A majestic Monday of Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday brought six sweet games of live trivia!

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Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Wow that was a tight one! Another great one on the books down here at DRP in Alexandria, and it took a tie-breaker between HR PuffNStuff and MSC to settle it all at the end! Here are the results of tonight’s mischief:
Still TBD in 1st
Defenders of the Constitution in 2nd
MSC in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the Green Bay Packers!

~ Ronnie

Green Bay Packers Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Today’s game continued the recent trends of birthday shenanigans
happening during trivia. This time, however, we said happy birthday
to one of the young members of Danny Glover, as well as Sent from my

Last week’s winners once again fell into the trap of having picked a
video game as the category and having to answer the question, this
time about Mass Effect, without their video game expert being present.
Either way, they still managed to handle it as well as some other
teams, knowing that Commander Shepard’s ship is called the Normandy.
I was also impressed with how many teams knew the answer to the
country music question. Unfortunately most teams weren’t paying quite
enough attention to recent events, since only one team got the name of
the probe that took pictures of Pluto, named New Horizons.

In round two, the Paul Rudd question proved to be a little difficult,
and for some teams was difficult to hear since the room was so loud.
It turned out some teams were just Clueless on this one (that was one
of the answers!). The College Football question was tough too, but
you had to remember that football was basically invented in the Ivy

I wrote today’s halftime page, which I thought was fun. I was
surprised some teams had trouble with so many of the famous cats on
the page. The second half was tough with a difficult world geography
question, and a question about the U.S. Constitution that seemed to
stump most of the teams. The regular rounds ended with a question
about the Krampus, which is one of the scarier Christmas legends,
being related to St. Nicholas. Heading into the final question we had
two teams ahead of the pack, with everybody else close together. The
final question didn’t cause much of a stir due to the way wagering
shook out, but only one team got the final question correct but bet
conservatively. Third place tonight went to Rice Rice Baby, who got
the final correct. Second place went to Cotton Candy. Winning
tonight’s game was Danny Glover congrats on the birthday victory!
Honorable mention goes out to That’s A Niner, who finished in second
place but were playing with too many people. Next week starts with a
question about The Big Bang Theory (The TV show, not the theory), so
I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

Big Bang Theory Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

il Forno – Frederick, MD

As the summer season is reaching its last couple weeks, let’s talk about a few things. ONE – the PHT newsletter, go ahead and add yourself to the list of recipients! Great stuff and a great way to keep up with EVERYTHING that’s going on in the trivia circuit! TWO – now might be the time to start bringing your full teams together to get some practice in before the end of the summer.

Those qualifying teams will be duking it out in September for a ca$h prize; success at the big game starts with a good PRACTICE! If you’re not winning now, you’ve only got a few weeks to turn it all around guys! Bring the team out and BRING ALL YOU’VE GOT! Tonight’s game saw a lot of veterans join us, but it was the NEW TEAMS that had some success! Two new teams joined us tonight, The Dirty Burger and Admiral Ackbars, and they both finished quite strong! Going into the final we had Ackbar in 3rd, Burger in 2nd, and leading the pack was Fourplay Above the Table, who put on a clinic tonight, sniping at least 3 two point bonuses that no one else was getting. Good stuff.

The final tonight played difficult, and it rewarded the teams who converted. With that, 3rd place went to The Dirty Burger, not bad for a first time showing with us! Hoping you’ll be back next week! 2nd tonight, with a correct response was MC! And your winners tonight, one of the two teams to get the final correct was Fourplay Above the Table! Great game guys! Keep playing week to week to keep your game up!!! Back in a week, with League of Legends – see ya then!

1st Place: Fourplay Above the Table
2nd Place: MC
3rd Place: The Dirty Burger

League of Legends Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Schroyer’s Tavern, Maryland National Golf Club – Middletown, MD

Tonight was an interesting game to say the least from Schroyer’s Tavern at Maryland National Golf Club. It was fun, but tonight’s winner pretty much ran away with it!

In 3rd place we had I’m Just Making This Up As I Go Along! Our 2nd place finisher was Brannigan’s Law!! Tonight’s winner didn’t make it exciting in any way by taking a nice lead after the puzzle page and by the final had an insurmountable lead, Southpaw Fish!!! Their decision for next Mondays winners choice was “The Beatles”, so study up and join us for trivia at Schroyer’s Tavern!

~ Jon J



Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia at the Roast House was a wild one. Just when it seems like things were going one way, at the last second things took a left turn!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Ian-Makes-A-Fool-Of-Himself”: When your voice randomly breaks in the middle of a question, and someone comments that you sound like Mickey Mouse, you roll with it and spend the rest of the question talking that way.

In “Serves-Me-Right”: When you demonstrate a certain aptitude for voices over the mic, you shouldn’t be surprised when the winners make you put that on display the for the next week.

In “Rumble-In-The-Jungle”: You know things are gonna be crazy when old teams who’ve been MIA show up randomly. And then start the trash talkin’.

The final question of the night was a curveball that threw the podium for a loop!

In third place tonight, Better Late than Pregnant!

In second place tonight, Plan B!

In first place tonight, Southpaw Fish!

As I said, in response to my impression early on, Southpaw Fish has decreed that the winner’s choice category next week will be “Ian Imitates Disney Characters.” That’ll be fun xD

See you next week!

Until then,

Disney Characters Pub Trivia Maryland

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

The summer season is rolling along at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon.  A stellar performance by Jimmy’s in Vegas gave them a sizable lead heading into the final.  It was not completely insurmountable, and when they were unable to come up with the correct response, it was Ding!  Fries are Done who took down the win.  Jimmy’s in Vegas had to settle for second, with Eleven is a Prime Number rounding out the top three.  Next week begins with a question on World War I Diplomacy.  ~ Matt