3 items to load up on when hosting a live trivia night!

Pour House Trivia hosts nearly 30 games a week of live trivia, and our hosts are all equipped with the gear you’ll need to host your own bar trivia event.

You’ll need a good set of gear to host a night of live trivia, including speakers, stands for your speakers, a great set of questions, the proper music to play and of course, a great host.

Invest in a good set of speakers, as you’re going to be loading them in and out of your car and into a bar with some regularity. You’ll want something that can stand up to the abuses of the road, and handle a drop or two without breaking down.

Speakers Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

But you’ll also need far more cords, pens and paper products than you’d ever thought you’d need!

Those three products are the things you should stock up on as a trivia host!

Extra Cords and Microphones

Cords will fail over time, even if you handle them with care (and you should, because beating up your cables is a sure-fire way to kill them!)

[th_youtube id=’fY_hJCYuZ90′ name=’Swinging microphone Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]

Failure of cords and microphones always seems to happen at the most inopportune times, as well.

Picture it: You’re reading off a question, doing so with the the proper aplomb we covered in our Hosting post, and suddenly…silence!

Silence Pub Quiz MD

Don’t get caught like this, and have to shout your questions for the rest of the night!

Shout Pour House Pub QUiz maryland

Pens, Pens and MORE PENS!

You need to buy three times as many pens as you need. Seriously!

You will set out 50 pens at the start of the night, and I can almost guarantee you won’t have 50 pens on your table at the end of the evening of pub trivia.

Waitresses will accidentally grab them. Your players will inadvertently pocket them. Or maybe they have a pen shrine at home?

Pen Thief Pub Trivia MD

They’ll roll under the booths, or between the cushions, and generally just disappear.

Luckily, the solution is easy – grab an extra box or two when you buy pens, and alleviate your issues!

Paper and other products

If you have 10 teams playing trivia, you’ll need 10 answer sheets for them right?

Unfortunately, no. After years of hosting, we can tell you that players LOVE to grab some extra supplies at your table, whether for scrap paper or even to play your game head to head within their own team. So load up before every game!

Paper Pour House Pub Trivia mD

Be smart, and go way over the top with your supply of…supplies, and don’t be forced to turn away players!