5 great games of live trivia on Monday with Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday hit you with five awesome games of live trivia!

We hit you with some classic tv, films about pregnancy, and a slew of other great things!

Check the recaps, would ya?

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

WOW we had 15 teams come in to beat the dreary weather and play a little live trivia here at DRP in Alexandria! It was a real close game as well!

Here are your results:
1. Eric and the Pie Tasters
2. That’s Right Bitches
3. That Kevin Sorbo Look

Join me here again next week, where our first category will be Mardi Gras!

~ Ronnie

Mardi Gras Trivia Alexandria

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Whenever I host live trivia, there are some questions that make me really glad that spelling does not count, because sometimes there are questions that make you swear the teams are finding new ways to spell words just to mess with you. In today’s game a question about a breed of dog comes to mind, because for some teams spelling Chihuahua would have potentially been more difficult than actually getting the question correct based on the clues.

Chihuahua was a fun question that actually tripped up some teams, but some of my teams got extra creative with the Souvlaki question when they ran out of time, including one of our newer teams, the Three Stooges, who put a bit of a spin on their usual throwaway guess, the legendary Danny Glover. In the end, however, the night belonged, once again, to Cotton Candy who almost out of nowhere built a commanding lead right before the final, clinching their fourth(!!) victory in a row. Way to go guys! In second place was a team who was new to me, Tequila Mockingbird, with a successful answer on the final question. Our third place team did a bit of leapfrogging by also getting the final correct, and that team was none other than Rice Rice Baby!

Next week we open up with a question about the Land Down Under, or as it is more commonly known, Australia, courtesy of Cotton Candy. Time to get out the maps, listen to some Men at Work, and whatever else there is to study until then!

Until next time,

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il Forno – Frederick, MD

Last week’s winners, Death to All Deer, came back again to join us for trivia but were missing 1/3 of their victorious trio from the week before. The game started a bit rocky for the duo but were able to pull back into the placements with a correct response on the final question tonight, finishing the game just shy of the win and taking 2nd place. Tonight’s biggest story was our veteran team of Latrilla & the Mossy Banks. Playing tonight as just two guys (usually having at least 4 or 5 teammates), Latrilla trailed a bit at half time but were able to pull up the ranks by being the lone team to snag some of the 2 point bonuses we were offering. With a correct response on the final, Latrilla was able to pull the victory off tonight! Grats guys; great to see you win with just the two of ya! 3rd place went to Piggy Doodles with a strategic wager of zero. We’ll be back next week with more Season 11 trivia where the first category will be Parker Posey (who apparently I can’t name more than three movies she’s been in…); anyone else excited to see what question we come up with? Ha, until then, I’ll see ya guys! 😉

1st Place: Latrilla & the Mossy Banks
2nd Place: Death to All Deer
3rd Place: Piggy Doodles

Next week’s category: Parker Posey

parker Posey trivia pour house pub trivia


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

I felt the love tonight, after missing last week’s inaugural night of season 11. Teams came out in force to show their trivia skills, but mostly because I was back. Right? Right? Seriously though, thank you Jon for taking care of things last week while I was out of the net. It’s good to be back!

Now then!


In “Maybe-Work-on-That-One”: So, apparently my John Madden has mutated and become Bill Cosby. I dunno if that made the ESPY Awards question better or worse, but clearly that particular impression could use some work!

In “Well-You-Were-Sorta-In-The-Same-Genre”: We had a lot of Andy Griffith Show answers in the Classic TV question. It’s a cop show, but that’s just about where the comparison ends, not to mention that it came a decade later.

In “So-Close-Yet-So-Far”: Ellen Page did not in fact win an Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal as the independent pregnant teenager in Juno.  Also, she does not spend the ENTIRE film pregnant; she gives birth before the end of the film.  Of course, that film wasn’t released until 2007, which is decidedly outside of the ’90s.

The final saw numerous wager changes and in the end this would prove crucial.

In third place, Two Finger’s Worth! Congrats guys, well done!

In second place, a brand spankin new team, Up to SnowGood! Excellent game guys, way to put the pressure on these vets!

In first place though, leading the whole way they couldn’t be stopped, Multiple Scoregasms! Back-to-back victories to start season 11 is a strong showing!

And then, they give me this for a first round category: Dutch food. I…I dunno what to do with that. What food is considered Dutch? Chocolate? That’s all I got…Oh well. We’ll see what happens next time, here at the Roast House!

Until then,

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Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

We welcomed a couple of new-ish Pour House teams to Clarendon, as they were actually regular teams who wanted to check out our newest Virginia venue at Spider Kelly’s.  The story of the night was our stalwart duo of Double Secret Probation, who put together a flawless first half (despite the set of questions that included all of their so-called ‘weak’ categories).  They missed out on a few two-point bonuses down the stretch, but still managed a comfortable lead heading into the final question.  They were only one of two teams to come up with the correct response, and so it was their first win of the new season!  Great job!  Unadjusted For Inflation also hit the final to take second, with Rocket Surgeons securing third with a strategic wager.  Next week, our game begins with a question on U.S. Airport Codes!  ~ Matt