A comet trifecta with Pour House Pub Trivia on Wednesday!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday covered a trifecta of comets: The cleaner/the space object AND the reindeer!

Check out all the games, gang.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game started out with the latest episode of the world famous “Chad Sings” series of questions. This time the topic was The Little Mermaid, so I ended up between the songs Under the Sea and Part of Your World, and I decided to sing Under the Sea, asking for the name of the character who sang it. After that we had a question about a new Harry Potter play that’s coming out soon called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which should be interesting. The U.S. tourist attractions question ended up being pretty tough, especially for a question so early in the game. The question listed a bunch of landmarks, asking teams to name the cities those landmarks are in.

The next question about sweet treats was about one of my favorite things, which are moon pies. I always think of the amazing ones that my parents would get us whenever we would visit family in PA and passed through Amish country. The round ended with a question about the only NBA player to win an MVP under two different names (he’s also the only person with 6 MVP’s total) which is of course Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It was interesting seeing people try to get only his last name, as some people thought Alcindor was multiple words, and some thought that Lew Alcindor was only his last name.

The next round started with an audio question about current TV commercials, and of course ended up being about my least favorite commercials that are on the air currently. I’m talking about those stupid Lincoln commercials with Matthew McConaughey, where he just drives around and babbles about nonsense, I guess trying to sound deep and interesting, when in reality he just sounds like an idiot. Man, I hate those commercials… Also, it turns out nobody knows how to spell his name either. Speaking of things that are useless, the next question asked about the human appendix, which about 300,000 Americans have removed every year because of inflammation.

Tonight’s three clues/one word question was about the word Comet, which is what the spacecraft Rosetta landed on in 2014, as well as being a household cleaner and one of Santa’s reindeer. A question about boy bands came next, asking about boy bands that have a set of brothers in their original members, which were 98 Degrees (Nick and Drew Lachey) and New Kids on the Block (Jonathan and Jordan Knight). Ending the round was a question about poultry, which was about breasts and wings, the only parts that are all white meat, which are coincidentally my favorite parts to eat on a chicken or turkey.

For halftime tonight I had to call a bit of an audible due to some issues with getting the sheet picked up from Fed Ex, so I ended up asking for the ten most populous U.S. State capitals, as well as the five first American Idol winners and the five most recent Superbowl winners. This ended up working out fine, although some teams ended up giving me answers that were NOT state capitals (Albuquerque is NOT the capital of New Mexico, Santa Fe is!) After halftime we had a really close game, with almost every single team being separated by a point or two.

The second half started out tough, first asking about the notes on a standard six-string guitar, which only a few teams knew that the only repeated letter in those notes is the letter ‘E’ (they go E-A-D-G-B-E from top to bottom, I totally did NOT just copy that from the question document…) The toughness continued with a question about people who had last names that started with ‘MEN’, which asked about Dmitri Mendeleev, the Menendez brothers, and composer Alan Menken.

Things got a little bit easier with a question about one of my favorite books that I read in high school, which was ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ by Ken Kesey. However, a few teams tripped up on the next question talking about the Spanish steps. The mythological A+B=C ended up being the toughest question of the night, asking about the number of labors Hercules had to perform and the number of muses according to Hesiod. Many teams guessed way too low, not even getting the number of labors by Herc right, which is 12. Even fewer got the number of muses right, which is nine.

Tonight’s 6-4-2 question asked about a comic book character, so of course almost everybody assumed we were talking about a superhero. However, most teams realized after the next clue about a love triangle the main character was in that the answer was actually Archie, who is involved with Betty and Veronica. The next round opened with a question about World Series MVP’s, asking about a pair of pitchers who won two WS MVP’s each between 1963 and 1967, who were Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson.

The question about current TV game shows asked about The Chase, which has teams competing against a trivia expert nicknamed The Beast, a show that I almost got on! (got pretty close to getting picked, but oh well). Things got back to being tough again when we asked about scientific discoveries, talking about a form of energy known today as X-rays, which were discovered by Wilhelm Rontgen to win the very first Nobel prize in physics. The car question was about the best-selling Hyundai models, which are the Sonata and the Elantra.

Ending the round, however, was a question that really shook things up, in the category of cartoon characters.The question was about a character who was known as Dippy Dawg when he debuted in a 1932 short film called “Mickey’s Revue”. The answers ended up split almost evenly between Pluto and Goofy, with the answer being Goofy. Heading into the final question things were still pretty close between the teams at the top, although the gap definitely widened for several teams.

