A blaze of glory on the weekend with Pour House’s Live Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend served up a pair of games discussing Young Guns and Bon Jovi and a bunch more fun stuff!

Give it a read.

I do so love filling in for Ronnie over at Belles, the people are always fun and all the teams were familiar faces. Was a nice low key game tonight, aside from a few heckling moments where my nyer showed a bit.. All in all, thanks for the laughs!

I love how you all killed the showtunes question, some of you were quite vocal about how comfortable you are in your masculinity- made my night. Pilgrim’s Progress definitely did not make your night for most of you- so close to the coveted 3 in one and yet, so far away. Same could be said for the Blaze of Glory question, it might have been Bon Jovi, but it was not a fan favorite in this bar. Personally, I want to know now how many Young Guns were made. Young guns 7: Not so young, still gunning?

In 3rd after a brutal final it was Dingo’s Ate my Baby, 2nd was no surprise, it was Blind Rocket Squirrel Surgeons. Such a regular occurrence, it’s not even worth getting excited bout 😉 1st went to the wise and steady Uncle Jack! Nice game guys, Ronnie will be back next week for a first question of New Hampshire.


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Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​


Captain Bender’s was off this week, but we’ll see you next week!

Orioles’ Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

I love it when something crazy happens at the end of the game and last night at Orioles Nest #331, something DID happen! (Ohhh you pesky final question!)

Moving down to 3rd after the final was We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity! Being the only team to answer the final correctly and jumping from 5th to 2nd was the Witiots!! Crushing it all game and stepping back into the spotlight that is 1st place was Ollie Monsters!! Apparently they love to see me sweat/squirm, and decided to pick “Jon Jeffries covers Lady Gaga” for next Sundays winners choice category! Don’t miss out on watching me make a fool of myself, so swing on in to Orioles Nest next week!!

~ Jon J