude-Weeeeeeird-…”: For the condiments question, EVERY team put the same wrong answer: Siracha. I have several questions. 1. How is the correct answer Mayonnaise anyway?? 2. How much did Americans spend on Siracha? and 3. Why is it on everyone’s minds?

In “Close-But-No-Cigar”: Everyone knew Michigan J Frog was the WB mascot. But which comedian(s) had their own show to start the programming? Oddly enough, everyone picked In Living Color alumni: not Jim Carrey, not Jaime Foxx, and not David Allen Grier, but the Wayans Brothers! Tough one, but again, curious that everyone was on the same wavelength…

At the end of the night, the final was too tough for the podium to remain set.

In third place, Mess and Jegg! A hard fought spot guys, good job!

In second place, with a defensive wager, Movin on Up! Don’t feel too bad for them though; as the only team to not get the final correct, it was a smart wager that held them second. Smart move guys!

In first place, winning our first game of 2015, Team GT80 Sauce! Congratulations guys, well done!

For their first round category next week, GT80 Sauce advises us to “Always Be Batman“, whatever that means! Should be an interesting question!

Until then,

Batman trivia pour house pub trivia

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

We were back at T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria after our holiday hiatus, as were most of our regular teams.  After using ‘Van Halen’ as an incorrect response on dozens of occasions, the B-58s were finally able to write it on their slip for some points!  Meanwhile, My Favorite Team managed to sneak ahead of the pack by the fourth round, but had to sweat through a surprisingly difficult final question.  As much as everyone loves hot sauce, there was only one team that actually gave me the correct response.  But alas, All the Marbles was also the only team to bet zero on the final, so they were not able to improve much in the standings.  In the end, My Favorite Team took home another win, followed by Star Sacrifice and Trivia Newton John.  See you again next week when our first category will be the card game Uno!  ~Matt


It was great to come back into Valley Grill Sports bar after a two-week holiday hiatus from our typical Wednesday live trivia action!

It was a close game until the final, and Southpaw Fish rose to the occasion with a correct answer and the win! Shakeweight also nailed that final question to leap into 2nd, and a strategic zero wager secured Captain Geech and the Shrimp Shack Shooters a 3rd place showing.

Be back here next week, where our first category will be The Beatles.

~ Ronnie

Beatles pub trivia category maryland