Monday Night Trivia was Bat S**t Crazy!

Another week of Pour House Trivia begins with five games on the docket, and perhaps a few more names to add to the PHT Wall of Fame!  There are several different ways to get your team’s name on the big board, so check and out and keep playing.  It was an interesting evening of Monday night trivia, as we discovered that one of our venues must be stocked with huge football fans.  Let’s take a look at the recap:

MONDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (43 teams across five venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: What Else Could It Be!? (Greene Turtle) with 164

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Rubber Sheets Club (DRP) with 154

–> Highest First Half Score: Wingardium Mimosa (DRP) with 83

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Kitten Mittens (Spider Kelly’s), Giant Meteor 2016 (Spider Kelly’s), Rubber Sheets Club (DRP), Wingardium Mimosa (DRP)

–> Tonight’s most difficult question was actually the second half of the halftime page, at which the composite average score was only 11.3.  Four teams shared the high score of 18.

–> Fortunately, the difficult halftime page was followed up with one of our easiest questions of the night.  Since one of our writers had never heard of ‘guano’ before, he mistakenly thought that it would be work well as a tough question to start the second half.  It was not a tough question…

–> Only four teams landed six points on the 6-4-2, by recognizing that Rob Lowe’s first feature film role was as “Sodapop” Curtis (from the film “The Outsiders”, though that fact was not mentioned in the clue).

–> In Hagerstown, the juggernaut What Else Could It Be!? has started the season perfectly, running a four-game winning streak out of the gate for Season XIV.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (71.6% success rate):

–> In Homer’s epic poem “Odyssey”, this character looked after Odysseus’ son Telemachus after Odysseus left to fight in the Trojan War.  As a result, his name is now used to describe someone who offers wisdom and knowledge to a child or colleague.  Who is this character?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


DRP in Alexandria, VA

Another exciting night of Pour House Trivia at DRP in Alexandria, and once again, another great turnout!  As usual our teams were bringing their A-game.  Speaking of A-games, tonight was all bout the fifty-fifty.  The first question asked about Michigan’s most frequent bowl game opponent, which teams had narrowed down to a fifty-fifty between UCLA and USC.  Later, a question about Olympic athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee had teams hesitating between the Greek and Latin words for “seven”.  It turns out that about half the teams know the Trojans of Southern Cal were Michigan’s most frequent bowl game opponent, and that the Olympic event was “heptahlon”, not “septathlon”.

NFL Hall of Famers were the downfall of many teams, as some barely scored more than a  few points on that section of the halftime page.  But, most teams made up for it in the end on the final question.  Here are your final standings for the night:

First Place:  Rubber Sheets Club

Second Place:  Misfits

Third Place:  B-58s

Next week’s first category: Clemson Tigers Football

Until next time,

~ Chris

Clemson Tigers Football Trivia


Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, MD

In tonight’s game of trivia at the Greene Turtle in Hagerstown, the hardest part was definitely the halftime page, which asked teams to match NFL Hall of Famers to the team with which they played their final game.  That mized up our standings a bit as we headed into the second half.  The game ended with an interesting final question too, where we learned the origin of the word ‘Mentor’, which is taken from the name of a friend of Odysseus who watches over Odysseus’ son Telemachus.

Several teams managed to get this one right, but wagering moved things around a bit.  Here are the final standings:

First Place:  What Else Could It Be!?

Second Place:  The Bends

Third Place:  Give Us Your Beer Money

Next week’s first category:  World Rivers

Until next time,

~ Chad

World Rivers Trivia


Morgan Inn in Woodbine, MD

Well, our second night of Pour House Trivia is in the books here at The Morgan Inn in Woodbine, and these folks are a lot of fun to play with!  We had a couple of questions “stump the bunch” tonight, however all of the teams recovered well.  Remember to BUILD THOSE TEAMS, as you can have up to 7 players on your team at any given trivia night.  Here are your results:

First Place:  Men and Pausers

Second Place:  MC Trivia Gangsters

Third Place:  River Benders

Next week’s first category:  Bugs Bunny

~ Ronnie

Bugs Bunny Trivia


Spider Kelly’s in Arlington, VA

Columbus Day saw a handful of our regulars still out on vacation, but allowed for a couple new teams to join in the fun!  Not everything was “Sunny in Philadelphia” after our Winner’s Choice question, when half the teams misidentified Charlie’s crush.  But ALL teams came back to crush it in round two when it came to naming their favorite Italian sweet treat.  Kitten Mittens and Giant Meteor 2016 were tied for first place all the way through round three and both teams were definitely out to win tonight.

Round 3 all teams were complimented for really knowing their… stuff, when it came to identifying bat waste.  In the end it came down to getting those bonus points and strategizing the final question.  Kitten Mittens pulled ahead by ONE point for first tonight, exciting game, guys!

First Place:  Kitten Mittens

Second Place:  Giant Meteor 2016

Third Place:  Ives Mansion

Next week’s first category:  Spiders and Kellys

See ya later!

~ Kate



Il Forno in Frederick, MD

Another week here at il Forno (which of course is Italian for “the Forno”), we saw a big crowd of our regular teams this week!  We even saw a portion of One Crow Short of a Murder here tonight, apparently teaming up with their son on Chicken McThuggets, they looked to be a threat tonight!  This season has been dominated by Stink Floyd and The A Team who consistently are flip-flopping the #1 spot while the other usually ranking in the top 3.  Tonight we had a handful of teams looking to make a change to that!

Usually we have a “Question of the Night”, either our favorite question, or the one which causes the most difficulties. Tonight, it was the Halftime Page.  Usually, an average score on the halftime page is about 17.  Tonight, the average dropped to a whopping 11 thanks to a nearly impossible bottom half matching section.  I’ll take the fall on this one as I wrote it.  I was asking people to identify the less-relevant team that these HOFer’s played for.  Let’s just say that it did NOT go well… Volcano Insurance did get a perfect score on the bottom however, bringing them to an 18 on the HTP, setting them apart from the rest of the crowd and holding the lead at the half!

Volcano Insurance had a good lead but it didn’t last as round 3 made trouble for a lot of teams. One team that always seems to prevail through the second half is The A Team. They climbed through the 2nd half, sitting in I think 5th place at the half. By the time we got to the final, The A Team led the field!

The final played relatively easier tonight, but the category seemed to scare a LOT of teams.  Lots of zero bets which shifted things a bit.  Chicken McThuggets was tied with Stink Floyd going into the final question BUT a zero bet dropped them back.  Here is how the final standing looked tonight:

First Place:  The A Team

Second Place:  Stink Floyd

Third Place:  MC

Next week’s first category:  Leading Ladies (the picture below actually gives away the answer)