Ouija, Boxing and Hockey – a standard Wednesday for Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday mixed in a little hockey (THOSE DARN RED WINGS) and called on some spirits with Ouija!

Check it all out below, gang.

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Oh boy tonight Applebee’s was just completely packed full of people. It was nice to see a ton of faces I hadn’t seen in quite awhile, and we did have a few new teams join the fray as well. Overall we ended up with a super close game that featured several lead changes throughout, and more than a few ridiculous moments as well. Sadly we didn’t have any questions relating to Back to the Future, which would have been super fun.

We started out with a question about the classic Disney film “Aladdin”, asking about the scene where Jafar turns into a giant snake (I always just remember Robin Williams stealing the scene at that part with his cheerleader routine). After that we asked about the Ouija board for the next question, which led to a few teams trying to tell me how to pronounce the name of the game; it’s pronounced “we-juh” from everything I’ve heard, but people were saying “wee-gee” which just makes no sense to me. Anyway, after that we had a sports headlines question, asking about the ridiculous end to the Michigan vs. Michigan State football game where the poor punter mishandled a snap and lost the game for Michigan at the very end in possibly the most heartbreaking way ever.

Modern Comedy Films asked about the film “Grudge Match” and the two actors who are the main characters in the film, with most teams getting Stallone, but fewer knowing that De Niro starred opposite him. Next round started out with the audio question being about artists who have Military-themed named, with only a few teams knowing the artist who did “Low Rider” (War), and almost nobody getting Awolnation, even though I had played the song during the first round. I guess nobody paid attention to that! The US History question that came next talked about the Dakota territory, which ended up being split into four different states. Back to School came next, talking about Law School and the name of the degree that lawyers get, followed by a TV Network question talking about Nat Geo Wild (Monkey Thieves! Ninja Shrimp!).

Finishing the first half was a question about the NATO phonetic alphabet, which asked the phonetic words used to spell DOG. Plenty of teams knew Delta and Oscar, but only a few knew Golf. One team, Tom Brady Is My Hero, wrote the entire alphabet on the back of their answer slip, which was impressive. On the halftime page we had people that needed to be identified, as well as a mystery theme that linked them all together (they all appeared in The Blues Brothers) which only one team managed to figure out. We also asked teams to list the 11 state capitals that are six letters or less, and oh boy did this question cause some problems for teams. Almost every team made up at least one state capital that does not exist in order to put an answer that fit the category, which was amazing. Heading into the second half of the game, we had a pretty tight game, with the top three or four spots separated by only one point each.

We started the second half with a Last Word/First Word question about movie titles, and of course I gave the Optimus Prime Rib example that just works so perfectly (thanks Jon!). This time we used the combined title of A View to a Kill Bill, asking about the James Bond film as well as the Uma Thurman films. The next question about the SI unit of measurement for ‘luminous intensity’ ended up being a complete stumper, as nobody managed to get to candela, even with the hint that it started with the letter ‘C’, proving that it was indeed a tough question! The next question about world geography ended up being one of those where most teams who got the wager correct also got the bonus question, as the answer of Israel was a bit tougher to get to, but Netanyahu seems to be a pretty widely known Prime Minister.

On the medical conditions question I was impressed by how many teams managed to get to the answer of edema, as I’ve never heard of the term ‘dropsy’ being used as a synonym for that. Also, googling Edema leads to some weird pictures, so I do not recommend doing that. Yikes. Anyway, we ended the round asking about the invention of the deep dish pizza by Ike Sewell, who was certainly from Chicago and founded Uno’s, which has some great food (although not as good as Applebee’s, of course!). The 6-4-2 talked about the state of Maine, which apparently has the highest percentage of forest covered land of any state, and is home to Cadillac Mountain. Maine is also one of the states that teams made up capitals for on the halftime, I’d never heard of Bangor before today.

The final round started out with a ridiculous question in the category of triple 50/50: eat it or wear it? The question asked about spiralini, dashiki, and maguro, which are food, clothing, and food, respectively. The next question asked about one of the most infamous spies in WWI history, Mata Hari. The question asked for her ‘stage name’ which is what Mata Hari is, although that led to several ridiculous stripper-esque answers. The NHL question that came next proved to be pretty tough, as most teams didn’t realize that the Red Wings played in Canada a long time ago. Only one team got the name of their current stadium, Joe Louis Arena, which unsurprisingly came from Tom Brady Is My Hero (he IS a Michigan man, after all).

