10 games of Pour House live trivia on a gorgeous Wednesday evening!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday packed 10 venues in Maryland and Virginia with all the live trivia that would fit!

We met up with Munchkin, our new pal Dooley and so much more.

Check it all out!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight was the night of challenges. Whether it was a challenge about Limbo, John Cleese looking suspiciously like Jay Leno according to several teams, or the different names from the Bible being challenged, it was definitely an interesting night. I even got challenged on whether Jim Croce counted as classic rock because they considered him southern rock. A very different kind of challenge was tonight’s final question, which turned out to be rather difficult, even if you know who Ian Fleming is. In the end though, the night was still a ton of fun, and we even got to see one player bust out the Ray Lewis dance in celebration.

After the final question we had a tie to settle between the two teams that were tied for first. The tiebreaker was how many home runs Mark McGwire hit in his career, which was 583. Narrowly losing the tiebreaker and taking third place was One Crow Short of a Murder, who seemed to be cruising along until the fourth round struck. Winning the tiebreaker and taking second place was Car Ramrod, who were slightly closer on their guess. Our winners tonight managed to sneak by the teams who were tied for first with some crafty wagering, congrats to Dalek Dance Party! They decided to start next week off with a question in the category of Baltimore Orioles History, so that should be a fun way to start it off. I hope to see you all next week (unless the Pope cancels it!).

Until next time,

Orioles Trivia Pub Trivia MD

Bar Louie – Rockville, MD

Pub trivia took a low-scoring turn as teams struggled with tonight’s questions, particularly in the second half. We learned all about Bollywood’s most decorated film, the movies of Matthew McConaughey, and who Nicholas Cage has been married to. (they’re not all movie questions, we swear!!)With playoffs next week, teams used this opportunity to secure those last-minute series points. As the game wound down, Uncle Jack had such a commanding lead, the wagers no longer mattered. “That’s right, the points don’t matter, just like a surveillance camera at the 99-cents store.”Taking home first was, in fact, Uncle Jack, who are also the Bar Louie House Champions for Season XI! We wish them well heading into World Series on June 7. Second place tonight was Freudian Slips, who plan to take down Pub Crawl something FIERCE! And in third was a new team, Quesadilla, who didn’t stick around long enough to collect their prize, just long enough to make the podium.

Uncle Jack has chosen, “French Indo-China” as next week’s first category.

See you next week!


And the “Who the #$%& is that Answer of the Month goes to…”

dooley trivia pour house pub trivia

We had a saucy little dish of live trivia night served up hot at Barefoot Bernie’s tonight in Hagerstown, MD! 11 teams threw down for a couple of hours for some Bernies loot! Fun night! Some tough ones for sure…but fun nonetheless! And the House Champion race is on and poppin’ as well! Our House Champion Season 11 will be crowned next Wednesday night! It’s going to be an awesome few weeks seeing how all the post season craziness plays out!

Tonight’s set was littered with wackiness, and I am curious now about the game “Munchkin!” The ladies over at “Screw Prozac, We’re Unicorns,” have spoken highly of it so now I must play the game! Thanks for look ladies. I’ll keep you posted on my endeavor. Game night anyone?

munchkin trivia pour house pub trivia

With that, our Top 3 tonight certainly all had a wild ride climbing this ladder! It was a tough night for sure. Our winners, Slapsgiving missed a bonus chip question and still managed to rally back for the W! Awesome game y’all!

 trivia pour house pub trivia  trivia pour house pub trivia  trivia pour house pub trivia

Slapsgiving have chosen Automobiles for next Wednesday’s category. And remember the Playoff and Pub Crawl are the following Saturday, on the 30th! Have a great weekend everyone. See you soon. DG 🙂

Muscle Car Trivia pour house live trivia maryland

Tonight we said goodbye to a Bennigan’s pub trivia legend. With us from the start and here most every week, we will miss Amanda from My Drinking Team has a Trivia Problem (formerly Trivial Pursuers, formerly Sparkly Rainbow Unicorns). Good luck in Florida, I will have to find someone new to heckle while the crowd throws metaphorical tomatoes at my quips. You helped control the fun, and for that, you will be greatly missed.

