A little Tryptophan can not keep us from trivia night!

“We gobbled  down our turkey and potatoes and cranberry sauce and stuffing and all that jazz Thursday; shopped and/ or slept it off on Friday, and then hauled our familes out to our weekend trivia night Sat and Sunday…” – Team Rope-a-Dope. tryptophan effects pin black friday shopping

And that was pretty much the story for this weekend’s games…

Belles Sports Bar Trivia Night 

We had quite a few teams come in from the holiday shopping rush to play some trivia at Belles Sports Bar, and the game was, as always, a ton of fun. Erin Go Braghless used at zero wager on the final to get out ahead of the other teams tonight and take first! W took 2nd place in a very close game, and some holiday visitors “Hoosier Daddy”, round out the top tier with 3rd. Next week our first category is an AC/DC audio clue! ~ Ronnie


It was packed tonight at Hinode!! It seems like we get more teams every week and I LOVE it!! It was a crazy back and forth night with at least 5 teams fighting for the top 3 spots all night, but because of an error on my part this is how tonight ended… in 3rd place tonight I had the visiting Butt, Sweat and Tears. In 2nd(because I can’t read so good) we had I Don’t Know and Wesley Crushers. But without a doubt and reclaiming their spot in 1st place was the Witiots! Welcome back youse guys!! They chose U.S. Presidents for next weeks first round category so study up and I’ll see everyone back next Sunday night at Hinode!!  ~ Jon J