A glorious Labor Day with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday celebrated Labor Day with five great games of live trivia!

Check out how all the holiday action went down, gang.

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to DRP for a little Labor Day Edition of PHT. Great game overall, and one of the best finals we have had in awhile.

Here are the results of tonight’s game, and remember Season 12 starts next week!

Still TBD in 1st

Kevin Sorbo Look in 2nd

Del Ray Dummies in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Good Luck this Saturday!

~ Ronnie

marvel film trivia

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Tonight’s game marked the end of an era. Sadly, The Greene Turtle is moving their trivia night to Tuesday night instead of Monday night, which means I can’t host trivia there anymore since I’m already locked into another venue on Tuesdays. This means this write up will be my last one for Greene Turtle trivia for quite some time, and possibly the last ever. Thanks for playing with me, those of you who read this, it was a great ride while it lasted. Hopefully I will see you all again soon though!

On the other hand, we also ended the summer season today, as next week officially starts up Pour House Trivia Season 12, so good luck to you all starting up next week. Today we started out with a question about Back to the Future, courtesy of Danny Glover who were riding a three game winstreak. After that we asked about heliology which is the study of the sun’s light. A question about Cindrella and some talking mice she saved came up after that, reminding me that I don’t think I’ve ever actually watched that movie. I mean really, a cat named Lucifer setting traps? What? I liked the last question of the round about logic, it was definitely one that you could figure out, especially if you know about computer science or philosophy.

The second round had a fun audio question with songs from Blondie and Pink, and Annie Lennox even made an appearance as a solo act. I’d never heard the song before, but I definitely liked it. The question about macaroons reminded me that macaroons are indeed still delicious, and made me want to go buy some. The next question about MTV stumped everybody when they couldn’t think of the show Trippin’. The NFL teams question proved a bit easier, asking about the winner of the last two NFC Championship games. As I said after the question, we might have been asking what team won the last two Superbowls if the Seahawks and Pete Carroll had chosen to run it in, instead of passing, but oh well.

Halftime didn’t prove too difficult for most teams, as everybody did pretty well on the job-related film titles and matching the rich people to the way they got famous (real or fictional). Heading into the third round things were pretty close at the top between the first and second place teams, and it stayed that way throughout. The Sci-fi question tripped up some teams as they didn’t remember what year Star Wars Episode II came out, and nobody got Star Trek Nemesis correct. However, I was impressed by how many teams knew Parade magazine, which I’ve never read in my life, and everybody got crowdsourcing correct as well. The cat 50/50 question definitely caused some issues with the teams, especially how many whiskers cats have on each side of their head.

In round four we had a question about TV Spinoffs as well as the board game Battleship. The Harry Potter question was fun too, asking about Defense Against the Dark Arts, the subject that has a new teacher every year at Hogwarts, with Professor Quirrell being the teacher in Harry’s first year. Another stumper reared its ugly head, this time the question about Buddy Lee, the mascot for Lee jeans, which I’ve never even heard of before in my life. Turns out nobody else could get there either, but oh well. As close as the game was at halftime, it was even closer with a tie for first place heading into the final question. The final proved to be tough with only one team getting it right, which helped them secure third place. Congrats to Cotton Candy on being the only team to get the final correct though! Second place went to Danny Glover, who lost on the tiebreaker, missing the amount of total revenue for Attack of the Clones. Winning tonight’s game, the final game of the Summer Fling AND my tenure at the Greene Turtle, congrats to That’s A Niner on tonight’s victory. Next week they wanted the category to be ‘venues that don’t do trivia on Mondays’, but settled for Coyote Ugly as the real category for next week.

Remember, next week trivia is moved to a Tuesday night thanks to Monday Night Football, and it will be a different host, hopefully somebody almost as awesome as me. Either way, thanks for the memories Greene Turtle, and especially thanks to all of you folks who put up with me every Monday for the past 9 months. It’s been a blast, I truly mean it when I say so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Until we meet again,

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il Forno – Frederick, MD

The invites for the Summer Tournament went out tonight, sending some of our most tenured veterans to the battle field next weekend as we duke it out for $$$ prizes! Tonight’s game saw MC leading the pack, followed closing by the John Lithgow Fan Club who decided to join us at il Forno for the holiday! MC proved they were in post-season form as they lead most of the field by double digits the entire game! The final question tonight played very difficult with only 3 teams getting it correct. One of those 3 teams were MC, whose zero wager locked the win in for them any way. 2nd place went to Chicken McThuggets with a little jump from behind action, and 3rd went to I’m with(out) Sarah as a DUO tonight, with a correct response! Great game, we’re back in a week for the beginning of season 12!

1st Place: MC
2nd Place: Chicken McThuggets
3rd Place: I’m with Sarah

Next week: Jethro Tull


Schroyer’s Tavern, Maryland National Golf Club – Middletown, MD

Last night at Schroyer’s Tavern gave one team a chance at a hat trick for wins in a row, and they took it!

Finishing 3rd last night was Areola Grande! 2nd went to a brand new team that I think we might start seeing more of, Fab 5 + 1!! With their third win in a row, One Crow Short of a Murder is still champ!!! Their new creative pick for next Mondays winners choice is Jon Jeffries sings Adele! Although this should be more fun than Kenny Rogers! Don’t miss out on the craziness next Monday night at Schroyer’s Tavern!!!

~ Jon J


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

What a finish we had at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon!  Round four concluded with a THREE-WAY TIE for first, but all three of those teams missed the final question, and it was the fourth place team, Kitten Mittens, who leaped over all of them by being the only team in the house to come up with the correct response!  And in their very first game!  The three-way tiebreaker ended up being for second place, with Jimmy’s in Vegas taking that one.  Next week, we’ll start with a question on Harry Potter!  ~ Matt