My Drinking Team took 3rd tonight but as it was Amanda’s final night, they had well over the team limit (who knew she had friends?), so they couldn’t play for the prizes. Tonight we learned that Munchkin is not a game that people have ever heard of and we reinforced our knowledge that Bennigan’s teams strongly dislike World Geography. Tonight’s game ended up like this. 3rd prize went to Just the Tip who, as a duo tonight, played well considering their team seemed to abandon them. Well deserved! 2nd place went to My Favorite Team, who led going into the final (which completely wiped out the bar) and that means 1st place went to Stone Cold Jane Austen, who bet defensively and snuck into the lead after the final. Great game guys! My Favorite Team was crowned as Season 11 Champions tonight BUT we are still here next week and every week after that for more weekly trivia with the same nightly prizes, well-crafted trivia sets, and yours truly! Come back and join us to get in that last second prep for the post-season! I’ll see you guys next week!

1st Place: Stone Cold Jane Austen
2nd Place: My Favorite Team
3rd Place: Just the Tip

Next week’s category: Triple 50/50: Boyz in the Hood or New Jack City

Boyz in the hood new jack city trivia pour house pub trivia

Cellar is a lot of things and one of those things is competitive! I wasn’t able to crown our house champs tonight because it’s too close to call! Wednesday and 2 live clue 2, I can’t wait to see what happens next week! Liz’s head may explode 😉

Neither of those contenders were in the top spot however tonight, as it was Constantly Changing Team name who pulled it out at the last minute during the final and took that top spot – holy hell, nice job! 2nd tonight went to 2 live clue and 3rd Team Wednesday. I do so love having you all in here, always make me laugh.

Our first category next week is no laughing matter: Presidential assassinations. Make sure you don’t have a practical to study up for this one. I’m not bailing anyone out of jail again!


Presidential Assassinations trivia pour house pub trivia


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

With the Pour House Live Trivia playoffs right around the corner, the pressure is on and the competition is hot. In tonight’s edition, some underdogs definitely showed their teeth.

In third place, we had the Usual Suspects after gaining ground in the second half. In second place, not to be underestimated were the Mighty B’s!! But the top-dogs and house champion contenders to take home the first place prize: THE EXPERIENCED VIRGINS!!

Their choice of 1st Category: Famous Equations!! See you next Wednesday!

– Torie

math trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

Tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia was short and sweet at the Revolution Bar, so I’m gonna keep the recap short and sweet as well.

Team in-fighting over Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa, a vicious puzzle page, a questionable 3 clues 1 first name question including a Maryland governor asked in a Virginia bar, and a Quantum of Solace not being enough to console some teams; tonight’s game was rough on everyone.

In third place, the Juggernauts!

In second place, Mess and Jegg!

In first place, E=MC Hammer!

Good job everyone, way to hang tough during a hard set! Next week’s first round question one will be Famous Tims, a little nod to our bartender at Revolutions. 😉 study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

comedy show trivia night

The action is heating up as we hit the home stretch for Season XI at T. J. Stone’s in Alexandria.  Did You Miss Us? cruised through tonight’s set, and had a sizable lead heading into the final.  It was not quite a runaway, and when a few other teams hit tonight’s final question, it shook things up atop the leaderboard.  The B-58s were one of those teams, and they took down the win!  Heavy Metal parking Lot took second, with Gone Squatchin’ jumping a few spots on the final to take third.  next week, our game starts with a question on James Joyce.  ~ Matt



Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Nice cool night for some way hot live trivia here at Valley Grill Sports Bar! Man that final was tough, it is not often that we can stump these Wednesday players.

Here are the results:
Southpaw Fish in 1st
Stupid Sexy Flanders in 2nd
Richard Tickler in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Musical Terms.

~ Ronnie

music theory trivia