The TV Actresses question asked about Poppy Montgomery, who apparently starred in the CBS dramas “Without a Trace” and “Unforgettable”, and the question had to come with a warning that the answers were NOT NCIS and CSI, as they seemed to be too good of an answer. Ending the round was a question about slang terms, more specifically about the double speak slang term used as the title of a song by hip-hop artist B.G. called “Bling-Bling”. Now it was time for the final question, and the leaderboards had shifted yet again. The final question was about Geology, and simply asked what type of sedimentary rock chalk is made from, which is known as limestone.

The final standings didn’t change too much based on this question, with third place being taken by We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity, making a return appearance, this time playing the whole game. Nice job! Second place went to Suck It Trebek, meaning that the streak is finally broken. Sadly, all things must come to an end, and they still played a great game. However, winning tonight and breaking the streak, the props go to Carolina Reapers, who had the most exciting final round I’ve seen in awhile. Both the Mata Hari and Red Wings questions were handed in with almost zero confidence, only to be met with high fives upon finding out they were actually right. Either way, congrats guys! Next week we start with a question about the National Speleological Society (Cave exploration stuff!) so that should be a fun one! I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,


Crowded Wednesday live trivia night at Barefoot Bernies! We started out with 10 teams crushing their way through a Round 1 & 2 of Pour House Trivia. Some fun ones too –

My fav’s were:
– Ouija Board – this one brings back memories of seances gone wrong
– Pizzeria UNO – I put in 7 years of bartending here in another life
– Spiralini – EAT IT! Don’t wear it. 🙂

Great times for sure!


Congrats to our TOP 3 tonight, who earned that spot after a tough Round 3 and 4. And then popped limestone FTW!

20151021_222425.1 20151021_222555.2 20151021_222352.3

Good game y’all 🙂 We did not see Marty McFly pop in but we did have a Flux Capacitor shot in honor of! 🙂

flux capacitror

Tune in next week when we kick off with a question on “1992-93 Toronto Blue Jays.” Have a great weekend my friends…see you soon.

blue jays


Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

So we tried a new music set up tonight, a few glitches to work out but the He’s just a friend sing a long was a step in the right direction. Belles was a good time tonight, as always on a Wednesday. My teams are mouthy, rowdy, talented and a hellva lot of fun. Your faces when I made you spell out your NATO language G were pretty damn funny, but I know the way you all roll! Can’t sneak that one by me- you’re still trying to convince me you just spelled Bolton as John.

Our final was rather interesting as all the teams were going with something strategic- but with them all having a strategy, everyone’s strategy went wonky and it was anyone’s guess on the final standings. In 3rd we saw Col. Angus and the Clitorott, always a pleasure having you join us! 2nd went to Killin Me Smalls! We had questions for both of our non native born members of Smalls, and they definitely took the chance to shine seriously. 1st went to Constantly Changing Team Name!

Well done! I am excited to see who you bring in next week as a ringer. Btw folks, our first category next week is WW2 history. Study up!


WWII History Pour House Trivia Maryland

I love Wednesday nights at Bennigan’s! We’ve got a great group of people to come hang out and play live trivia with, unwind with, and most of all, I love how I can feel right at home when I’m here, so I thank the players for that! Tonight was no different as I was welcomed by an applause from Graham Top TJ Bottom. And they applauded again. And again. That’s kind of their thing. And now we have every team applauding them. We’ve got quite the bond between teams developing here at Bennigan’s. One big happy 🙂

Question of the night goes to the NHL question! One of my personal favorites because there is a lot to this question. Let me explain. So we’re looking for a current NHL team that used to play at Border Cities Arena in Windsor, Ontario. The Ontario of course will lead you straight to Toronto HOWEVER, there is a clue WITHIN THE ARENA NAME. Windsor, Ontario is famously a border city with the fine U.S. city of Detroit, MI. Windsor sits across the river from Detroit and is actually one of the few Canadian cities you can reach from going SOUTH from a city in the United States. Cool fact, huh? Well, the Border Cities Arena referenced the city of Detroit where the Red Wings called home so your answer is in fact the Red Wings! I loved it. Only 2 teams getting points here, but they were well earned.

After last week’s upset victory by Graham Top TJ Bottom, our teams were set on taking over the top spot from this loud, rambunctious group. One of these opposers was Knock Knock, who finished the first half with a PERFECT score. Holding the 10 point lead with 92 points after the halftime page, Knock Knock looked to maintain the lead going into the final. Though the gap closed a bit, their lead was intact. All they’d need was a correct response on the final.