The final question was about word origins and ended up being pretty tough, with only a few teams getting the answer correct. The question asked about a word that used to apply to the topics of reading, grammar, and logic, which are all pretty important topics. However, the word nowadays is used to apply to much less important topics; only a few teams realized we were talking about the word TRIVIA. Ending in third place was Dalek Dance Party, who turned in a pretty solid performance overall tonight. Second place went to Suck It Trebek, who fell behind by a single point on the last question of round four. Winning tonight’s game, congrats to Carolina Reapers on pulling out the clutch victory. Next time we start out with a question about the WWE.

As a side note, we will not be having trivia next Wednesday, as Applebee’s is doing a Veteran’s Day event where they will be giving out free food to any military veterans who come in all day on November 11th, so if you know anybody who is a vet, or YOU are a vet, you should go in there and get some free eats! I’ll see you all again in two weeks, so have a good two weeks everybody!

Until next time,

Wrestling Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland

Reindeer, comets and Moon Pies – that’s what it was all about in the first half of tonight’s trivia throw down at our favorite Hagerstown bar Wednesday night! BUT…the second half was not so friendly! I acquiesce, that 2nd half had monster teeth! I would like to see more guitar players come on out to trivia, however! You never know when the occasional Git Fiddle question might pop up, like tonight, or at least a random celebratory air guitar lead! Those are always fun and I have always thought of using them as a tie-breaker!

air guitar

That said though, congrats to Move Bif get Out Da Way who traversed tonight’s set fearlessly and successfully! This earned them the RARE uncontested W! Great game y’all. The rest of us had to grapple with a tough trivia final that was that: TRIVIA. Whooda thunk “trivia” was a Liberal Arts term of mucho importante back in the good ole Ancient Greece days! Fun stuff.

A few of the teams did manage to pick that question up and roll it on home for a Top 3!

20151104_222449.3 20151104_222223.2 20151104_222310.1

Good game everyone and congrats to the Top 3! It was a tough game tonight – well played!

Tune in next Wednesday night when we kick off with the category of “Appalachian Trail Geography.” It’s supposed to be nice the next few days, maybe go for a lil hike? 🙂

See ya soon – DG



Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Well, I only had to call security once but it was a slightly more rowdy night here at Belles! I think having Kayla training tonight was a bad influence on you all – been awhile since you had to be on your best behavior! The rivarlies are strong with this bar, almost as strong as the force will need to be with you for our Star Wars game next month!
We had some curve balls thrown tonight, apparently not many of you are spending time watching GSN or catching up on your mythology while reclining on the Spanish Steps. Oh that would be the life. We did get to talk about Boy bands and breasts though, so not all was lost!

Teams were knocking each other down with words, and deeds tonight– we had to throw a flag at one point for roughing… A night like that wouldn’t be complete without a fight to the end, and after a final that left you all scratching your heads it was Wednesday and Peggin Patschak who had to battle it out over the birthday of a man they knew nothing about. That went about as well as you’d expect and once my questionable math skills were brought to bear it was Peggin in 3rd (As a Duo!) 2nd went to Wednesday and it was Flight Level Awesome who rocked this thing tonight and brought home the goods!

Nice job all, fun night. I will see you next week for Harry Potter, the book series specifically. Not the play 😉 See you next week!


harry potter trivia question


Season 12 continued tonight at Bennigan’s, with a large chunk of our regular crowd coming out to play! Half time showed us something different tonight as last week’s winners, Chuck Rodent, were not in the top 3; instead we had T&A in 2nd place and Blue Steel leading the way. Would this Role Reversal hold up through the second half? More on that to come in a few.

Tonight’s question of the night was definitely our Question for the “MEN”. The word in quotes is definitely an attractive bonus chip at PHT. Though a category isn’t explicitly given (you could be hit with Lit, Movies, TV, geography, ANYTHING really…), it seems more attractive because the format of these questions is usually a 3 part, get 2 for your wager. What team doesn’t think they can nail 2 out of 3 questions in crunch time? Well, the answer is no one.

First question asks for the Russian who created the Period Table. I’m not sure how this fact got messed up through the years, but I had more than half of the teams put Mendel instead of Mendeleev. Mendel worked with pea plants to show genetic change; Mendeleev was a Russian who created the table. Already we found many teams at a disadvantage by needing the next two answers correct to hang on to their wagers. The murder trial in the 90’s was Menendez, most teams getting that. The Aladdin composer, Alan Menken, was a rare get too. I guess people’s wagers were based on the fact that they thought Mendel was the Father of the Periodic Table, not the Father of Genetics. Either way, a lot of teams fell backward, Chuck Rodent being the only team to snag 3 out of 3.

Going into the final, the scores did get moved around a bit as Chuck Rodent held the lead with the Gold Team not far off. Blue Steel managed to hold onto 3rd place. The final was pretty challenging. Most times taking the full time to formulate a guess, and probably half the teams who had it right didn’t even believe their guess was good. But fortunately for them, their desperation guess of “TRIVIA” would work tonight! Great great great. Nothing got too moved around after the final so your top 3 remained the same. Great game all! Back in a week! See ya then!

1st Place: Chuck Rodent
2nd Place: Gold Team
3rd Place: Blue Steel



We’re starting to develop our own group of regulars at Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon.  Jimmy’s in Vegas was back after a few weeks off, looking for their second win of the season.  They had a comfortable lead heading into the final, but were not able to come up with the correct response, leading to what is undoubtedly their favorite part of the game: THE TIEBREAKER!  Humanta Ray had jumped three spots on the final to tie for first, but after losing four tiebreakers in a row this season, Jimmy’s in Vegas was  able to channel their inner Dmitri Mendeleev and take down the win.  Humanta Ray did take second for the second week in a row, and Alice Alice took third.  Next week we’ll stat with a question on Minnesota Sports Teams!  ~ Matt



Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

Another great night at Memories Charcoal House was had by all, both veterans and newbies alike. Good tunes and lots of laughs is the way we roll. I’ve also started to notice a trend of you guys tying it up right before the final question… I think you’re just trying to keep me guessing at this point! The scores tonight shook out like this: Rocking the third place prize were the ever-consistent Men & Pausers! STEALING SECOND with a hefty wager and a correct final answer were the Polyamorous Virgins! And sitting pretty in the top spot once again was See What Had Happened Was, remaining feisty as ever. You guys killed it tonight. Winner’s choice category next week: Goodfellas! See you next Wednesday! – Torie


The Overwood – Alexandria, VA

We had ourselves a fiery opening night at Overwood in Old Town Alexandria. Sparks flew between our teams (and even at their teammates) as they attacked our questions with vigor!

The place itself is awesome! The staff are all very friendly, the food and drink selection is superb, and the atmosphere promises to be fun and exciting. You should come on out and try this new venue out!!

Our teams stayed very close the whole game, with just a few points separating them. In the end, #WoodsGood came away with the win. They selected, “Music Lingo” as the first category for next week. CALLING ALL MUSIC LOVERS!


See you next week,


The Tavern – Olney, MD

We have some really good and competitive teams at The Tavern on Wednesday nights. It’s always a back and forth for the top spots and the final question always has the possibility to shake things up, but last night everything seemed to run smooth without the final question flip-flopping everything around!

In 3rd place was Suck it Trebek, in a close 2nd was Olney the Lonely, and back in the winners seat with a 1st place victory was John Lithgow’s Fan Club!! They picked a Triple 50/50 for next weeks winners choice “Jane Austen or One of the Bronte’s” so study up and get in here for great game of trivia next Wednesday at the Tavern!!

~ Jon J

Pride and Prejudice Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland


Tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia…well let’s face it, tonight was a little silly at the Revolution Bar. Don’t really need to go into details because it was very much a “You Had To Be There” Night.

Let’s just say in summary that:

I definitely need to start mainlining caffeine,
Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it right back,
No one has any clue who were actually in New Kids on the Block or Boyz II Men,
Bartender Tim is our king,
Baseball Player questions should only be answered with random collections of words, and
Cognates is a silly word and should never be uttered.
After the final, the standings were thus:
In third place, but ineligible for prizes, X-Factor!
In second place, after a tough night, Mess and Jegg!
In first place, E=MC Hammer!

Good game tonight guys! Next week we’re gonna kick the November holidays off a bit early with a Thanksgiving question! Should be fun; see you next time!

Until then,

Happy Thanksgiving

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Another great night here at Valley Grill in Middletown!

We had a few tough questions for ya’ll tonight, with a few proving to make the final round rather interesting. Great job Scared Money on holding out for a 2nd place finish!

Here are the results:

Fat Kids are hard to Kidnap in 1st

Scared Money in 2nd

Capt Geech in 3rd

Our first category for next week is the NHL.

~ Ronnie

Stanley Cup Pub Trivia Category Maryland