A frozen round of Tuesday trivia with Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday was so cold! How cold was it?!

  • Hoth cold
  • Colder than the deep vacuum of space
  • Like the inside of a freezer
  • Just F*ing miserable

Trick question: They’re all right. But despite that, we pressed on, and gave you SIX games of live trivia! Check em out!


Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

A few of our regular teams admitted that they were a bit ‘off their game’ tonight, but we still had a close game with a number of teams within striking distance of the medal stand.  But, for the second week in a row, it was the Capitol City Goofballs who pulled away from the field in the final round, picked up the correct response on the final, and made it two wins in a row.  Great work!  Korner Bar took second with the Valley Girls squeezing into third place.  Next week, our game will begin with a question on the film “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”!

peewees big adventure trivia pour house pub trivia


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

I had an awesome time tonight subbing for Sam for live trivia at Champions!! It was a great game, tied up through the third round in a few places, with only a single point separating our prize winners!! Our third place prize went to the Castaways! In second place just ahead of them were the green ink Thundercats  The top dogs tonight were the members of BTI with some excellent brain power! Their choice of first category? Luke Skywalker! Sam will see you next week, but thanks for an awesome night subbing! ~Torie Star Wars Trivia Gaithersburg


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

We had a HOT game of live trivia here at Cugini’s in Poolesville, and we had ourselves a three way tie going into the final question! MoMo was our winners tonight, and man they played a strong game, not needing to wager on the final for the win! After the final, it was tied between Lightfoot and Serenity Now for 2nd, with Lightfoot pulling ahead in the tiebreaker. I will see you all again next week, where our first category is Jack Nicholson films! ~ Ronnie jack nicholson bar trivia company question


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

As the old adage goes, “Come for the Thanksgiving buffet, stay for the exciting Pour House Trivia action!” (that’s an old adage, right??) Tonight’s game featured a 50/50 mix of newcomers and veteran teams, which made for a competitive night. After we relived New Coke in the 80’s, Scrunchies in the 90’s and roughly 59 Shades of Grey/Gray, it all came down to the final. As seemed to be a pattern all night, two distinct answers were given, but only one could be right! Would the veterans hold on to the top spots? Experience proved to be the deciding factor tonight. Pomeranian’s took home third tonight, while The Gorrams nabbed second and IWOHAB (If We Only Had a Brain) brought home the bacon tonight with a repeat first place finish. Can they make it a dynasty next week? Their choice of first category, U.S. State Capitals, should help them on their way! -Nick state Capitals trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

Despite the frigid weather out there it was still a hot one at Markham’s! We had some new teams, some veterans, a baby, and the rowdy bartenders all joining in for a good time! Highlights of the Night: As heavenly of bodies as they may have, there are unfortunately no such moons as Beyonce and J-Lo. Though perhaps there should be… Ohhh the stink-eye when I tell a team that the god they chose who’s name begins with the letter A is not alphabetically first. Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena: all close but no cigar! I’m fairly certain we could’ve had one hell of a fruit salad between the multitude of berries named for the Berry Good Question: Goose, Straw, Blue, Huckle, Elder, Lum, Redcurrants, Bear, Cran, Goji. It was almost un-Berry-ble! *rimshot* *crickets* *Ahem* While first place was pretty much locked up, the battle for second raged hard at the final question. When it came down to it, defensive wagering was key. In third place, the Snowmen! tough break guys, but still a good game! In second place, Chronic Underachievers! In addition to being the only team to wager 0 on the final, they were the only team to get the final correct! Still there was no catching the team in first, so well done Chronic! Up by a whopping 37 points going into the final, they were already doing their victory dance even before I read the question! Congratulations to the Universal Life Church, Now Offering Circumcisions! Dominant game tonight! For their first round category next week, they have chosen Jean-Claude Van Damme movies! Brace yourselves for vicious roundhouse kicks, and we’ll see you next time! Until then, Ian Jean Claude Van Damme Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

 Record number of teams at La La for our lil pub trivia contest Tuesday night at La La – licious! 18 teams packed it in and threw it down. I gave up my trivia table and hosted from a high chair! It was sick! I think I forgot to go park my car also 🙂 But the energy was big, the food and drinks were flowing and it was good dag’on times for sure! Love my Tuesdays y’all – thanks for coming out to play!

As we popped the 15 team threshold, we award the Top 5 with some extra world series points. That game was a monster. Not only was it 18 trivia teams, it was 18 TOUGH trivia teams! Snatching a top 5 against this field is a nice feather in the ole pub trivia accomplishment cap (or paper flower, as you’ll see in the images below). So many props to our leader board – GREAT GAME!



he plays pub trivia in maryland

And that one is in the books – the record books! I also think it may have been one of the coldest in a while too! Packing speakers at the end of the night had a serious bite on it 🙂

Thanks again everyone for heading out to Monkey La La and having some fun with us, La La style. I hope you have a great week and weekend and I will see you next Tuesday night. We will kick that game off with the category of “The Comedy Team of Tim and Eric.” comedy show trivia night

See you then 🙂 DG