The final question tonight played quite difficult. Only about 40% of our team’s getting correct answers on the final BUT, one of those teams was Knock Knock, taking down the victory tonight. Congratulations. Coming in close in 2nd was Chuck Rodent, who said they’d make up the lost ground on the final but didn’t anticipate Knock Knock “knocking” it out of the park. 3rd went to Blue Steel who played a consistent, great game tonight. Thanks again all! Back in 1 week, hopefully with hoverboards. DON’T FORGET TO SUIT UP IN HALLOWEEN ATTIRE NEXT WEEK! I’LL HAVE CANDY! Until then guys, see ya!

1st Place: Knock Knock
2nd Place: Chuck Rodent
3rd Place: Blue Steel

Next week: Top Gear UK

Top Gear Trivia Pour House Live Trivia Virginia

It was a packed house upstairs at Hard Times Café in Clarendon.  We had several teams join n after the game started, so what started as a bit of a slow night finished with 12 teams rocking the bar.  Those teams got to see a trivia clinic put on by E = MC Hammer, who led the whole way and capped out a great second half by securing a victory before the final question was eve asked!  A runaway victory is rare enough, but we’ve had one for two weeks in a row!  E = MC Hammer will be a force to be reckoned with!  Second place went to Two Girls and an Idiot, with Alice Alice taking third.  We’ll begin next week with a question on Horror Movie Sequels!  ~ Matt



Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

We had a slightly quieter family style night at Memories Charcoal House on this beautiful fall evening. And you know what?

Our scoreboard has been changing right along with those autumn leaves! Perhaps a new season of champions is upon us? Only time will tell.

As usual you guys blasted through our first half with gusto! And I followed suit by blasting through some mispronunciations. (Hey, I’m nothing if not consistent, OK?!) Anywho, it was the second half where things began to heat up.

I’ve begun to see a pattern here, but it was right before the final round that the gloves came off, and with an 11 point gap between our two most competitive teams going into the final… let’s just say tensions were high. It all came down to some strategic wagering about SEDIMENTARY ROCK off all things, and the prizes shook out like this: In 3RD PLACE we had our POLYAMOROUS VIRGINS!! In 2ND PLACE, on the heels of first by a SINGLE POINT was See What Had Happened Was and stealing the top spot on the podium again:MEN & PAUSERS!! What an AWESOME game! Ready to study up for next week? Your first category will be: Lord of The Rings (the BOOKS!!)

See you next Wednesday!

– Torie

Lord of the Rings Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

The Tavern – Olney, MD

Another crazy finish took place last night at The Tavern!

It was really looking like a certain team was finally going to get there first, 1st place win, (they’re one of those “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” kind of team) but the final question was once again, such a cruel mistress. In 3rd was Olney the Lonely! Dropping back to 2nd (so sad) was Suck it Trebek! Always tough and moving up to 1st after the final was John Lithgow’s Fan Club!

They decided on “Fantasy Football” for next Wednesday’s winner’s choice category, so study up and join the craziness with us next week at The Tavern!!

~ Jon J

Fantasy Football Pub Quiz Pour House Pub Trivia

Another night of Pour House Live Trivia is in the books at the Revolution Bar!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Who-Knows-That?!”: The Hockey question got resounding boos
tonight. Every single team stayed within Canada, and when I told them
Detroit, arms flew up in frustration. I’m thinking I should just avoid
hockey questions from now on.

In “That’s-Pretty-Thin”: The “What Do They Have In Common” question on
the puzzle page didn’t exactly win any favor from the teams either.
The glares were as sharp as daggers.

In “Headsmacking-Finals”: The final was make or break tonight, with
the podium going for one last spin before coming to a stop. Teams who
missed it were more frustrated with themselves than anything though!
In third place tonight, Mess and Jegg!

In second place tonight, the Green Machine!

In first place tonight, E=MC Hammer!
Congrats everyone on a great game! Next week we’re gonna get our
groove on, with White Rappers Not Named Eminem! That’s a short list,
so study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,
Ian White Rapper Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

We had a couple of tough question hit our players tonight in the final round of live trivia here at the Valley Grill, and it proved to be an interesting and hotly contested game when it was all said and done!

Here are the final results:

Stupid Sexy Flanders in 1st

Scared Money Don’t Make No Money in 2nd

Richard Tickler in 3rd

Our first category for next week is People Hulk Hogan Has Pretended to Punch.

~ Ronnie

Wrestling Trivia Hulk Hogan Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland