10 great games on Wednesday! Pour House Pub Trivia recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday brought the HEAT with 10 games of live trivia!

We had a rare John Denver appearance – ALWAYS A TREAT and brought the house down with questions alllll night long.

Check the recaps!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

In tonight’s game, once again the dreaded classical music question reared its head. I even almost gave away the answer by humming the four notes that were mentioned in the question when I announced the category in an attempt to make it sound more ominous. Luckily nobody remembered I did that so Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony was still difficult for a few teams to remember. For me, I always misremember the number in the title, I could have sworn it was the eighth but classical music has always been a weak subject for me. We also had an interesting NFL question (cue the high fives for That’s What You Get For Thinking!) but sadly, much like Dr. Dre, most of the world seems to have forgotten about Shaun Alexander, possibly because of how quickly he fell off the map.

Anyways, tonight’s game ended with a real doozy of a final, with nobody getting it right. John Denver was a great question, my mind immediately went to Ray Charles as a guess though. Turns out that because nobody really changed their wagering, the final standings mirrored those going into the final, and we had to do a three-way(!!) tie-breaker. In the end, guessing the closest on the combined atomic numbers of Fluorine, Radon, and Vanadium (168, in case you were wondering) was the Dynamic Duo! Winning the tiebreaker meant they took the third place spot. Our second place team was That’s What You Get For Thinking. Our first place team for the second week in a row was Dalek Dance Party, also playing as a duo! We start off next week with AMC’s The Walking Dead as our first question, so guess it’s time to study! Isn’t the season finale this week?

Until next time,

The Walking Dead Trivia Pour House Trivia Maryland

Barefoot Bernie’s – Hagerstown, MD

Aside from my mic freaking out and my spreadsheet crash I had a pretty uneventful evening on the technical side of things! On the trivia side though: events baby! Events! They went down! And in true Bernie’s style, the teams were clawing at each other the whole way; jockeying for position going into the final question; negotiating gems like the Chupacabra, Einstein’s Relativity Equation, and ‘The Little Engine that Could.’ Oh yes, a trivia game went down on this beautiful hump day in Hagerstown.

chupacabra trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

When it was all said and done, and John Denver made his cameo in our final question tonight, the Top 3 prizes were awarded like this:

trivia pour house pub trivia maryland trivia pour house pub trivia maryland trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

That was a great game everyone! Thanks for the help with the spreadhseet and microphone. Hopefully I can remedy whatever SNAFU that was that got into all my stuff tonight 🙂

Next week we start it off with a category that is certainly a PHT first. Courtesy of Sad, Fat, Dragons, everyone has been invited to brush up on some “French Fashion Designers of WW1 Era.” Ohhhhhh Yes!!!! Your wheel house has been hit! 🙂 Have a great weekend y’all. Thanks for playing tonight and I shall see ya next Wed evening. DG 🙂

frecnch fashion trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Mostly veteran teams tonight, playing like veteran teams. After round one I believe collectively the teams only had 1 missed wager throughout the entirety of the teams and the question. Round two was a tad bit harder but still showed scores about as close as ever going into the second half. Round three was a monster though; lots of teams missing their bonus chips. One team seemed unfazed by the difficulty of the second half though, joining us back at Bennigan’s after a brief hiatus. This team was the Gold Team. They had a very strong 160 going into the final question, though Anderson Cooper, the 2nd place team, was at 149, which as we know is just enough to be able to pull ahead if the puzzle pieces fit the right way. About half of our teams tonight picked up a correct answer on the final. Anderson Cooper was unfortunately not one of those teams, giving the win to the Gold Team (who did in fact come up with a correct response)! 2nd place went to My Favorite Team who, after a pretty catastrophic 4th round, was quite pleased with the finish. 3rd place went to My Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem who also had a small bump in the 2nd half and were pleased with their placement! It’s good to see that we have quite a competitive field here at Bennigan’s! Hoping to see just as much next week! Catch ya in 7 days 😉1st Place: The Gold Team
2nd Place: My Favorite Team
3rd Place: My Drinking Team has a Trivia ProblemNext week’s category: ANAGRAMS! (Matt’s favorite lol)

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

You were loud, you were rude, you were excited and not a little socially lubricated. In short, just the way I like you Cellar.

It was another good night in the underground, standing room only! A blast watching our teams match wits, and speaking volumes – no secrets tonight. We all got to hear about those escapades 😉

Speaking of escapades, our top team tonight has lots of those under their belts: 2 Live Clue 2! Back again! In 2nd was 2nd place. I love it when that happens.:) and 3rd went to League of Nerds!

It was the Top Gun photo that put them over 😉 I will see you next week when we will start with the non show and tell category of Human Anatomy. Study up 😉


Human Anatomy Trivia MD 

Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

We had a family-style night of pub trivia tonight at Memories Charcoal House in Mt. Airy!! We had ties throughout the second half with only the final to shake out the rankings.

In third place after a ferocious effort were the Men & Pausers!! In second just ahead of them, coming through in the clutch was XXX!! But in first place were our ultimate champions, the Experienced Virgins!!

Their choice of first Category: Catholic School!! See you next Wednesday!!

– Torie 

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

All my teams are so nice to me at The Tavern! I was gone last Wednesday because I was playing a show in Frederick, and all my teams told me they missed me … or at least asked, “So where the hell where you last week?” (Maybe you don’t see love, but it’s there).

I did find out Team Griffindor, who got their first EVER win two weeks ago, now were going for their third 1st in a row!! They started out STRONG too and it looked as if three in a row was going to happen, but then the fourth round gave them some trouble and it came down to the final to decide.

Finishing 3rd tonight (I’m sorry to say the streak ended) team Griffindor! Moving up to 2nd tonight was the always tough Olney The Lonely!! Back in the winners seat with a 1st place finish was I Just Quizzed in My Pants!!

They picked the new show “Better Call Saul” for next weeks winners choice category, so study up and get back to the Tavern and see me next Wednesday!!

~ Jon J

Better Call Saul (TV Series) LOGO.jpg

Putter’s Pub – New Market, MD

Fun times tonight with live trivia at Putters’ Pub in New Market! Tonight we discussed such various topics as Ted Cruz using the Chupacabra to force people to listen to his speeches, football great Priest Holmes and his brothers Rabbi Flats and Imam Condos, and the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle, Plato, and Silliputti (see what I did there?)

Strange Winers took the top spot tonight with 19th Hole in second and Deep in Thought in third. Next week’s winners’ choice category is Triple 50/50 Who Said It: Barney Fife or Pee-Wee Herman? I have no idea how I’m gonna make that work, but I’ll do it one way or another! You’ll have to show up to find out!

– Eric 😀

peewees big adventure trivia pour house pub trivia 

Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

The Revolution Bar is always an awesome time, and tonight was no exception! The game of pub trivia kicked off with a personal question and it was a wild ride after that!

Highlights of the Night:

In “How-Personal-Can-We-Go?”: The round one question one category of Ian Hartman went over well, as I poured out some dirty personal secrets about my theatre background. Fun times!

In “Bad-Beats”: The Kids TV question earned high wagers and saw very few correct answers. It was a tough one that changed the course of the game!

In “Power-Teams”: Two teams joined forces tonight to form a powerteam. How would that affect the outcome?

In third place tonight, E=MC Hammer! You guys had a tough game tonight, way to hang tough guys!

In second place, Mess and Jegg! Good game guys!

In first place, the power team of Left Shark took it down! Congratulations guys, great game!

For their round one category next week, Left Shark has chosen Nick Frost movies! Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Cuban Fury; study up guys!

Until then,

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

A packed house tonight at T. J. Stone’s as we topped 15 teams!  It w as close game all night, but Heavy Metal Parking Lot was able to hold off all contenders in tonight’s supersized field and took down their first win of the season.  Did You Miss Us? took second with the B-58s in third.  Next week begins with an audio question on David Bowie!  ~ Matt

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

The story of tonight’s game of pub quiz was Southpaw Fish’s comeback after a pretty rough first half, returning to the top slot after a few weeks hiatus. Great job!

Here are the results of tonight’s contest:
Southpaw Fish in 1st
Richard Tickler in 2nd
That’s a Hard One in 3rd
Our first category for next week is Disney World: Orlando.

~ Ronnie

Walt Disney Live Trivia maryland