A beautiful fall weekend of Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend gave you a great trio of live trivia in Maryland!

It’s really starting to feel like fall out there, eh? The leaves are gorgeous and trick or treating is less than a week away – read on for the game recaps.

So when you are asking questions like what is the name of the longest bone in the human body you’ve gotta expect things to get interesting.

And at Belles you never really know what you’re going to get anyway ;)Always a fun night with the saturday night crew.

It was an ol’ fashioned game, talking about Supermen from the 50’s and the Cyclone, but you had to bring it back to the new school with that final! A good one tonight; little 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon!

We ended up with a tie for 1st, neither teams are strangers to being in that position. Wiser but still Dead and Blue Collar! Blue Collar managed to break their odds on tie breakers and finish out in the top spot, with Wiser but still Dead taking 2nd. It was Uncle Jack who filled out our podium tonight, taking a very surprised 3rd.

NO trivia next week, go get your Ghoul on and I will see you in 2 weeks when we will start out with a Paris landmark question. Paris, France. To be specific 😉


Paris Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

We had an awesomely cozy night of Pour House Live Trivia down in Sharpsburg at Captain Bender’s tonight! With some fierce competition from the football games in the background, the teams stepped it up to make our game even more entertaining. Each and every team SHUT-DOWN the first two rounds, diving head first into the halftime puzzles with a vengeance. After a small directional blunder and some compensation bonus points, the teams recharged for a lightning-fast second half, which proved to be more of a challenge.

Going into the final question, the scores were dang close… But in the end, the prizes shook out like this: In third place were our dynamic duo RICE RICE BABY!! Stealing second by a single point was.. AT LEAST WE TRIED! But not to be defeated were our running house-champs…. FISTED SISTER! You guys killllllled it tonight, all of you! Winner’s choice of first category next week, you ask?

North American Birds. See you next Sunday, so have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! (Bonus candy to teams that show up in COSTUME next Sunday ;))


One Legged Pigeon Pub Trivia MD

Orioles’ Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Anytime you need me to fill in at Orioles Nest, I am there! Great food, great people, over all just a great way to spend a sunday evening. Come on, there’s even popcorn!

We had an intimate game of live trivia in the Nest tonight, but that doesn’t mean that the competition was lacking- hardly! I enjoyed seeing Vitrifiers hold off the pack, you know- all night, and finally got themselves a happy dance after the final. Nice win! 2nd went to Witoits who I was more than happy to see, it’s been a while since our paths had crossed. The 3rd place team were no strangers to me- actually I saw them roughly 24 hours ago, but this time I got to give them a well earned coupon!

Thanks for not groaning when you saw me coming in, but it was nice of Jon to show up so you don’t go through too bad of a withdrawal 😉 Next week you will be starting out with Avenue Q, and bring Jon some of your candy to share!


Avenue Q Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland