3 out of 2 people have Trouble with Fractions!

Belles’ was like the Fonz tonight, smooth and too cool for words. Thanks for joining me for a laid back, prewinter weather adversary game- you still kept it hot with some serious competition!

It all came down to an english speaking tiebreaker and it was W for the win! If it’s not Scottish it’s Crap are in the 2nd place spot again tonight- and not happy about it! They are going to come out swinging next week, I have a sneaky suspicion.. Filling out our top 3 were the very fun- The Bald and the Beautiful. Welcome back to the fold, hope I get to see you guys next week for a first question of Math word problems. I may need a drink for that…in fact to Math, I say, “I am sick and tired of finding your ‘X’ – accept that shhe is gone…move on dude!  ~Samantha

math trivia