$1 for the first person to write a hit song with Wednesday in the title! What a night for Pour House Pub Trivia!

An especially exciting night of Pour House pub trivia, as we added a new member to the family! Welcome to The Tavern in Olney!

Always an exciting night when you can get more people playing our SUPERB brand of trivia – and it was packed houses at our other venues as well!

Totally NOT True Facts Of The Night!

  • The green color of the Mystery Machine actually comes from a spilled bongwater incident
  • Rejected Five Guys names include “We shared a womb” and “BroBurgers”
  • DiGiorno’s original, rejected slogan: “Tastes slightly less like cardboard than competing brands!”

Let’s see how it went tonight!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

What a night! Transvestites, magic words, and Ol’ Hickory made our night at Atlantic Grille in Urbana!
Lots of jockeying back and forth made for an epic three-way showdown but it was Strangers Have The Best Candy who triumphed with Moms’ Night Out in second and Men & Pausers in third. I’ll miss my AG friends next week, but I promise you’ll be in good hands!
Next week’s winners’ choice category is Game of Thrones the TV show! (And if you’re good boys and girls, I’m sure my sub will give you an impression) 😛  See ya in 2 weeks!
– Eric 😛
Game of Thrones Pub Trivia Category


Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

I did a self help exercise once (and by once I mean like for a 7 year period with one therapist). And one of the things I had to do was to be very honest with myself about the things I was just not good at. And tonight I was reminded by the universe that I need a little work in some areas: 
– my Cockney accent needs some love (this is a good summer goal…get better at this)
– my Kelsey Grammer impression needs to be locked away and never seen again in mixed company
– my recall of Devo lyrics is uncannily good…I need to get worse at this!
– I need to spend more time with my Grandmother – go see her and make a doily with her
There…I feel good now. Thank you Wayne Dyer. My erroneous zones are attended to…
Wayne Dyer Pour House Pub Trivia
Our game! – 
Barefoot Bernies trivia night was – to quote a poker term – “the nuts” tonight! We had a very diverse company of folks playing a very diverse set of questions. We traversed our way through the pub trivia minefield; passing the likes of Halle Berry, Cornelius Rooster and of course David Starsky along the way. And it all culminated into what was a very fun final question tonight! ABRACADABRA…it was Electric Slapaloo who took down the WIN. Great game gentlemen and lady 🙂 Their rivals over at Slapsgiving played a little defense and solidified the second Place spot, followed by Thinkers & Dreamers – who nailed that final at the buzzer – for the three spot.
Thanks for braving this cold spring night everyone! Maybe next Wednesday is the day we can all wear some shorts and show off our tans. Til then, study up on Battlestar Galactica TV show (the new one). That’s R1 Q1 next Wednesday night 🙂 
See ya then 🙂 dg
Battlestar Galactica Pub Trivia Category Maryland


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland 

Good game tonight at Bennigan’s. Our leaders for most of the game, Uncle Jack, played phenomenally well the entire night until Hot Dog Stigmata were able to sneak into the number one spot just before the final question.
The final question was a difficult one tonight, with only three teams getting a correct answer. Hot Dog Stigmata was, unfortunately, not one of those teams, dropping down to fourth place after the fact. Uncle Jack, however, did manage to get a correct final answer and with that, they took down the game! Congratulations to them! Other teams with correct answers on the final were Sparkly Rainbow Unicorns and newcomers I’m Blanking. The Unicorns did however have over the max team limit so they sacrificed the second place prize, but great playing all night, nonetheless. Our top finishers were as follows:
1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place: Sparkly Rainbow Unicorns
3rd Place:  I’m Blanking
Next week’s category: Star Trek – The Original TV Series
Star Trek TOS Trivia Question


The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Hold on, I’m gonna spell this… No wait, it gets better… Oh Cellar, thank you for your patience tonight. At least we all got a good laugh out of it? I do enjoy you all, thank you.

All joking aside we had an awesome night! Close scores, cheering, singing, lots of laughing and even a come from behind placing! Donner Party were the only ones to get the final and that catapulted the duo in to third! Second went to Grab a Straw, you suck! and first… by one point.. holding on by their teeth… Team Wednesday! A win is a win, and they want to start next weeks magic with a little Personality Disorder question.. Bring all your imaginary friends and I’ll see you in the Cellar!


Personality Disorders Pub Trivia Category Maryland


Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

We had an awesome night tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax, VA! Hopefully it’ll be the last COLD night for a while, too…. despite the cold we had some HOT competition!
The ranks, you ask? It went like this… No Brainz @ the Bar cleaned up with the third place spot sporting only TWO team members! Killer!
In second was Movin’ On Up, leaders throughout the game that were bested by a strategic final wager from…. MESS & JEG!! The ONLY team to answer the final question correctly!!
Their choice of first category next week? THIRD EYE BLIND! See you next Wednesday!! ~Torie
Third Eye Blind Trivia Category Maryland

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Well what a heck of a night to kick things off at The Tavern!

We had lots of VERY enthusiastic teams involved – it turned into a bit of a cheering competition between our top few teams, which is always fun to be a part of!

My favorite wrong answers of the night:

Mario of Super Mario Bros. fame’s last name? Batali!

The Scooby Doo Gang’s vehicle? Not the Mystery Machine…but the Popemobile!

I also got the first drawing-as-an-answer I’ve ever received, which threw me for a loop.

Our game got VERY interesting on the final question, knocking almost everyone off the leaderboard!

In third place, #Dumbasses!

In second place, I Just Quizzed in My Pants!

And your winners, thanks to getting the final question right…We’re Here For The Beer! They took home the $50 CASH PRIZE for a new venue!

They chose the…interesting?…category of Sexually Transmitted Diseases!

Want to know what’s not fun? Google image searching that phrase. Oof. I did you all a favor with this photo.

STDs Pub Trivia Category


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

It had been about a year or so since we saw one of our original teams, Gravity Flight, join the rest of the crowd of T. J. Stomne’s for a round of trivia.  And their return to the game could not have gone any better.  They kept it close all night, snuck into the lead in round four, and hung on for the victory.  Great job!  Hopefully, it won’t be anoth year before your next game.  She and She and Him also returned after a short hiatus to earn second, with Winners in Life rounding out the top three.  Next week starts with a question on Aviation.  ~ Matt

Aviation Trivia Alexandria, VA


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Packed house tonight at the Valley Grill Sports Bar here in Middletown, and the game had a climactic ending!

Southpaw Fish managed to pull out the win among the various wagers flying about from several teams in the running. Brain Freeze rolled into second with their strategic wager, and Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap took down third with a final wager of zero.

C’mon back next week, our first category is Disney’s The Jungle Book.

~ Ronnie

The Jungle Book Pour House Trivia Maryland